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Title: Eliza Warnock, Rock Island To " My Dear Friend"
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWarnock, Eliza/5
SenderWarnock, Eliza
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationwidow, land owner
Sender Religionunknown
OriginRock Island, Illinois, USA
Recipient Genderunknown
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr Fredrick W. Brown, 10 Brookfield Drive, Ballywalter, Newtownards, Co.Down BT22 2QW
ArchiveCentre for Migration Studies
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Rock Island
January 31st 1888

My dear friend,
I received your kind and welcome
letter I am indeed very lonesome since my husbands
death I could not live in the country alone so I
came into Rock Island for the winter. we have the
farm rented for 2 years then it will be sold &
the money divided according to Law the Law here
is just the same as with you I get one third. the
family get The Two thirds. among them.
I have good health is sometimes troubled
with rheumatism you know that dont count much though
it is hard to bear I am sorry to hear that you have
lost so many of your teeth I had lost 3 before I left
home since one of my front one was holed I got it
filled that is all that is wrong with mine. I am grown
very fat I weigh over 13 stone you may guess how
graceful I look I was sorry to hear of your mothers
death. but had not heard of Landys before I suppose he
has left a family I dont hear much of Ballywalter folks
& that was where my [I?] mostely [mostly?] lived. It
is surprising how Mrs Blain keeps her memory. how is Widow
Blain getting along and Williams folks I cant ask for
everybody but you will tell me about everybody now and
again [How?] is Elwyn & Mary McClure & the Morrisons Mrs
Askin and Lady Morrison Dr McGill is left I know is the
New Minist [Minister?] filling the church out of the old
one how is Mr Rogers getting on is he improvd [improved?]
at preaching still a [as?] proud as ever I suppose. does
[is?] W Gibson as prospores [prosperous?] as ever his boys
will be growing up is Miss Gibson still at home & Mrs Bailie
& Mary how are they
I was glad to hear that Marys Boy did not fancy to be a
sailor Eliza & her Mother can do lots of sowing [sewing?]
how many children have you I remember Mary & Robert then
2 little girls but cannot bring their names to mind
I hope you have finished now
how is my friend at the shore heard that Wm [William?] was
to be Married. I suppose he dare not the old [cat?] would not
allow it is Anna still stay [staying?] in the Ganaway that
will be rather hard on her. I never hear from them
we are having a very severe winter this month has been
very cold. this week has set in fine today is Showery & the sun
shining it almost looks like spring but we may expect cold
weather we have plenty of cheap Coal in this State but where
Brother Johns folks is the [they?] cant get coal for love or
money & it is not a Timber Country eather [either?] the [they?]
had terrible cold stormy weather the folk around there just
stoped [stopped?] the trains & took the coal by force when they
can get coal it is 7 dollars per (sic) the coal we have here is
somewhat (sic) you [your?] Scotch Coal 7 cents per bushel
which bushel is 80 pounds that is cheap enough you may say
I think I have little more to write I suppose you dont know
anybody that I know here so I can tell you nothing about them
that would intrest [interest?] you.
I [If?] all goes well I intend to go & see Lizzie McWha [Mewha?]
in Spring she has lost four childern I think she will be glad
of any help this country is so hard on folk that has to work.
the weather in so excessive Cold or Hot. if I go I dont know
I may come back to this State it is a long journey and traveling
[travelling?] expensive. but when you write Adress [address?]
Warnock & Ralston & Robert will forward to me
Give my love to Mrs Blain to Sister Mary & family to William and
all the youngsters & love & good wishes to yourself from your
friend Eliza Warnock
PS many thanks for the handkerchief I send you a Birthday card
but dont know what date you were born