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Title: [Mary?] Smyth, Canada to Mrs. J.J. Smyth, Co Tyrone
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Mary/29
SenderSmyth, Mary
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationstudent
Sender ReligionProtestant (Presbyterian)
OriginOntario, Canada
DestinationCastledamph, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipwrites to her family
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
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Word Count1661
Addressed to Mrs J. J. Smyth
Co. Tyrone


NO 11

On back

[Arrived?] tuesday 12 November


NO 12

South Woodslee
Oct 29th 1901
Tuesday Night

Dear People all

Rec. [received] your letter
last night & also one
from Tilda. Glad to know
that you are all getting
along well. We are all
well here.
Jim & I went to
Leamington on Tuesday last
left here at eight in the
morning. I did not go to
the convention at all but they
had a lecture on Thursday
night and we went to it &
Annie went with us. They
showed a lot of things
Wireless [Stilography?] They
had a grand orchestra there
[one?] playing the Piana [Piano?] &
Violin & Clarnet [Clarinet?] & Cornet &
Piccolo all together it was
very nice to hear them. There
was (sic) three ladies sang & some
Jim brought in a Teacher
that evg [evening?] for tea. I was
telling him he did not think
on giving Annie trouble but they
don't mind strangers coming in
The next day I was for going
to the convention just to see
so many teachers all South Essex
but did not get there was two
women (sic) in for dinner that day
and a Cousin of Charlie's was in
for tea he is attending Essex High
School so the Essex and Leamington
High School boys had a football
match that day so that
was he was there for (sic).
That night Friday there was
a concert admission 30 cents
we all went. Glen [Glenn?] & Lesley
stayed at home with Aunt it
was grand moving pictures
they showed Belfast Dublin
& part of the Giant's Causeway
the Irish Jaunting Car and them
drinking & an Irish Reel
It was good just as you would
see it danced at home that
six reel that they pass each
other you know it well but
they did not finish it right
they got one in the inside &
all was (sic) giving him a kick
as they went round if you
would see the old women lifting
their foot (sic). You would just think
that it was [real?]. Ireland is
noted for everything bad
they showed kissing the
Blarneystone but last of
all and worst of all they
showed the raising of Lazarus
Jesus on the cross & all other
things I dont know what all
but I dont think there was many
cared for it for it was not right
to show the like of that.
Well that finished all there was
nothing they [the?] next night Saturday
Aunt came home that evg. [evening]. We
left her at the train just
about a [perch?] from Annie's
So on the evening Jim & Annie &
I went up through the town for
some things & then came back
to Frank Baileys he lives in Leamy
[Leamington?] too he is fireman on with Charlie
so we stopped there till 9.30
His mother was Fair so that is
how they are friends.
Sunday Jim & Glen [Glenn?] & I went
to Presbyterian Church. I wanted
to hear if he had anything more
to say about the [bogs?] of Ireland
Annie was telling the Ministir [Minister]
when he was visiting that he
offended John (sic.) about saying
that. So he said it was for
no slur he said (sic) but that he
was stuck for a word to say
he said they should be proud
of the [bogs?] of Ireland.
We left on Sunday evg. [evening]
two o'clock and was (sic) here before five
nice evg. [evening] but a little cold.
nice weather there now very warm
this day they said here that
Indian summer was to come
after the frost I was thinking
today if you had as good weather
there they [the?] hay would not be out
they laughed here when I told them
Charley as (sic) very good times now
he go (sic) only on a branch of
the main line goes out at 6.30
on the morning & is back again
at 10 o'clock & is at home then
to 5 in the evg. [evening] & back again at
8.30 so he is most part of
his time at home. they are
better off than they are here
I mean they have as much
furniture & other things in the
house as here. They will be
ready to go in to their new
house about December it is
three story [storeys?] high all brick none
like it about there.
Glen [Glenn?] and Lesley is (sic) well brought
up Glenn [Glen?] took us to Church
& showed us the seat & says
the grace always before meals
