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Title: Bessie Brown, Ontario, to Catherine Kirkpatrick, Ballymena.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBrown, Bessie/22
SenderBrown, Bessie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginOntario, Canada
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientKirkpatrick, Catherine
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD1604/269: Presented by Rev. Robert Kirkpatrick, Ballymena.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9408095
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Transcript[envelope bordered in black to denote a recent death and addressed to]
Mrs Kirkpatrick
Co. Antrim
[written on the back of envelope]

Bessie Brown
28 Oct. 1874

[page 1]
October 28th 1874

My Dearest Aunt
I received your
last kind letter on the
30th of Sept _ nearly a
month ago _ since that
these has been once to
Ellen Dunlop _ it is very
nice to hear so often from
you & such good accounts
of all being well _
I have dear Anna Hay
with me just hope
you may be sure I
am enjoying her [-----?]
fully & she is looking
remarkably well & in good
spirits _ she is a dear warm
hearted loving creature
so much of [darling?] [mother?]
[--------?] about her she
sends her love to you
dear Aunt _ How I do
enjoy having my dear
[Sisters?] with me I seem so
far away now from all
after only [?] weeks but I
think as people from [-----?]
they came here for leaving
home _ particularly as
dear Anna is with her
children all with her
not dear Jessie &
dear little [G-----?] son
he is such amusement to
her,_ Your [-----------?]
dear Aunt, be very happy
having your love & daughter
& there dear wee children
with you & they must be
a great amusement to you
& Uncle _ I think Anna
feels a little anxious about
poor Anna Collins who
is not strong & having had
2 mishaps since Charley
was born, I think show
great delicacy & it is always
after any begining where
she hardly knows she is
in that way __ The Doctor
has given her great [-------?]
about herself & I hope all
may do better again of
it happens so _
I am very glad Geraldine
is so well & I hope she may
keep so _
Ellen is looking much
better & Charles is better
also _ [----?] [----?] is very
anxious to sell their place
& move into town & I do
think it would be very
much better as Charles
has not been able to attend
to their Garden or every
thing this [-------?] &
he is so very industrious
_ I am sure it would be
better for all, as Mary
enjoys more society than
they have their _
Ellen & I spent a few days
last week in Lakefield
with our dear old friends
Mrs [Haile?] & she did
very much enjoy it
we had lovely weather
& the country looked
so pretty, the leaves all
changing & looking their
very best, altho [although?] I think
this time of year is
almost sad when you
watch every thing changing
about you & first
their winter look
& then our winters
are very [----?] & cold
but this has been a
lovely Autumn & we
have had very little frost
yet _ & I hope it may keep
off for some time, I think
as one grows old they seem
colder most disagreeable
& very hard to get any courage
to go out sometimes._
I am very glad you
are feeling stronger when
you write & that the
rheumatism was better
in your wrist _ It often
bothers me in the same
place when I am writing
_ I wish I could pop in
& see you all dear Aunt
how careful & clean
Geraldine is _ does she
use a sewing machine?
It is such a help but some
people who are very particular
dont like making
underclothes with these
_ they think hand sewing
neater _ I have one & find
it most useful for all kinds
of work. _
How very sad the account you
gave of the poor Gentleman
who was drowned, It will
never be known how it happened
I suppose - I suppose his
wife will remain with her friends
_ We had a short visit from
[Candice?], Henrys little wife a
week or two ago _ she had
her very fine Baby of
9 months old with her _
she is such a good happy
little wife & Mother, Henry
has been so fortunate in
getting such a good wife &
kind Mother for his
children _ I do not see
George often he is very
much occupied with his
business _ but he is very
stout & a fine looking _
fellow _ I had a visit from
his two eldest boys in their
holidays _ very nice little
fellows _ the eldest 17 &
the other 14 _ but they are
both short for their age which
makes them look younger
All my neices & nephews are so fond
of the country, that Goodwood in the
summer has great attractions _ Kates
children particularly - it seems more
like home to them _
We are all very well now thank
God - & my boys very busy as usual
they are getting a great deal of ploughing
done & have ready for spring crops
& making every thing comfortable for
winter _ I gave them your message
to look out for Good lives _ Stewart was
highly amused as I am often telling
him I dont know where a good crop can
be had here _ hope by the time he
is ready to marry he may meet with
a nice gal _ She worries about the girls here
they really can think of nothing but
chaps & going about amusing themselves
_ they can talk of nothing but chaps &
their means _ & can do very little in the
way of Housekeeping & it is almost enough
to further a poor young man from
marrying _ My boys cannot settle yet
as they can not not [sic] rich enough or not
able to keep an establishment of their
own just yet _ I dont want riches for
them as it seldom adds to peoples happiness
_ but I want them to have enough to
have a comfortable home for themselves
I hope to have some Photos of
them to send you this winter & one
of my dear little Harriot, who is a very
bright happy looking little baby &
a very great comfort to me _ You see
dear Aunt how I have taken up all
my paper writing about ourselves
_ I hope soon to get the other Photos
you promised me _ of Uncle George & Geraldine
_ I could see the children were not taken
to advantage & looked firgotten [forgotten?] _ but
they are very handsome wee dears
_ & you very dear Aunt altho [although?] your chaps
was pulled out & looked [shocked?] _ I am
very glad to hear this of your [self?]
would like a letter if not too troublesome
have taken again _ you wanted
so me one to settle you
& now I must conclude with much
love to all _ my children all send
their love _ hopeing soon to hear
from you love my dear Aunt
your loving neice Bessie Brown

I have been talking to dear Anna
between times while working _ I have
made some mistakes in consequence.