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Title: [?], Edenclaw to "Dear Sisters".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWeir, Rose/26
SenderWeir, Rose
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarming household
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginEdenclaw, Co. Fermanagh, N.Ireland
DestinationPontiac, Michigan, USA
RecipientWeir, Annie
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mrs Linda Weir, Tirmacspird, Lack, Co. Fermanagh, BT93 0SA.
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park.
Doc. No.9905041
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by LT, 12:05:99.
Word Count609
TranscriptEdenclaw 30/11/87

Dear Sisters
We received your
kind and welcome letter yesterday and were glad
to hear of your welfare we are well at
present Thank God for it the weather
is showry [showery?] and cold at present with some frosts
last week there was a great frost but now
it is away the potatoes is all dug we have
we have not as many as we used to have but people
say that there is fine crops of them (sic) only
for that people would be worse off I guess
we never had less corn than we have
this year there is no price for farm produce
here flax is from 3s/6d pence [&?] that is no price
for the trouble they have with (sic) and corn oats is
only 6d per stone everything is very poorly
there is great processing for rents (sic) Col Irvin
has processed his whole estate almost the (sic)
He processed the Brattons but that is not
odd they have him in the land Court (sic) but I
dont how [know?] how theyll (sic) do yet he did not
pocess [possess?] us however the sow had six pigs in
June and we kept four to holiday they were five cwt
& they paid the rent for us so we have done very well
so far the Browns are back with Mr [Phibbs?] again
and Mary Noble is with them still on (sic) Wm [William?]
Swanston is home again out of America so what do you
think of that they have been in Enniskillen last
week with the Kerrs of Drumcaughey at the [seasons?]
about work which Kerr alone and Swanston says
he has paid him with shop goods it it [is?] too
long to be tell you (sic) all about it two of the
Kerrs is gone to America.
James Crozier is quite well now and it
is a great blessing isnt it we sent you
a paper last week I suppose you have
[---?] this we sent Bell one too what wast
[was it?] she sent to us (sic) we havent seen
it yet I wonder if it would go astray
Willy McFarland is mending a little people
say John Ingram got a paralatic [paralytic?] stroke
and he has not been out of the house since
Grandma is well and as worldly as ever
she is going to get a new suit for Xmas [Christmas?]
I think they have some bother with her she
is so crabid [crabby?] Uncles George and Christy's family
is well and doing the same as ever as selfish
as ever (sic) the cause of [Colly Barton's?] death was a
fall he got sliding (sic) he hurt his inside
he threw up blood for a good while
before he died
Margaret Wilson of Thornhill has gone
out to America and they say she is doing
very well there is a good many emigrating
Anne I Simpson and Bob is gone out too
there is some roman Catholics coming home
to help in struggle (sic) things is not so bad as
theyre reported but Ireland for the Irish
you know who the Irish are and down with
the landlords the landlords is bad
enough now but the landlords of the
future will be worse have you no dogs
dogs (sic) there or what kind of country is
is (sic) it you dont send half news about
it to us we are so eager to know all
about have no green fields or gardens
or anything like home how odd it must
be to one from the beautiful Isle of the
sea when peace is restored to this dear
land again