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Title: Mary Smyth, SS Tunisia to JA Smyth Essex Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Mary/60
SenderSmyth, Mary
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationon her way to Ireland
Sender ReligionProtestant (Presbyterian)
OriginShip Tunisian
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James A.
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge,Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
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TranscriptEnvelope addressed to : -

Mr Jas A Smyth
Box 313

Postmarked on Back: -
Sp [September?] 12, 1904

S.S. Tunisian
Saturday afternoon
Dear Brother
Just after dinner and as
there is nothing particular going on
thought I would write a few lines. There
are quite a few in the music room singing
and playing I think they have got roused
up at last.
Monday afternoon - I intended to work
before this but I don t know why when
I left off Saturday we were preparing
to dance but they all seemed too bashful
or something else and there has been no
dancing yet. We had quite a concert
singing && etc Saturday night Sunday
morning got up at the usual time
Service at 10.30 in the Saloon there
was a crowd there I understand there
are about seventy saloon (sic) We were
out of sight of land all day yesterday
until about 10 0'clock and then there
was fog & couldn't see it very well
we saw an iceberg last night about
10 O'clock havn't seen any since.
I have had a good time so far
I dont feel very well today somewhat
dizzy. I didn't come to dinner,
had the stewardess bring it to my room.
I been on deck all day until now I am
in the dining room. I feel better out
but it is so cold So write so I thought
I would write a letter today lest
I should get sick We had breakfast
over and out for a walk on deck
at 7 o'clock Canadian time.
Tuesday afternoon - well when I stopped
writing yesterday I was pretty sick and
just only got out on deck when I vomited
I kept up on deck all day walking
etc. until I felt better. I am dizzy yet
but not quite so bad as yesterday. It is
pretty rough today some of the boys were
out on the lower deck and got wet with
the waves coming over. They just got
started to play games this morning had
quite a while skipping the rope I didn't
skip but I held the rope. There were
five or six came down from the [first?]
cabin to skip I forgot to say that I have
learned to play [Eucor?]I started Friday
night and had a game Saturday afternoon
and [beat?] Lots of card playing going on
There are three French [Diss?] right
Opposite me at table two young girls
they cant talk very much English
I was talking to the oldest one just
before I started to write She is a fine
player on the piano & she also sings
One is about fourteen & the other
eighteen & their father Their name is
[Girot?] perhaps you noticed [it?] on
the list. They are very stylish in
fact they are the only Girls on our
cabin This little girl that is in my
room she is not a bit stylish but is
very comical lots of fun with her
she can talk to any of them when we
sit down they all get there [their?] chairs
near by. She is about thirty but acts
like twenty. There are a few very nice
gentlemen on. One young man about
twenty Scotch, he is awfully nice
has gone to Collage in Edinburgh and
has taken Latin for five years. also
knows a little about French
He is very useful in getting my chair
& rug just whereever I want it.
Haven't seen any more icebergs
only the one we saw Sunday night
we saw a whale Saturday afternoon
We had some fog last night
but they didn't stop I hear the fog
horn again now. One of the Stewards
told me this morning that we passed
the Bavarian some time last night I
would have liked to have seen it Nothing
to be seen now but water. There are
quite a few sick yesterday and today
I really believe I would have been worse
had I not got out on deck We have
a fine promenade deck we have our chairs
there [so that?] when we get tired walking
can get down but it is too cold to sit very
long. It is comical to see them all walking
& staggering. I noticed that the majority
of them must be English by the side the
[they?] want [to?] [pass?] on in walking
Must stop now as [this?] young Scotchman
and another Youngman (sic)and this French girl
is going to play cards
Wednesday night - just after lunch
and as they are going to have a dance
soon thought I would write a few more
lines. We had quite a concert last night
singing and dancing. Yesterday afternoon
and night was awful wet so that we
were not out very much only for a short walk.
I am feeling fine today I think Ive
gotten over my seasickness
We had skipping the rope and other
amusements this morning and afternoon
They are all getting roused up those
who were sick are feeling better today.
there were only about a halfadozen (sic)
really sick the others were not to call
seasick. There is going to be a concert
tomorrow night& I think first & Second
cabin is taking part.
We have had a lovely day today
But nothing to be seen haven't even
seen a whale. It is getting rough again
now but I don't mind it I am
able to enjoy myself fine. I wish you
could have seen my little English
roommate dance last night We have a
gentleman from Buffalo and he gave us
a few songs he is very good but too
easily coaxed which spoils it all.
Thursday Sept 1st (Afternoon) As I am
going to the concert in the first cabin
tonight thought I would write this afternoon
We had a fine time last night singing and
Dancing until eleven o'clock.
There were five or six gentlemen
came down from the First cabin
they say they prefer second cabin
in many ways. Some of them say
asked the question yesterday if
it was really Sunday. I have been
playing deck billiards all morning
I think it is rather interesting
This is a lovely day the nicest
we have had since we have been on
There are four of us writing now and
I really can't write they are talking
and laughing so. We expect to land
tomorrow( Friday) at about seven or
nine o'clock. I am sending you the log
we have kept up a pretty good average each

Friday noon-As we expected to land
at about 7 o'clock this evening [thought?]
I would finish this now I suppose I shall
Have to stay in Derry all night there are
five or six getting off I think.
We have had ice cream for dinner
today & yesterday and I shall never
want anymore of the same it
was awful. I think I made some
complaints about the food in my
letter the first few days well, I
think it was very good
I was satisfied with it since
Good Bye Mary.

Friday 3 O Clock

Had a fine concert last night in
first saloon I don t think I can
send you the programme as each one
get (sic) only one. [There?]
were there from second cabin [took?]
part. We got through by 10.30 and
they came in here & danced until
eleven some of the first cabin
also came down
Today is cold but not rough saw a few
Porpoises This morning.

Must close now & get packed up.

Good Bye


I suppose by this time tomorrow
I shall be near home. I am not at all
sick [f g?] [tuss?] I must say that
I really enjoyed We were talking this
Morning how sorry we would all have to
Separate perhaps [having?] no [more?]
(Side of Letter)
I think we had quite a nice crowd after
all when you get acquainted they seem
very different.