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Title: John Williamson, Cohoes, NY to Benjamin Williamson, Leeds.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWilliamson, John/6
SenderWilliamson, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationlooking for a job
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCohoes, New York, USA
DestinationLeeds, England
RecipientWilliamson, Benjamin
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2680/2/5: Copied by Permission of W. P. Williamson Esq., Ahorey House, Richhill, Co. Armagh.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007146
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptCohoes. Febry 17th 51 [1851?]

Dear Benjn [Benjamin?],
I wrote you from Albany in
Decbr. but as I have not had an answer I fear
you have not received it. up to this time I have
been looking every day to hear from you if you
have written me to Albany I will get it here you
will perceive by the heading of this letter that I have
again shifted my Bob to my present residence
which is a Country Village 10 miles from Albany
the reason why I came here was I had a chance
of a temporary situation which only lasted 5 or 6
weeks and one more I am unemployed I thought
better to come here anyhow as it would be cheaper
to Live & I could not afford to stay in Albany at
thy expense I was at until the spring, my prospects
here are only very middling in fact I dont think
there is scarce a chance of getting a Job except
I turn out into some Factory. you have no Idea of
the dissapointments [disappointments?] & losses I have met with since I
left the West. there I had a good home & every thing [everything?]
Comfortable as I could wish but coming here to meet
[reverses?] & a wife & child depending on me it almost
drives me mad not knowing what hand to turn to
but thank Providence we have always known what
good health is & so far still plenty to eat. but
I cannot expect that all these things will continue
in a strange place without one --igh friend
we have no acquaintances here & my wife has not
seen a woman to speak to in 2 weeks. if this was
the Spring or Summer it would be very different
as there are plenty chances of Employment but in
the winter when the rivers are all Frozen & navigation
closed nothing to do. I had a letter a few days
ago from my Friends in Manchester they
wish me to return again & say that business is
good & is good chances for me there as here. at
all events I would not Live in the Eastern States
I would 10 times rather go back to the west as stay
here in this miserable place. on my wifes account I
would like to return to Manchester, & I know I can
get as good a salary in a situation as here.
Perhaps you will say I am as wild and unsettled
as ever going from place to place & perhaps you will
be right to think so, but I tell you Benjn [Benjamin?] you never seen
a man more anxious to settle down for Life than I am
& has been since I was married, but still grasping
at a straw. I have been [tossed?] about First by [Harvey?]
till left with my last Pound & not one Cent recompense

then by my supposed friend in Albany but I tell
you now it shall not all go for nothing. I have come
to a certain conclusion so well or ill. I will put it
through If I can. in the first place I will ask
you to stand by me with a little cash, if you
can spare me the use of Ten or Fiften [Fifteen?] Pounds
for a few months I will go back to Manchester & get
something to do & stay there it grieves me to ask you for
assistance but misfortunes cannot be parried, had it
not been for them I would not be compelled to ask you
I am at present brot [brought?] to my last Five & I Know
have been a d--- to many of my Freinds [friends?] unwillingly
If you can do me this favor I will take the earliest
moment to repay you. but get out of this infernal [?]
I must do by hook or crook, & If I am dom-ed to
live in poverty it shall not be said that I brot [brought?] my
wife to it I will go back when I have freinds [friends?] at
all [?] - If tis possible for you to help me
I wish you would write me on receipt or by next
mail. The Bankers will instruct you how to send
so that I can get their check [cheque?] or dft. [draft?] cashed in
Albany - or N. [New?] York.
I wrote home a few days ago but I did
not tell them how I was situated I would not
let them know anything about it. I told them
that I had some intention of going back.
James is still in Illinois I have not heard
from him since I came to the east nor
have I heard from William directly since
he went to the gold digging I hope your
wife & Boy are in good health & that you
are also. I am glad to say we are all
well & wife desires her kind Love to you all
she hopes she will have the pleasure of spending
a day with you yet if you have written me
before you get this I will answer receipt by
newspaper. I will conclude
hoping to hear early from you
and Believe me to be your Afft. [Affectionate?] Bro [Brother?]

John Williamson
N. [New?] York

[addressed to]

p Steamship

Mr B. Williamson
Elmwood Row
1 Feb 1851