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Title: Edward [Brown?], Woburn, [Mass.?] to Audley Brown, [U.S.?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBrown, Edward/35
SenderBrown, Edward
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunemployed
Sender ReligionProtestant (Orangeman And Freemason)
OriginWoburn, Massachusetts, USA
RecipientBrown, Audley
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Margaret Graham Browne, Rathneeny*, Co. Donegal. 073-21816. mgtgraham@tinet.ie
ArchiveMargaret Graham Browne
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Transcript$$H14 Part of the Margaret Graham Browne Catalogue$$H

Woburn November 17th 1875

[Mr.?] Audley
Brown dear sir and Brother
I now take up my pen
to write you a [fue?] few lines
to let you know that
I am in good helth [health?] at
presant [present?] thank god &
I hope that the arivle [arrival?]
of this will find you
& Robert engoying [enjoying?] the
same Blessing dear Audley
I am sure you will be
sorry to hear of me being
out of work again I am
out of work this last
week and I write to you
to see if you could do
any thing in regards
of geting [getting?] me in to work
rown [round?] there I was glad
to hear of you and
Robert geting [getting?] in to work
when yous went there
so my dear Audley you
well might talk to
the Boss and tell him
what I am you can sea [say?]
that I am bouth [both?] orangeman
& free mason & he might
give me a gob [job?] or if you
could see any other job
any other place you write
as soon as you get this
and give me all the news
you can dick [Richard?] Rea would
go if he would get
any chance as he is hoping
too but dear Audley there
is one thing that I had
almost to forget Andrew
Rea wants you if you plase [please?]
to send him a bottle of
the medson [medicine?] that you and
me [were?] talking about
I was telling him how
bad Robert was and how
it cored [cured?] him if [of?] all
the panes [pains?] so he told me
to write to you for it
& no mater [matter?] what the cost
was he would give it to you
and when you are geting [getting?]
it if you would ask
the docher [doctor?] if it would
be any harm to roob [rub?]
it to his head as some
of the panes [pains?] has flew
to his head and he is
no more than wen [when?] he
harley [hardly?] knows any body
with the pane [pain?] of his eyes
& temples so you can
send the boutle [bottle?] & you
will be all wright [right?]
so now I have no more
to sea [say?] at prasent [present?]

I am ever your loving
comred [comrade?] and
Edward [usely?]

write as sone [soon?] as you
get this but I would
not lik [like?] to go there
if I could not get
work as I have no mony [money?]
to keep me but I do
not care what work
almost I go into
only get any
at all
besure [be sure?] and write this
week or the bging [beginning?]
of next

(* The owner of these documents has informed us that this
townland is spelt "Rathneeny" and that the older spellings of it
are "Roniney" or "Raneny". In the "Index To The Townlands and
Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland" the spelling is