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Title: Sarah [Warwick?], Antrim, to Cousin Ethel [Davies?], U.S.A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWarwick, Sarah/20
SenderWarwick, Sarah
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhouse help?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientDavies, Ethel
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Carol L. Green, 334 Wyatt Court NE, Salem,OR 94301
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park
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Transcript Dunsilly
2 April [19--?]
Dear Cousin Ethel

In answer to your letter I will [tell?] you all I can about your father's family. Uncle James [lived?] [a few?] block a way [away?] from here [those?] of his family stayed in Irelan [Ireland?] Samuel & Margory are in Larne & [?] Mrs Thompson lived [in?] Ballymena [?] are all dead long ago (S. M. - went married) Some of th [the?] Family went abroad. Frank died young David married & [lived?] at Magheragh [Maghera?] also [?] he had 6 of a Family all dead, they are [?] Grand children who [?] with us. Uncle Robert didnt [didn't?] get married & lived next to us he died about 1910.
Uncle Samuel you father Uncle Tom Uncle [?] [Father?], [?] [all?] [?] [?] [of?] Aunt Mary was the Mother of the [Fletcher?] I think you knew some of them I [never?] knew anything about them except that Andrew was [murdered?]
and in Texas about [Jas?] [James?] Ritchie was married twice but had no family Aunt Sarah Eliza was Mrs Warwick she married a widower & had no family Aunt Martha was Mrs Fletcher thy [they?] had one son he died suddenly round 1927 & he was married & had 2 girls # Anna & Dorothy I know [them?] (each married) Aunt Margaret was Mrs Warwick her husband was also her cousin thy [they?] are all dead long ago (thy [they?] had one son) Then their [there?] was twins I think thy [they?] were girls & didn't survive. Granny Warwick died in 1901 & [Granda?] died 1879 she lived a long time after him. I don't know much about your Mother's family there are Mawhinneys live not far from here but I dont [don't?] know them very much & I am not sure what relation thy [they?] are. There is Jim Mawhinney his Father was Neil & he has 2 cousins Barbara & [Nellie?] I dont [don't?] know what their Fathers [Father's?] name was Was your Mother's sister married on Montgomery?
I think the Mrs Mawhinney adress [address?] would be Dunsilly the same as ours, if you would like to write to them If you ever have a chance to be in Ottawa this is Sadie & Edna [Edna's?] address [address?]

(Sadie's) (Edna)
Mrs J Hamill Mrs E Moore
317 King George St [Street?] 621 Bathurst Avenue
[Overbrook?] [Riverview 4?]
Ottawa Ottawa

Thanks for your nice card at Christmas. I had a holiday on Easter the people I work for went away in Scotland thy [they?] came home yesterday. We are having very wet weather but hope it will clear up soon.
Hope all are well with you will now finish with kind regards to all
From Sarah