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Title: William Williamson, Belvidere to Hugh Williamson, Co. Armagh.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWilliamson, William/8
SenderWilliamson, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBelvidere, Illinois, USA
DestinationRichhill, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland
RecipientWilliamson, Hugh
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2680/2/2: Copied by Permission of W. P. Williamson Esq., Ahorey House, Richhill, Co. Armagh.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007144
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TranscriptBelvidere July 3rd 1843 [?]

Dear Hugh
I suppose ere [before?] you receive this you will be in the
post office a good many times looking out for it; and the
reason was my delaying thinking John would be here however
he may not have had got quick a passage as I had, we started
from New York to Albany on Wednesday 24th May paying 40 Cents = 1/8
and arrived next morning, where D. Hutchinson's Friends were waiting
on Mr Marshall we stopt [stopped?] in Albany to 1 O'Clock, we started for
Rochester p [per?] Steam Carriage paying 4 Dollars & 11 Cents = 17/1 1/2
we travell'd all night in the Railway passing a great many pretty
Villages each having 1. 2. or 3 Churches in it the Land appeared
in some places good and in other places quite Stoney and barren
we arrived in Rochester 1 O'Clock next day and crossed a Bridge
near 2 Miles Long that ran across a Lake, John McKain Jas McK [James McKain?] Wm [William?] Thompson Thos [Thomas?] [Q--n?] & M Carragher stopt [stopped?] at Rochester and the rest of us put for the Good Land of Illinois, we started immediately for Buffalo paying 1 Dollar = 4/2 and getting our Supper and Bed this was by Canal Boat we arrived next morning at Lockport and was put in the Railway to the Falls of Niagara
we stopt [stopped?] here for 2 Hours and saw the Falls and a great
many other Curiousties [Curiosities?] too Numerous to mention we arrived at
Buffalo on Saturday Evening and had to stop to Monday
we started from Buffalo to Chicago paying 7 Dollars = 29/2
we were from Monday Evening to Sunday Morning going up the
Lakes - Mr Marshall put all his Goods in Canal Boat
they Engaged to Deliver them in 10 Days the [they?] Have not come
to Chicago yet and he means to go back and find them
out, perhaps they are in New York yet he will have a
deal of trouble with them, and would have been wiser
had he brought them along with Him, I started for Belvidere
with Miss Scott Miss Ferguson and 3 of Mr Marshalls children paying
10 Dollars for a pair of Horses and Waggon [Wagon?], it cost Each of us
2 1/2 Dollars = 10/5 from Chicago to Belvidere we were 2 1/2 Days
Wm [William?] Taylor was was working in Belvidere and I got him
to see where we would stop he brought them all to his
BrotherinLaw [Brother-in-law?] Wm [William?] Dean's where they stop't
[stopped?] for a few days and then got into another House where there was
more room, Marshalls Family came on next week and we were all
greatly dissapointed [disappointed?] at him not having his goods with him
he has not got a Farm yet but has got a great many offers
I pusht [pushed?] on to See my best Friend here Joseph Taylor and
found him in good health, he does not look quite so young
as he was in Ireland but appears well content that he
[?] the Good Fortune to come to this place where he has made an Independence for himself & Family. he recieved [received?] me not a Neighbours child, but as a Son of his own and has made me Welcome
to his house and Table as long as he has one, he has not
yet built his House but will, he expects this Summer

