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Title: Henry Watson Powell, Halifax to Colonel Pomeroy, Dublin, 1770
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWatson Powell, Henry/24
SenderWatson Powell, Henry
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationarmy officer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
DestinationDublin, Ireland
RecipientColonel Pomeroy
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2954/5/10: Deposited by the Hon. R.W. Pomeroy, Rockfield House , Nunnery, near Frome, Somerset and Mrs. A.R. Hodgson, The Cottage
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9309158
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TranscriptHalifax July 3d. 1770
Dear Sir
         I was favord [favoured?]a few Days ago with your very obliging
Letter, it was deliverd [delivered?] to me by Mr. Blood, who brought it
from New york. As I shall always look upon myself as indebted to you alone
for the Majority of /38th Regt. [Regiment?] to you my first thanks are due I
can assure you I shall ever retain the most grateful Remembrance of that &
several other Favors [Favours?] I have receivd [received?] from you. I should
likewise have wrote to Lord Townshend & Lord Blayney, but thought I could not
do it with Propriety, till my Notification had come ther [there?]. The proper
Channel, nor can I leave this place till the Review is over, as I must appear
^upon^ the returns of the Regiment. We expect to be reviewd [reviewed?] to
morrow ten-night. I shall take the first Opportunity that offers after that
time to go to Ireland or England, & shall lose no time in joyning [joining?]
the 38th Regiment. Captain Corner, late of the Husser, with his Lady, go home
in the snow that carries this Letter, Mrs. Corner has lost her Senses, which
obligd [obliged?] him to resign in favor [favour?] of Capt. Linzee, who is
succeeded by Porter. I passed a very agreable [agreeable?] winter at New
York, where Mr. & Mrs. Apthorp arrived the Beginning of May, They were
accompanied by Mr. Rogers the Importer &  Lady, but their Resedence
[Residence?] there was of very short duration, for the Sons of Liberty were
rather guilty of a Breach of Hospitality, in not only hanging Mr. Rogers in
Effigy, carrying him round the town in Procession, & afterwards burning him,
but they likewise went to his lodgings, where not finding him (for he was
luckily on a Visit in the Country) they sent a Letter to him with orders to
leave the town in twenty four hours, under pain of receiving a very
disagreable [disagreeable?] Visit from the Sons of Liberty. Mr. Rogers did not
chose to disobey this summons, & accordingly decamped, in order to return to
Boston, tho' he had before determined to go to Philadelphia, but was afraid
his Reception there would be much the same as at York. After he was gone, I
went with Mr. and Mrs. Apthorp to pass a few days at Major Bayards, in Long
Island, where he has bought a very pleasnt [pleasant?] farm, and they both
seem quite happy & contented with their Situation, & never let a day pass
without toasting their Friend & great Favorite [Favourite?] Colonel Pomeroy.
The Disturbances are rather increasing than diminishing in Boston, the
Commissioners, I hear, have once more taken Refuge at the Castle, & the Sons
of Liberty tarr [tar?], feather and [cart?] the Importers where ever they can
lay hold of them, Day or Night makes no Difference to them. We are in daily
Expectations of being orderd [ordered?] there, as Commodore Hood has already
sent The Mermaid, Husser, Martin and Bonetta to watch their Motions. I am
informd [informed?] Captain Preston's Trial does not come on till August. I
gret [great?] of others getting a Passage in the [Bomney?], but it now seems
have matter of doubt whether the will be relievd [relieved?] this summer [--?]
I [1?] May Packet will probably determine ^it^. Major Butler of the 65th
expects to go Home with me, if he does you'll see him in Dublin, I believe. I
am very much obligd [obliged?] to you, for the Assistance you gave I have &
shall repay my Proportion of it with Pleasure, ifou [if you?] desird [desired?]
he might be stopt [stopped?] a shilling a Day to pay me, but I am determind
[determined?] not to receive it till you are paid, which I think is but fair,
as I was in some measure the means of your advancing the money for him.
Things are so very dear here, that he can't possibly afford to be stopt
[stopped?] a Shilling, for which reason, I have taken the Liberty to desire
[Stewart?] to stop only six pence a Day & the other six pence a Day to be
taken from his Arrears which I hope will meet with your Approbation. It's
impossible for me to say how much I am Dr. Sr. yrs. [Dear Sir yours?]
                        etc: etc:[et cetera?]
                          H/ Henry Watson Powell.

     Colonel Pomeroy
          Merrion Square.