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Title: James Williamson, California to John Williamson, England.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWilliamson, James/27
SenderWilliamson, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstarting a new job taking care of tools in construction site
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCalifornia, USA
RecipientWilliamson, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2680/2/4: Copied by Permission of W. P. Williamson Esq., Ahorey House, Richhill, Co. Armagh.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007145
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptNorth Fork Hill Oct 2nd/50 [2nd 1850?]

Dear John
I have received both of
your letters & would have answered both
of them before this but I have been
knocking around from one place to
another so that I could not get a
good opportunity to write. I have made
enquiries about that water ditch & farm
what I can learn it will either be a
humbug or else it will never pay for
itself but dont you buy any stock in it
nor your friends until I hear something
more about it I have written to a
friend of mine in Mesada about it but
have got no information as yet & as the
Mail leaves S [San?] Francisco on Friday It would
detain this letter 2 weeks If I waited
any longer for it. Wm [William?] & his family
are well they have gone back to Deadwood
last August I am to work
fixing pick drills [&?] they are building
a new line of Road around the face
of a Mountain & I have to keep the
tools in order. I have received letters
from Mary & Harriet. I will be Obliged
if you will tell them that I was
glad to hear from them & that I
will answer there [their?] letters as soon as
I possibly can. Auburn was burned
last June & in August there was
40 houses more than there was before the
fire. I have some Idea of leaving this in
the Spring but a person cant tell
a week ahead what he will do I have
made nothing the past year & wages
are getting very low they pay only $45.10
p month on the Road & I know of
men that hires hands from 25 to $30.00
I have been up in the Mountains about
70 miles north of this place there is some
rich Claims in that section it runs
in ranges & it can be traced for Miles!
I am glad to hear that the folks in
Ahory [Aghory?] are all right [alright] & that you & your
family are in good health I have not
had a letter from Robert in a long
time. there has been a great many

deaths on one of the Steamers on this
side On the Uncle Sam there was
over 300 died of Cholera on her trip to
san Francisco. What wages do they pay in the shops
in Manchester for a good workman at the
anvil & what Chance is there to get work.
I have half a notion of going there
sometimes & I would like to know
something about it. I have not heard
from Tom McClure since last December
& I never have had a scrape of a pen from
Benn- [Benny?] I dont know what I shall go at
next winter but I suppose I will have
to try the Mines again there is no show
to work in a shop the County is full
of tradesmen of all kinds & one half
of them cant get work. there are a
great many going home nearly every man
you talk to is going home in the spring
if he can raise enough to take him.
I will write to you again as soon
as I can learn something more about
that dich [ditch?] but there are so many
humbugs in this country that a
man is fortunate if he can keep his
money in his pocket I wish to know
if you get the Belvedere Standard for
one year I paid for it before I came to
Cal [California?] I gave the Editor your adress [address?] & I dont know
whether you got it or not Give my love
to Sarah and all enquiring friends &
believe me to be you affectionate.
Brother Jim Williamson

Direct Auburn Placer Co Cal [California?]

Excuse this scrall & all mistakes
if you Please

2nd Oct 1850

Mr John Williamson
43 George St Manchester

Arrived 12th Novbr