he has 15 Head of Cattle Died Since last Autumn which was
a heavy loss to him but he says one of his cows that Died
in Ireland was more loss to him, than the 15 here, he
has 50 Acres of as good Land as is in the State of Illinois
it is what is called here Prairie, no Trees or any sort of
Timber on it, on the surface it appears like a Moss where
the Turf had been cut of to a foot of the Clay, when it is
broken up it appears quite Black [F--?] & Rotten he has nearly 40 Acres
in Crop he has 2 Cows & 2 Oxen 1 Mare 1 Horse and 2 Colts 19 Sheep
9 or 10 Pigs and we can scarcely get into the House for Fowl
The Reason of so many Cattle Dying here, last winter was so severe
that no Farmer had sufficient Hay cut, They [The?] Earliest Settlers
here never remembered so severe a Winter as last Winter was -
[?] Rankins people will be glad to hear that notwithstanding
the loss of her Husband, Mrs [C--amon?] looks in good health
and Spirits and has got her Farm fenced and good Crops
in it. I never expected to meet with as good neighbours
here as I have, scarcely an Irishmans house that I go
into but they wish me to stop all night to they hear how
the old Country as they Call it is getting on, Mr [C--amon?]
wrote to Mr Marshall to fetch 2 Sheep I have seen as good
Sheep here as in Ireland, and as fine cows as you could
wish for, the Horses in General are of a smart light nature
with Cow like Ears on them, the Pigs are of a thin Riby appearance
they dont take any care of the Pigs to the fall when they turn
them into the Harvest field to eat the fallen Indian corn & oats,
There is no good Houses here yet, as the County is newly
settled, There is scarcely any money in the County but what
goes to the Land office, until the Farmers sells their
wheat, a Man gets from 10 to 15 Dollars p [per?] Month but
you will have to take oxen Horses cows sheep or wheat for it
which you will sell or turn into money as well as you can
The Cattle has to get salt here once a week or they will not fatten
[you?] might be thinking that I am not content here and would wish
to be home again all that I can say is that I am as happy as
ever I was and all that I am sorry at is that I did not
come out here with Joseph Taylor at the time I went to Trotters
if I had come and had health and no Misfortune I could have
had a Farm that the Seed Breed or Generation of me never
saw the like, & I am looking forward for that time yet
I have not seen much of america yet but I think
if some of my Country men were here that is living on potatoes & milk
they would bless the Day before long that they left Ireland
In any house here there is no meal eaten without [Fresh?]
meat, and Tell Hamilton that Tea Twice a day, Joseph Taylor's Eldest
Daughter had a young son last week she is got quite well again,
My Grandmother wanted to Know what sort of places of worship there is
here, they are generally Presbyterians or Methodists there is one Meeting House in Belvidere which is 4 1/2 Miles and a preaching in the School House

every Sunday which is not half a Mile of us, There is a great many
Irish Settlers here, and a great Many Yankees coming in from
other States and going to Wisconsin Territory and good
many coming here, This State is not near so woody as
the State of New York the Land seems much better here
than any I Ever saw, In my last Letter I Spoke of [torn]
going to serve a time and I think if Ben or John
would get a Situation in the Towns or villages if [torn]
to learn a trade he would get a Salary during his
apprenticeship but it would not do if John or Ben were
not with him. when I was coming across the Sea
I was offerd [offered?] #70 for 3 yrs [years?] and learn the Carpenter
Buisiness [Business?], it was McKain made me the offer but he
is to [too?] neat a man for me, there is something in him
very small, we were not shaved or taken in along the way
but it took good watching. I am ashamed to send
this Letter home the writing is bad, my Hands are
swelled and sweating [and?] I cannot use my pen as I wish
I have omitted saying things you are anxious to
Know but I wil write to Sally next and mention them
to her. we expect the Harvest here in 3 weeks and I dont
suppose I will write to its over I am daily expecting John
and a Letter from some of you perhaps he wont come here.
I must conclude but begs to be remembered to John Anderson
Mrs Anderson Thos [Thomas?] McClure Father Mother G.Mother [Grandmother?] and all thy [the?] Rest of the family, and that God May Bless and
direct you all is the fervent Prayer of your afft [affectionate?] Brother

Wm Wmson [William Williamson?]

100 Cents make a Dollar = to 4/2
484 Cents make Pound Sterling
480 halfpence make a pound
there is only 4 cents more in a pound than Halfpence

[addressed to:] [stamped:]
Mr Hugh Williamson AMERICA 6E ARMAGH
Ahory L JY28 JY29
Rich-hill [Richhill?] 43 1843
County Armagh