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Title: Mary [J.?], Ontario to James A Smyth, Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileW, Mary J/8
SenderW., Mary J.
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationteacher
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPort Hope, Ontario, Canada
DestinationEssex, Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James A.
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, Castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
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Transcript[Front of envelope]

Mr. Jas. A. Smyth

MY 1

[Back of envelope]


MY 3

[Page 1]

April 30/09

My Dear James Alexander:-
The fates certainly do seem to interfere in our plans – Little we thought last August when we took that jaunt [out?] to Mrs [Corrans?] for the day, that eight whole months would pass without our seeing each other at all - If we did meet too often and too much last year, we are certainly
balancing up now, don't you think.

[Page 2]

Our Toronto arrangements seemed to be about as unfortunate as our Christmas plans - I did say in my note to you that I ought [sic] be through Toronto on Saturday but not hearing from you in Winnipeg, after giving you my address, I concluded that your plans had to be made irrespective of me so I did not fancy it would matter when I came. As you suspected I got into Toronto Sunday at 2.25 and had until 9.30 that eve [evening?] there.

[Page 3]

It really was a shame for you to have waited and looked for me but you see how it happened - I was disappointed too of course because I did want to see you. But such is life - especially our life.
You did not tell me about your Easter week but doubtless you had a happy time - I had the good fortune to run across a good many old college friends, both days I was there so I did not miss seeing everyone - though
the others did not count much - Duncan, the cousin, and my brother both called down maledictions on my head, as they expected to meet me in the city also.
However as it happened – I was glad I went out. Father is in a very serious condition - and his illness is of that uncertain kind that the doctors can give no hope and yet

[Page 4]

father's brightness at times, makes me feel that they must be wrong - While I was there he was quite bright - with the exception of Monday when he
had a very bad turn, so altogether we had a happy visit -
Everything is necessarily unsettled - the house shut up - and no plans definite as yet - but some arrangements will have to be made soon -
I have just four days in the ["Peg"?] but neverthess [nevertheless?] quite

[Page 5]

appreciated the change. My sister has such a pretty home and Will is always so good to me that needless to say I was happy while there - especially
as I saw mother also.
In the city I saw several old College pals - [Ian?] McLellan - is a practising [practicing?] physician there now – and is quite prosperous - He was over a few times - and seemed quite pleased with himself and his outlook. He very much resented my usual Salutation of - "Are you busy today?" -
The trip there and back was pleasant enough though not overly exciting. There was a

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very interesting man on board a Mr. Riley from New Zealand, who was going to England his old home for a visit and was going to return via Panama Canal - He was a patriotic New Zealander and his comparisons between his land and ours were very amusing - the more so as he was very well educated and consequently knew what he was talking about.
Since returning, I have been very busy - busy spelt with a capital - Our test exams come on May 12th - and before that everything has to be straightened up – I don't know how our hopefuls will do - Of my fourth form people, I have high hopes but the third formers are a very uncertain lot – although there are a few comforts as usual.
I truly can't realize that there is so little time left - another year gone – Your birthday month is at hand, is it not? -
So you are planning to go home in June - lucky you

[Page 7]

If your mother is still ill, you ought to go. Of course - nothing to prevent you. Don't forget my bit of a shamrock and the gloves. If I don't see you - but surely I shall – surely and [where?] - You are a nice man. you are, not to get to see me at all - You had better come down to see our
town in the merry month of May -
What my summer plans will be I know not - If all goes well - and father is stronger I can go to the Seattle Exposition, at least my good brother-in-law says so - but I am going to make no plans anymore

[Page 8]

So many things happen - I shall just drift a bit -
I had hoped to have Kate Laing with me to night but think surely next Friday will see her here.
I see [by?] the Free Press that the Essex people are conducting themselves properly and as ever - Mr. McK. still organizing Mr. Green's
still [moving?] and J.A.S. giving his paper on [infa----?] -
I agree with you that the E.H.S. will be a bit [ p -k ?] if Mr. Hofferd, with all due regard to Mr. Hofferd, gets the principal
ship - He and Miss Carter seem to be progressing, again

[Page 9]

judging from the Free Press - for I saw where Guelph or Gatt or some place
with a G - was favoured with both of them during vacation time
This is not very good weather for spring costumes and here am I
with some Very pretty outfits not able to wear them - but there'll come a time
By the way, have you your dog yet - I was reminded of the fact by having "Bill's" cold nose stuck into my hand begging for a bit of fudge I am eating – Bill is a dear and my chief comfort.
I had planned a party for Katie but when Katie did not materialise - I called off the party - and now am eating the refreshments or part of them - while I write
Oh you should see the beautiful set of books I invested in last week -
thirty-three volumes - Anthology of English Literature - It certainly is
a fine set - I am very proud of them You must come down to see them and
the dog not to mention M. [J.?]
Well Miss Murphy is wishing me to come and have a game of [peanuckle?]
with her so, for this time [Lebewokt?] – write soon please - As ever

Mary. [J?].