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Title: George Taylor, New York, to Alexander Taylor [Belfast?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileTaylor, George/16
SenderTaylor, George
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbusinessman
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
RecipientTaylor, Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2296/5: Copied by Permission of Mrs M. Cotton Taylor, Staghall, WhitewellRd., Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland. #TYPE EMG George Taylor, 114 Wall St., New York to his Brother Alexander Taylor, 29th May 1903.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8910013
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count750
TranscriptTAYLOR & TAUBE,
New York, May 29 1903

My dear Alex,
Your letter of 4 also one
from Mary the previous weeks, [both?] came
as welcome surprises & I cannot tell you
how glad I was to hear of you all particularly
of mother. I never thought of an exchange
of letters, whether I owed you or you me,
for I have been on the anxious bench
all this year about Kates health. After
her escape from pneumonia, she had more
frequent attacks of acute asthma, than ever
& up till the week before Easter we faced
a case of heart failure. One doctor who is
also a very celebrated surgeon ( & [the?] [son?] of
our old Physican who died this spring)
took the bull by the horns, ordered a trained
nurse for kate to build her up - taking one
week to do it - on Good Friday had
two other surgeons at the house - & cut out
the cartridge that had grown to obstruct
the passage both sides of the [nose?]. The operation
was performed in twenty minutes or less
She came out of the anasthetic [anaesthetic?] all right
& now Dr Taylor can tell you that she
has not had a twinge of asthma since
& looks ten years younger. The wound is
not quite healed yet, but she is very well
& has her old spirits back again. In
addition to Kates information - my own
comes next - My Landlord would not
make necessary improvements on our house
when I asked him not only that he asked £300
per year more & I called his bluff. Before
our time was up he would have given us
anything & possibly reduced the rent, but my
mind was made up - that I would give
the family a years rest from housekeeping
& we are home at the Hotel Castleton
which you know - & [never?] were more comfortable
in our lives - or in a better position to entertain
Adela & [yourself?] during the Yacht races -
now why I did not answer your last
letter more promptly. I fully intended
to give you a surprise & go over on the
Campa[nia?] tomorrow stay a week & come
back by same steamer. I am not only
disappointed but broken hearted at not being
able to go. [Taube?] go[es?] to Stockholm
during June on company business which
will be very important to me in the dollar
& cent line - so I must wait. The sugar
situation is also very much helped & my
pr[esence?] is also needed on that account-
I have [just?] written the following cable
to - Taylor Owenocork Belfast-
[Love?] congratulations mother birthday
Give her ten gold from me - George.
This is a [person?]able present but while our
Company business is very prosperous - no
coal has reached the insiders yet - we
are [receiving?] profits to double our plant & even
then we will not be able to supply the
demand. I hope you will understand
my cable & [give?] her 10 pounds. she is never
absent from my thoughts. I enclose [Dlb?] to
[cover?] - Kindly tell Mary I will write
her next week. Tell her also I will take
of the Taylor boy when he turns up - as
yet no word of him. Glad to hear you
are all well & that you & Jack are
at the wheel again. Dont forget to have
your [nose?] examined & that the air passages
are clear - if your - [case?] is like Kates - the
operation should give you new life. Stewarts
still in Pittsburgh will finish about Septr [September?]
Blanche and heasil [Hazel?] are still with us - but
I hear there is something doing - I dont interfere
in that department. Dorothy & Margaret
are very well & are known as my team -
They take entire charge of me. I am very
Well - never was better - I play golf when
I get a chance & am less tired after 36 holes
than any of the boys - Well Gerty & Barron
were down for dinner last Saturday - all well
[Jim?] [has?] [got?] another start & I think in a
fair way to do well He is certainly looking well
& in good spirits - Hugh I see weekly & [prod?] him
up all I can - but ambition is absent - Love
to all at [Owenocork?] & to you & yours hurr[ied?]ly
Your attached Bro [Brother?]
Geo [George?] Taylor