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Title: Jane White, Goderich to Eleanor Wallace, Newtownards.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWhite, Jane/20(2)
SenderWhite, Jane
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant (Presbyterian?)
OriginGoderich, Ontario, Canada
DestinationNewtownards, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientWallace, Eleanor
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD 1195/3/19: Presented by J. W. Russell & Co (Solicitors) High Street, Newtownards, Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9312075
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To: Eleanor Wallace,
[County Down?]

From: Jane White,
July 19 1859

Goderich July 19 1859

My dear Eleanor
I am late in replying to your kind
letter the weather is and has been so dreadfully hot one
could scarcely walk, I do not know how people manage who have
to work hard, it must be hard suffering, I never felt so
knocked up with the heat any summer, perhaps it is weakness
of body, my mother complains dreadfully, I wish some cool
weather would come and that would make us feel well again,
the cool evenings are a great relief, we have beautiful
moonlight nights, I think it can scarcely be better in Spain
than here though the Spaniards go to bed in the heat of the
day, I think the Canadians might do the same, the twelfth of
the month was dreadfully hot, the Orangemen went down to
Clinton and came home in the evening looking dreadful
scarcrows [scarecrows?] with heat and dust, I hear in some
towns below they celebrated the day with great spirit, but
they have lost their prompter in this place, since the death
of Dr [Doctor?] Hamilton, so I suppose they will dwindle away,
the rector is showing them such a cold shoulder it used to be
the reverse, he is so much in debt now, and acts so queerly,
the people do not think so much of him as they did, he has a
very large and extravagant family, who are forever showing off
their aristocratic origin, and looking down on the
congregation, this is quite hurtful to the cause of Christ,
one does not like to be too tight upon their clergyman he is a
kind pleasant man withal, if they were an English family I
would have no mercy for them, but seeing they are Irish I
would put up with their every fault, because there will always
be a kind feeling remaining, but I declare the English here
would have no objection to [bore?] the ears of the Irish
through, like the bold servants of old, but they are too

numerous for them, the Scotch too lean to Ireland most. I
suppose you were alarmed some days ago to hear about a French
invasion of Ireland, the same stories were flying about here,
and that the lower Canadians were going to join the French in
an invasion of Canada, but both Canada and Ireland are safe.
Louis Napoleon has his hands full, and by the time his hands
are clear of the Austrians his friends will be too low for
any more capers. We have got six Clergymen out from Dublin
lately, some of them very talented men, one who is placed at
Clinton comes up to preach sometimes, the Revd. James
Carmichael, he is very young and very enthusiastic, he seems
completely devoted, a little too theatrical but a most
[attractive?] preacher, he carries the mind away until you
would think you actually saw what he describes, his Good
Friday's sermon on the crucifixion was [startlingly?] vivid,
he drew crowds from other churches, but they are more taken
with a Mr Sullivan who has been once or twice here, indeed I
think they are [fidgetty?] I have not heard Sullivan yet, the
name has a popish sound with it, I join with you in not
thinking much of Roman Catholics, I have known some of them
here and think them deceitful I would be neighbourly with
them but would not take them for companions, their bigotry is
too much.
Those revival meetings at home will surely do good, an
impression in the mind is often retained and [recurs?] to the
memory even after being forgotten for a time. The person I
enquired about Mr Walker came to see us one day, he came up
to Goderich on some errand and enquired for us, he has a farm
about thirty miles away, I did not know him at first, I
wonder if you and I would know each other if we met in the
street, you would find me [darker?] in the complexion I
think. The United States Day is kept by some persons here,
some left for Buffalo for the 4th July and it was celebrated
here by a kind of a street masquerade. How is Mrs Hill
please remember us to her do you know where her sister Mrs
McConnell is? would you ask her what part of Canada she is
in, if still in Montreal. I suppose your garden looks well
now, ours is rather fading at present the frosts that came
about the 8th June did great injury, it killed our grapes &
melons and cucumbers and a number of our annuals the potatoes
through the country were as totally withered as the time of
the potatoe [potato?] rot at home, but they are all sprung
again the bulbs throw up new shoots just the same with the
dahlias in our garden would you take the trouble of sending
me a few withered flowers of fuschias perhaps I could get
some seed out of them I cannot get any here, it is a hardy
plant I think it would grow here, I thought of begging a slip

from you, but I fear it would die before getting this length.
the crops last year were a failure owing to the dryness of
the summer the people in Huron and Bruce are starving in
hundreds, Bruce is worst being a new settlement some of the
Highland Scotch up at Kinloss who depended on the cultivation
of the new farms, are subsisting of [--?] roots, gathered in
the bush, they could hardly be more at home [than?] this, a
good deal of money has been raised I hear for them, some of
them furnished with [work?] it is said down in London times
are if possible worse than here, but there is no loss without
some gain, it has ruined the cheats and rascals, honest good
people do not feel the time so seriously. I was surprised to
hear of Mr Bells death, he must have suffered severely poor
man, he was a strong looking man, quite like long life when I
saw him last, I thought I had furnished you with a nice story
in the Signal in "One eyed Saul" but it turned out a very
poor affair such humbug about [Ishmael?] the wolf. Please
remember me to your cousin. My mother is anxious to know if
the Revd H Moore is still in Newtownards we heard there was
another clergyman in his place, is it so? we were pleased to
see the address to Mr Price in the paper you sent, we
received another paper the same from Mr Milliken. My father
and mother send their kindest regards to you please to accept
the same from your much attached friend and hoping soon to
hear from you
I remain
Yours most sincerely