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Title: Nathaniel Taylor, Pennsylvania to Robert Taylor, Shanrod
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileTaylor, Jane/70
SenderTaylor, Jane
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife, Sabbath school teacher
Sender ReligionCovenanter
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationShanrod, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientTaylor, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipbrother and sister in law
SourceThe Taylors of Shanrod Co Down, Letters from America. Copyright retained by Heather Taylor, 46, Coolshinney Rd., Magherafelt, BT45 5JF, rookvale@hotmail.co.uk
ArchiveThe Centre For Migration Studies
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Transcript[The following letter is dictated by Nathaniels wife Jane to their son John. The childish spelling has not been corrected, but a little punctuation has been added to make it more legible.]
[N.B. The paragraph above was written by the owners of the letters. The Database Project staff have followed the usual procedure of typing spelling or grammatical errors as found but replacing with a corrected version in brackets after.]

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Philadelphia August 17th 1836

My Dear Brother,
I take this opertunity [opportunity?] of letting
you know that the Children are all well, thanks
be to the giver of all good towards us, but
that i am very poorley [poorly?] in health but
Still abel [able?] to go about. My dear Brother
you disired [desired?] us to let you know how we were
all [a doing?] in the last letter we recived [received?]
from you wich [which?] come to us the latter end of June
last. The children have allwase [always?] been
industrious they have allwase [always?] been to work.
John and Robert is gone to there [their?] trades to
learn Steam Engine and Machanny [machinery?]
Business as it is very good Business here they
are in the first year of there [their?] apprenticeship
there [their?] wages is low and will be for some
time. Dear Brother I have nothing grate [great?]
to wright [write?] to you at present-you must have an
idear [idea?] of how we were Circumstanced at the
time of Nathaniel [sic] death. The childern [children?]
were young healpalis [helpless?] and than [then?] and
I have been poorley [poorly?] in health since the spring
Nathaniel was buried but thanks be to god that has suporeted
[supported?] us through many diffickultys [difficulties?]
Wich [which?] is [sic] caused me to think

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that he is a god to fulfil his promises
that he will be a father to the fatherless
and a husband to the widow we are well
respected here we are through the week busy at
work and on the Sabeth [Sabbath?] day we Attend
to the place of worship we always belonged
to the old Prysbetrian [Presbyterian?] Church unto 18
months back that we have joined the Covenent [Covenant?]
Church I have been teacher in the sabeth [Sabbath?]
school for 3 years back Nathaniel and Eliza Ann is
allwase [always?] to school and is learning fast you
requisted [requested?] me in your last letter if i knew
anything of your brother John I made inquiry of him this
Summer. A young lady i was [a?] Aquainted [acquainted?]
with was going on to Washington wich [which?] she said she
would have an opertunity [opportunity?] of finding out
wether [whether?] he was there yet or not wich [which?]
she did She wrote me back that there were A number of
Clarks [clerks?] that were turned off about 2 years ago
and he was one of them he took his wife and family on to
Carlile [Carlisle?] where his mother and law
[mother in law?] lives I wrote a letter to him of his
brothers Death at the time he died here but I have never
recived [received?] his kind awnser [answer?] yet times
is hard here banks is shut up no hard money is paid out
nothing but Shin plasters small notes in circulation

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Machanicks [mechanics?] and labourn [labouring?] men is
going about doing noting [nothing?] and Cant get no work
to do People that has been here 50 years and more
sase [says?] that they never experinced? [experienced?]
the like before and it is said to be worse this winter
farmers coming in here study them where has no money and
cant get no work to do is a going about the streets a
begging vittling [victualling?] of all kinds is high
flour has been this summer from 13 to 14 dollers [dollars?]
a barrel it is down to 10 dollers [dollars?] a barrel pork
is from 12 to 14 dollers [dollars?] a hundred wood is from
7 to 8 dollers [dollars?] a Cord Coal is from 7 to 8 dollars
a ton Hughey Moneys [Mooneys?] son Come in here and Come
- here to see me wich [which?] he had unplesant [unpleasant?]
News to me A Count of my fathers Death and a good maney [many?]
the old nabours [neighbours?] Deaths he told me he had
A letter for me from Brother John wich [which?] would
give me a full Acount [account?] of my fathers Death
but he was Sarched?][searched?] and it was taken from him
before he came into new york he said it would be posted
but he didnt know wether [whether?] the [wright?]
diriction [direction?] was on it or not but I have not got it
yet and I have been looking for it daily I hope he will
wright [write?] to me again John Watt and famley [family?]
is all well and doing well he is running a steam Engine I
have no more at present
but Remains your true sister unto Death June Taylor
and the Children and John your nephew the wrighter [writer?]
of the letter I hope you will wright [write?] as soon as this
comes to hand.