I would like to see Willie John
doing what he does.
We went to Church after we
came home Sunday night Uncle
& Aunt went in the buggy &
Jim Belle & I walked it the
minister was not there but there was
another man preaching but not
a minister & he had bad grammar
& couldn't say the words right a
lot laughed most part of the
time at him so when we came
home Aunt scolded about them
laughing but Belle & Jim said
it was no wonder she laughed
too so that was the meeting was (sic)
that night.
Last night there was a concert
down here in the church for
the choir to buy books admission
15 cents Belle & I went it was
very good singing recitations
and Reading we heard the latest
song about the Pan American
sung by John Hancock it is
a very nice song. if they would
get up the like of this over there
There is a Bible Society meeting
tonight in the Church they are
all at it but Belle & I & Cass
left the [two?] youngsters here I
would liked to went too (sic) but I
did not There is a minister from
[Sarnia?] that is Speaking tonight
Dr Myers our own minister brought him here
this evg. [evening]was not able to keep
him himself so he was here
all evg. [evening] & is coming back tonight
again he is an old man & when he came in this evg.
[evening] he lay down on the sofa in the kitchen
& took off his boots & what do you think that he had
grey socks & white feet in them! I
had to laugh I suppose he was [tired?]
Tomorrow night is Epworth League meeting it is
every week & thursday night Bible class
so you see there is a meeting nearly every night.
Well I have given you all news of what we went through
this last week. There is a young man dead in the
town name of [Lester?] will be buried tomorrow died
in Detroit Hospital the same one as I told you we seen
(sic) going in the train one day. Well its too bad about
Willie Gordon J. J. was just telling me the day we went
to Leamington that he heard he was drinking I suppose they
will keep on the shop in Donemana. B. J. must have wanted
a man badly. I forgot to tell you that Charlie's
mother is going to get married so that
is something strange. I expect she is about
sixty she is getting a wealthy man but I believe the
[they?] did not agree very well Maelia keeps the Post Office
& Edna does the cooking & Ruby goes to school & Tom has a store
they all live together I had supper with them one evg. [evening]
& I thought the [they?] lived comfortable comfortably?]
together but I believe its the contrary I could not believe
it when I heard first that such an old woman would go to get
married but wonders will never cease.
We took out Annie's picture to her on Thursday & Frank Bailey
was in during the day. & Annie showed him it so James was going
on saying that we did not know how to sit for a picture & so on
as usual so says Frank Bailey to him Jim he says you mind
me on a hen going to sit down on her eggs. So he said no more
they all know the sort of Jim.
Nothing wrong with any of the clothes I missed
that jersey but I thought Jim had it in his
trunk so I asked him about it I was thinking he might put
it on for a shirt.
"Wednesday night" Was at the funeral
today Uncle & Aunt went in our buggy &
Belle & I went with Fred. The first funeral
I ever was at so did I come a good piece
to it a very large funeral. I will tell you
more about it next letter. Another funeral
tomorrow uncle is going we would go only
we have to go to a Mr Jones's on the evg. [evening].
You say John is going to Strabane what
will Uncle Charlie do we was (sic)just talking
about him one night & uncle was saying
he should come out here for a year or two
he said he would learn more than there &
1 1/2 dollar a day it will take him to [watch?]
himself when he goes to Strabane.
You got a good price for the young pigs not
as well paid for them here
Aunt is improving they gave her hot water
baths while she was out at Annie's They are getting
in a furnace in the house here but if it continues like
this they will not need it. This day would wast [waste?]
you while we were in the church at funeral service they
[the?] sweat was running of [off] me & and plenty
of others I'm sorry I have not space to tell you all about
the funeral
Good Bye
M S [Mary Smyth?]

(Written across top of letter)

You need not fret about Jim he is alright again going
on the same as ever it was only a [start?] he took
he is not ten minutes on the one notion
they all know the [kind?] of him here

Transcribed by Greg Floyd