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Title: Anne J. Walters, Pittsburg to her brother, William, [Ireland?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWalters, Anne J/23
SenderWalters, Anne J.
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPittsburg, Penn., USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1664/1/4: Copied by Permission of J. G. T. Anderson, Lurgan, Co. Armagh.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8903137
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by JM 22:10:1993.
Word Count845
TranscriptPitsburg [Pittsburg?] November 24th 1845

My Dear Brother
your letter of 12th of June
has come to hand some weeks past but oh William
alas alas our Father, my Dear Dear Father is no more
Dear William it was melancholy for you all to watch
him from day to day suffering but oh William
the pang that shot through my heart; in one
moment my loss was made known to me as soon as I
caught the first glance at the letter I screamed
out My Father My Father, and yet I have expected
he would not be long in this world as you mentioned
in your letters of his bad health & particularly your
letter of the 5 of May which told us of Wm [William?] [Wallersy?]
decease you said father & Mother was going to the
[?] and I said to W.J. if the [they?] go Father wont
get home alive - that comforts me to think
he died in his own House, with his children
& relatives about him, and poor mother
poor lonely Mother, poor poor widowed Mother
Dear William I need not say to you to be kind
to poor mother & tell Joseph & Ellean to be kind
to her & not to give her any dry short
[?] answer you all know better it to lose
one Parent let double affection be bestowed
on the remaining Parent, & Dear Brother &
Sister Live in peace between yourselves
and consult each other & take each others
advice & Particularly Dear Brother Joseph be
you wise & take Williams advice you will
find him in the end the dearest & wisest friend
you have now on Earth. Dear William you say
you think Father remembered Me I hope he
remembered us all with a last earthly blessing
but I dont think he has remembered me in
the way you mean, he has given me & I had
more than I think went to a good use
but no [matter?] it is not worth a thinking of
My Dear Brother if we all live to see the
time when [?] I [?] Fathers last earthly
wishes is made known I should like to
get a coppy [copy?] or at least so mouch [much?] as will
tell me how poor Mother is provided
for - last april we moved of [off?] Mr Holmes
Farm, we moved to a pretty little House
between the farm & Pitsburg [Pittsburg?] we are about
one mile and a half out of Pitsburg [Pittsburg?] on the
10th of April there was a fire in Pitsburg [Pittsburg?] which

consumed a vast mount of property I went
in a few days after but I could not judge
whether it or New York fire was the largest as
the streets was so hot & smokey I could
not go through them our noble & generous
friend Mr Holmes lost heavily he was at
New Orleans all winter as usual & Marey went
to him in Spring & they both went from there
to the Isleland [Island?] of cubba [Cuba?] & just returned the
next morning after the fire he had made the
largest purcheses [purchases?] last winter he ever did & alas all had
arived [arrived?] but one boat his own & several adjoining stores
was fild [filled?] with his goods & all was consumed but thanks
to the [disposer?] of all events their Magnificent dwelling
House was saved as it lay behind the wind from
where the fire comenced [commenced?] - the wind blew a herrican [hurricane?]
that men nor [engines?] could have no [effect?] in stopping
the progress of the flames - Mr Holmes store is [rebuilt?]
& the [?] doing buiseness [business?] as extensive as before It [?]
is going to New [Orleans?] in a week or two Jane & Marey
was here last week to see me - Dear William this
was the hardes [hardest?] letter to [co-?] I ever wrote I have
had it written [?] [for?] some weeks past but did not post
it as W J talken [talking?] of going down the river to [?]
I will not detain this letter any longer I had a letter
from brother George last August the [they?] were well then Brother
John was working at the Carpenter business in Cincinitti [Cincinnati?]
Dear William we are all well thank God for it my health
I cant say much about [some?] times well some times ill
give my love to Mother Joseph & Ellean to James & [?] & Anne Hill
the first letter you write me after the first of June next direct
it to myself pitsburg [Pittsburg?] where it will lie to I call for it

Dear William I wrote to you a few days after the
fire in Pitsburg [Pittsburg?] I sent it with a Mr McNally
of Maghrafelt [Magherafelt?] it ought to have reached you by the
time poor Father was sick oh William My Dear Father
oh May God be a Father to us Fatherless children -
Farewell my Dear Brother I am sill [still?] your affectionate sister
Anne J Walters