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Title: James Wightman, Wilmington to Eliza Wightman, Lisburn.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWightman, James/24
SenderWightman, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginWilmington, Delaware or N.Carolina?, USA
DestinationLisburn, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientWightman, Eliza
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Prof. J.A. Faris, 15 Coney Island, Ardglass, Co. Down. BT30 7UQ
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park
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Transcript Miss Eliza Wightman

Wilmington, 16 September, 1859
My Dear Eliza
Although the occasion of your writing to me
was a most melancholy and afflicting one I could not but
feel gratified at your acquitting yourself so well in your
first essay, and I regret that so small a space was
allotted you, not that I wished to have had your Aunt's most
excellent letter curtailed - but a larger sheet of paper
would have embraced all my desire -
By the time you receive this, the remembrance of your dear
Mama will be nearly erased from your mind (so soon does time
obliterate the most marked impressions of his course) and you
and your little sisters well insensible of the loss you
have sustained, will be persuing your wanted amusements with
all the avidity of youthful ardour - although a few months
only have rolled over since I parted with the dearest object
of my existence, the scenes of my past days apear to me as a
dream, [--?] sometimes I can scarcely persude myself of their
reality - It has pleased the "Almighty" to deprive you of a
kind and [torn][af--tionate?] parent, at [torn] time when a
hard necessity separates me [from?] you. had she been permitted
to have remained with you but a few years longer, you would
have attained that age when the precepts and example would have
been of less importance to you - this will I hope induce you to
treasure up most carefully in your mind the good advice
and instruction you have so often received from her, and
to let pass no opportunity of imparting it to your sisters,
and impressing on their minds the obligation they are under
to attend to it - It is a source of great satisfaction and
consolation to me that Miss Carson intends residing with you
at the Green - I wish you to behave towards her with every
mark of respect and attention - you cannot otherwise expect
that she will feel for you That interest and solicitude
her esteem for your dear Mama would prompt her to do - she is
well qualified to give you good advice for the regulation
of your conduct, and all the circumspection you can use will
be insufficient to shield you from the envy and malice of
a world in which the worst construction is too frequently
put upon the best intentions - & recollect that it [torn]
only by your correctness of conduct that you command the
esteem of the world, and your affability of disposition
that you can secure the affections of your friends - Be
particularly careful with whom you form habits of intimacy
- you may have occasionally to associate with persons
whose [characters?] are compounded of pride, ignorance
and frivolity. [torn] who have nothing to recommend them
but their [external?] appearance - to such give your pity
but let them never excite your envy - In religious
matters I wish you to adhere to the principles of that
church in which you have been brought up, unless conviction,
not caprice or fashion induces to change, and be as punctual
as possible in your attendance of divine worship, but do not
(as is the case with too many) leave your religion in
charge of the sexton but carry the spirit of it with you
into the world, and let your intercourse with the world
be regulated by it - although I do not wish to instil into
your mind the least tincture of prejudice against any
religious persuasion, I cannot avoid cautioning you to
beware the Methodists, the [war---?] Jackalls of that sect
[torn] ever on the alert to entrap into the pen of
salvation the youthful and inexperienced - I was lately
at a camp meeting of [torn] in the neighbourhood, I
had often heard of and read of these camp meetings, but any
idea [torn] of them fell far short of what they are in
reality, - I [torn] think it [torn] that made the social
[torn] of devotions [torn] beings, possessing any [torn]
[-----ality?] could [torn] the sacred name of [torn]
play such fantastic tricks before high [torn]
Angels weep" With respect to your education [torn]
easy, so long as you are in McNeelys care, you are [torn]
age when you should give a good deal of [torn]
very little time, but when you quit him, take a [torn]
[---ing] does not quit you by not attending to [torn]
[----ung?] persons forget the most important [br---?][torn]
[---ation?] - it is only by [stain] steady and [app--?]
they can possibly retain them - therefore when you [torn]
not engaged in some profitable employment, or your body in
some useful and necessary recreation, let your books and
your pen occupy your mind - it used to be customary in
schools to pass females over vulgar and Decimal fractions
& put them into practice now, use practice will come of
itself, I would much rather you would leave fractions - I
have been employed these two days past, in cutting off
the tops & plucking the leaves off the stems of my Indian
corn (of which I have 8 acres) these are laid up as winter
provender for the cattle, & the corn cobs are suffered to
remain on the stalks, until they get sufficiently dry &
hard for storing by - I have also made two barrels of
excellent cyder from the windfalls - apples are very scarce
this season - I have apple pie [each?] day, & the butter
is so bad in summer [torn] stewed apples for (at) breakfast
& supper - the potato crop has [torn] [torn] [---led?] here,
but in the eastern states it has been most abundant I shd
[should?] scarcely know how to eat a potato now - the
mornings and evenings are getting very cool, but the days
are remarkably [fair?], there has not been ten hours rain
here these three months - give my love to all your cousins,
uncle & aunt [Andrew?], & to Margaret, Mary, & Anna & to my
[---son?] - & I am my dear Eliza, your ever affectionate
James Wightman