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Title: Abraham Topley, Montreal, To James Boardman, Co Armagh
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileTopley, Abraham/10
SenderTopley, Abraham
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginMontreal, Quebec, Canada
DestinationTandragee, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland
RecipientBoardman, James
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipwrites to his sister and brother-in-law
SourceT.2149/2: Copied By Permission of Joseph Poole, Crewbeg, Tandragee, Co Armagh, Ireland. #TYPE EMG Abraham Topley, Port Hope, Montreal, To His Sister and Brother-in-law, James Boardman, Tandragee, Co Armagh, Ireland. 9th May 1852.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8811046
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
Log05:12:1988 GC created 19:10:1990 GC input 19:10:19
Word Count1096
TranscriptJames Boardman
Care of Mr Richard
[Trotce?] Tandragee
County armagh
Hope, May 9th 1852

My Dear Brother and Sister I have taken this
favourable oportunity [opportunity?] of writing afue [a few?] lines to
let you know that I am Enjoying good health at present thanks be to
god for all his mercies to us poor sinful [sinfull?] Creatures as we are
hoping these fue [few?] lines will find you all enjoying the
same I seen Elizabeth this morning she is well I seen her
yesterday I seen her the Sabath [Sabbath?] day at Serman [Sermon?] so you
may think we are not Distant from Each other
She is Living on in Mr Nathen Chaats where Isaac Lived
three years and three month Isaac is Living in part hope
this winter Mr Chaat wants him back but he is in
an Easyer [easier?] place so I believe he Intends to Stop in it this
Summer the [they?] Like Elizabeth in mister Chaats first rate the [they?
would not part here for any wages She is as well thought
of as any girl as in hope She could get pleases as many
believing about her She is respected by every person that
knows her the [they?] have hired another girl for to help her
for fear she goes away She has good wages She has four
dolors [dollars?] per month and the mistress has given her a great
dale [deal?] of presents She received your Letter in 4 weeks after
the date and was glad to hear from you all She was
Intending to write but She was waiting for Miss McCormick
going home and She told me She thought she would
after your Letter from me I went to mr Jonstons myself
to See Mr Jonston has got a letter from Ireland and
I think She will not go now So Elizabeth was still waiting
So I thought I would Scribble over afue [a few?] Lines myself
I thought you would be thinking [Lang?] so I said to Elizabeth
this morning I would write myself to keep you from
thinking [Lang?] you think mony [money?] is Easy got here it is not you
Can get trade for your wages you may Expect a letter in
afue [a few?] weeks from Elizabeth She wants to know if Elenor is
Coming out this fall or not as soon as this Comes to your
hand write to me and Let me know Every thing about
your situation and how you are Enjoying your health
I hath not one days Sickness Sinse [since?] I came out to this Country
I think a great dale [deal?] of [Lang?] in this Country when I was at
home in my own Country Living in my own family it was
my desire to go to america but if my Comorade [Comrade?] had been
spared with me and me [we?] settled down I would not think
as I do but She was Called out of a troublesome world and
I had Longer days and more to Come through I want your
advise on many things I was thinking about Looking out for
a woman as the people is advising me to marry I believe
I could get one I fell in with a very decent woman Last
november She has fifty acres of good Land and has
the Deed in her own name but She has four Children
She is from Cumber [Comber?] below Belfast the people has advised
me not to take her on the acount [account?] of her having a family
So I think I will not heed it now nor never with the Same
She is about 44 years of age but what Ever the Lord has
layed [laid?] out for me his will be done the almighty has
pleased us in this world and we no [know?] not have short a time
it may be and he has given us oportunities [opportunities?] of improving
our time and If we do not we perish
he has given us Six days of the week for our own
Employment he has given us the Sabath [Sabbath?] to attend holy
ordinanses [ordinance?] he has given us the Bible if we begin at the
begining [beginning?] of genises [Genesis?] and reads to the End of
we will Still find out a great dale [deal?] of encouragement
he has given the house of prayer he has given us the
throne of grace he has promised us the holy
Spirit if we ask it I wasnt to know if you all attend your
place of worship if you were all here you would think
more about the Sabath [Sabbath?] I wasnt to know if John atends [attends?]
Markethill or not if he does Let all my old neighbours know
that I am well Let Mr Leepers know that David [Killpatrick?]
and family is well and I send my Love to them all in
the warmest manner I send my Love to william [farnum?]
and family I will write a letter to william again the fall
Let william know that Mrs holmes is well if you See any one of
them before you write Send me the directions to hanah
mckee to philadelphia I seen young Hugh porter I was
in his house him and family is well he would Like to
hear [?] preach I would to hear about my Brother Jacob
I would Like to See him in this Country Elizabeth mistress is
an English woman She gives her Leave to go to the meeting
amost [almost?] every Sabath [Sabbath?] She will not Let her Stay at home
Let John English know his uncle william holmes
and family is well and doing well the [they?] told me the [they?] would
like to See him and family the [they?] told me the [they?] would give
them away [?] the would get aplase [a place?] the [they?] would do
well to come out when the family is wee
I send my Love to John Boardman and family
I send my Love to all my old neighbours
Elizabeth Sends her Love to all her to her father and
family in the warmest maner [manner?] Denery is moved [forty?]
miles from me and william is with him
I did not see John Since the fall he is up where
Samuel is I got a letter fue [few?] weeks ago I expect one
Every day I have done nothing this winter not
one weeks work what I earned in Sumer [summer?] I have
got through it I have good Clothes a good Black Suit
no more at present But remains your
Brother to Death Abraham Topley