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Title: Alex M. Stavely, Saint John to Robert Stavely, [?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileStavely, Alexander M/3
SenderStavely, Alex M.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationclergyman
Sender Religion
OriginSaint John, N. Brunswick, Canada
RecipientStavely, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD/1792/E: Deposited by late Rev. J.C.K. Armour and the Rev. S.S.S. Armour.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9707030
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Transcript Saint-John
Wednesday, 14th June 1848.

My dear Robert

It gave me a melancholy pleasure to receive on the
10th Inst. [Instant?] your letter of the 24th Ultimo -
Every little incident of our lamented Mother's earthly
existence, and even those circumstances connected with
the internment of her cold & inanimate remains
must be interesting to us all. Indeed I am not yet
satisfied, as if I had heard enough of these things,
and I look with anxiety for letters from our Sisters,
which will no doubt contain further intelligence,
respecting the life death, and burial of one whose
removal from us we can never cease to mourn. You say
that you were dull the evening that we parted and so I
felt likewise. Yet I tried to appear cheerful, &
perhaps others may have been induced to think that I
controlled my feelings well. But oh there were thoughts
which I could not express in words, and which made me
feel sorrowful indeed especially when our dear departed
parents, gathered carefully a fragment of my hair, and
when a moment afterwards my eye was fixed steadfastly
on her countenance - I felt that then probably I was
taking the last fond look, and when my features yielded
under the influence of such a painful feeling, I
perceived her wistful eye fixed on me, and face answered
to face, as if we mutually understood it to be what alas!
it has proved - the last look
But why need I dwell on the past. She is gone. We
cannot, we would not if we could in our selfishness
bring her back. We must go to her. Surely we would
wish to meet her in heaven. Oh let us live as she
lived and then we will be reunited to part no more. We
may have a sentimental qualification, and something more
in looking back, but we can only enjoy true consolation,
and abiding peace, in looking forward. Death is not an
eternal sleep & the prisoners of the grave shall yet be
Jesus is the Ressurrection & the life, and the icy
hand of the Universal Tyrant, whilst it may separate the
wife from the Husband, & the parent from the child,
cannot dissolve the union between Believers & the Lord.
We must then look to the future, that we may not
sorrow as those who have no hope. I expected that I
could not have preached on the following day on fast day
when I last wrote, to Mary, but I say it with all
humility, my hearers thought I did so as I had never done
so before, and never had we such deeply interesting &
solemn services, as on our Communion Sabbath, although
but a few hours before, had I been made acquainted with
my irreparable loss. The bread of life was sweet,
though I had been eating of the bread of sorrow. The
wine of the kingdom was refreshing, though I could say
with the Psalmist thou hast shown us hard things & made
us to drink the wine of Astonishment, like it is for us
Brother, if when the ties that bind us to earth are
broken, we feel our affections more undividedly fixed on
Heaven, Our Mother is there, let us prepare to follow
for time is short. I have nothing to write as news,
Sabbath next I expect to be with Mr Sommerville, Mr
Samson is well. The Warnock family are in good health.
Other items have been referred to in the accompanying
With kindest regards to Elizabeth
Your Affectionate Brother Alex M. Stavely