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Title: [?] [?], Rathneeny* to "My dear brother"
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBrown, Annie/37
SenderBrown, Annie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Donegal, Ireland
RecipientBrown, Audley
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Margaret Graham Browne, Rathneeny*, Laghy,Co Donegal, 073-21816. mgtgraham@tinet.ie
ArchiveMargaret Graham Browne
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Transcript$$H54 Part of the Margaret Graham Browne Catalogue$$H

Feb 20/78

My dear brother
I received your long
looked for letter a few days
ago but I felt a little
disapointed [disappointed?] when I first opened
it for I expected you would
be glad of the news to get rid
of me but you seem to take
it as an offence as regards
John Graham I only said
the money must be scarce
In America or else they
are hard about it Indeed
I have no need to tell any
one [anyone?] my poverty my father
[shows?] on me without me
speaking the reason I was
displeased at you was I thought
that when you came 7 miles....
their convoy that you had
opportunity enough if you
wished if it was only a pair
of boots or a [-broheh?] that
you could find them on the
way not for the value of it
but the talk of the people
a regards Wm [William?] our sirocumstance
[circumstance?] that is all true but we
cant [hys?] that he never talks
of going away and we cant
[torn] [torn] [torn] [torn] [torn] [torn]
...while the [they?] are here they must
be supported and thats
what does the harm so the best
way for you to do is come home
as you said but you alway
[always?] say you are coming but you
are there still you said I have
to oppress you if I did I would
have if I would have it long ago
for laws are changed since you
left for you can sell a mans
place now for [debt?] [no?] [matter?] [how?]....
...he is my best friend my poor
father said a few days before he
died that [no?] would be a pitty
[pity?] but me and I see his words are
two [too?] true but must live as best
I can but if you promise by
Gods help to come home in the
...[Jan?] [as?] you said I will [bear?] as
best [I?] can till that and if you don't
I will find a way of getting my
own this letter is my own I will write
one for my mother when you write
you can send one to each you can
tell your mind [truly?] to me no more ....

Transcribed by Neill Toner

* The owner of these documents has informed us
that this townland is spelt "Rathneeny" and that
the older spellings of it are "Roniney" or "Raneny"
In the "Index To The Townlands and Towns, Parishes
and Baronies of Ireland" the spelling is "Raneany"