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Title: Bessie Brown, Canada to C. Kirkpatrick, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBrown, Bessie/32
SenderBrown, Bessie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginOntario, Canada
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientKirkpatrick, Catherine
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD 1604/276: Presented by Rev. Robert Kirkpatrick, Breezemount, The Roddens, Larne, County Antrim.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9012039
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogAction By Date Document added by B.W. 20:12:1993
Word Count907
TranscriptTo: Mrs Kirkpatrick
Co [County?] Antrim

30th Dec 1874

My dearest Aunt
I wish you & dear
Uncle & all your household
a very happy New Year
I hope you are all well
& Geraldine safe over her
confinement which I think
you said would be about
this time. I hope she
may have a healthy
Baby - not two - as one
is as much as one can
manage very well -
Charlotts [Charlottes?] little ones dont [don't?]
seem to give much trouble
& they are dear little things
Charles seems very proud of
them all - Poor fellow I
was sorry to hear he had
had asthma. He is the
only one of the family who
has ever had it. except poor
William, who at times was
troubled with it
Christmas day was very
fine & not very cold. I had
only my own family for
dinner all but Steward [Stewart?] who
could not get home from
Toronto. When the Brown
were beside us they always
spent the day with us &
dear Mother enjoyed having
as many of her Grandchildren
about her as we could manage
- we have not had a gathering
since her death till this year

& after dinner Stewart took
his large sleigh which he
had fixed for the occasion
to hold a good many & he
drove to town & brough [brought?] Robert
Kate & all their family. Louisa
& all their family up for tea
Robert brought his sleigh with
as many as it would hold
- altogether we had a party
of 23 for tea. The children
all enjoy coming up here
& poor wee things they were
all so happy - we had
games, & amusements for
them till between 9 & 10 &
they all went home.
I have 5 boys here now
2 of Kates 2 of Louisa & one
of Georges - They are spending
a part of their holidays & you
may fancy there is plenty
of noise. They have just
been racing round the
Varandah [Veranda?] as hard as they
can go & snow balling each
other, I had to stop my
writing to look at them, they
seem so perfectly happy
to get out of town, where they
can make as much noise
as boys like to make.
I hope there may be
a letter for some of us this
week dear Aunt It seems
more than two weeks since
your last letter to Ellen
I get the papers regularly
& they are very interesting
now - There seems such
a fuss about Wm Gladsones [William Gladstone's?]
writings. - And then
the wonderful work going
on in these meetings by
Mr Moody & Leackey - I
never read any thing
like the crowds that

attend them & it does
not seem to pass off as is
often the case in these
sudden revivals, but is
lasting - I should like
greatly to hear them &
what a blessing they have been
to many families & so many
young men, who give up
their evenings to help others
on, in holding meeting for
young children - but I would
like that more of the kind
would come here.
Frank started yesterday
to pay John a visit in the
States (Illinois) he has
had a great wish for some
time to do so, he has been
so little from home, I think
it will do him good. He will
stay for a month or two
& then come home in
time for the spring work on
the farm. I shall miss
him very much, as he has
a great deal of fun - & I think
in winter I miss any of them
more then [than?] in summer.
Johns eldest daughter
(Minnie) is now in Peterboro [Peterborough?]
with Louisa - she is going
to spend the winter with
us - she is 19 & a very pretty
girl. - I think all our
circle is well now & that is
a great great blessing in such
a large connectiion as ours
is, Anna Hay is quite well
now, she was threatened a
short time ago with [--?]
in her face - Ellen Dunlop
is pretty well now. -
Kate & her large family
very well - Jessie her second
daughter is not very strong
She has grown too fast, but

they are all very nice
children, Franny & Jessie
the two eldest particularly
so - Franny was 17 in July
& Jessie 15 this month &
she is 5 feet 8 & very slight
- We have had a very
mild winter so far & not
too much snow - we shall
soon see the days lengthening
after that the winter seems
so much pleasanter. -
George & Henry are very
well & their households
We dont [don't?] meet very often. I am very
fond of Carrie - she is such a very
dear amiable little body & such a good
little wife and Mother. Mrs Junes & her
daughters (Henrys first wifes Mother) has
been to see him lately & they are all
so pleased with the children & with
Carrie & they think she is bringing
up the children so well - she never
allows the love for her own little one
interfere with the others & they are so
fond of her
I must bring my long letter to a close
again my dear Aunt wishing you all a happy new year
I am your loving niece
Bessie Brown