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Title: Judith Warren, Indian Island, to "Dear Father"
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWarren, Judith/37
SenderWarren, Judith
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhouse help
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginIndian Island, N. Brunswick, Canada
Recipient Gendermale
SourceBritish Parliamentary Papers, 1849, X1, (122), pp 129-130
ArchiveThe Main Library, The Queen's University of Belfast
Doc. No.9804818
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TranscriptAppendix to Minutes of Evidence Before Select Committee

Appendix X

Dear Father Indian Island Feb. 2th [2nd?] 1848
I received your truley [truly?] welcome letter a month after
it was wrote [written?] and was pleased to hear that you were
all well in the first place I will tell you what kept me in
St Johns I was a week sick and after that I was trying to get
employment I was in two houses but neither of them pleased me
being both catholick [Catholic?] houses, you said in your
letter you wished me to go to New York but it is very sickley
[sickly?] there now the hospitels [hospitals?] poor houses and
every place is full and it is a very healthey [healthy?] place
where I am and a decent religeous [religious?] family I do not
like to leave them It would take five dollars for my passage
there and I had rather stay and send you home what money I can
when you write again send me word what way I shall send it as
there is no bank hear [here?] for me to get a check. I was
very sorry to hear that you lost the mare lett [let?] me know
in your next if you have got another and if you had any seed
potatos provision is not as cheap heare [here?] as it is with
you but still the people gets [get?] along very well. I do
not know anything of Mary Hart since I left her at the
Quarinteen [quarantine?] Island she was there doing well when
I left St Johns as for the others I do not know any thing
about them since we parted dont forget to lett [let?] me know
If the public works are going on as they were last year or if
there is anything doing I never enjoyed better health in my
life then [than?] I do now thank God. lett [let?] me know
If you have any seed corn or wheat and if Thomas Shaw died I
was very sorry Indeed for poor Jane of the hill and her three
Children now Dear Father I have nothing more to say but give
my love to my sisters and brother and except [accept?] a large
share for youreself [yourself?] and may the lord of goodness
and mercy bless and comfort you all is the sincere prayer of
your affectionate Child.
When you write again do not pay the postage I will pay
it myself.