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Title: Charles Wilson, Belfast to John Hill, Marden Lane, NY
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWilson, Charles/138
SenderWilson, Charles
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationspirits merchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBelfast, N.Ireland
DestinationNYC, USA
RecipientHill, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourcePresented by MT Orr Esq. 37 Marlborough Park, Belfast
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9512034
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count646
TranscriptBelfast 15th March 1816
Messrs John Hill + Co.
Gent I enclose you a Bill of Lading from our
box of quills which I hope you will dispese [dispense?]
of at the best advantage all my Accnt [Accounts?] below you have
the invoice at price cost

7.300 2ds + 3ds @ 13/10 p # œ 5-01-4
1.000 flags @ 4/ p Do 04-0
2.200 pinious @ p Do 08-0
4.000 prime seabirds @ 28/ p 5-12-0
3.000 prime [wines?] @ 16/6 p 2-09-6
4.000 mixtures @ 10/ p 2-00-0
0.300 London made [---?] @ 5/5p 0-16-3
0.100 Do Do pine 6/6 p 06-6
11.000 flags @ 5/ p 11 2-15-0
3.000 [?] [] @ 10/p 1-10-0 œ21-2-7
35.900 1 box 0-6-9
[cordage?] 1-6
[-------?] [---?]
[Cadsbury?] [-------?] [---?] 7-3
Duty on shiping [shipping?]
and other charges 9-9 1-5-3
C [Derryce?]
I request you will make sales if you can do it from 20
to 50 p cent right after Duty and all wages are
included but I alow [allow?] you to hold over if you
cannot obtain 20 until I hear from you or write you on
the subject I send a few hundred of Pens only for a
sample to see how the [they?] do in N York. I sold
last sumer [summer?] in Philad. [Philadelphia?] at 100
p cent profit all charges included but not by Invoice
but I consider that they are much reduced in price
since that time however you may write [at?] David Hogan
249 Marthas Street, Philadelphia Informing him that you
have recd [received?] a quantity of quills Stating to him who
[paid?] and the Quantity & Quality Reguesting him to
write what price he could afford for them as they are Equaly
[equally?] as good as those I had last year which I sold
to him whole sale I supose [suppose?] Mr Wait
could buy them all from you or Some other of the
Stationars [stationers?]
I have the pleasure to inform you of my safe
arrival here after a [January?] passage of 29 days the
[wind?] continued fair all the way but one day
and we made land in 23 days I have likewise the
Hapiness [happiness?] of letting you know that by the blessing of
God I have prospered in all I have put my hand to in
the way of trade
I had a letter via Dublin from [Samuel?] [Hill?] in
N York up to 18th [Jan?] at which time he intended
to sail for Dublin but have been waiting on a Letter
these 15 days from him in Dublin but no [----?] of him yet
the next [boat?] has arrived here on the 13th [----?]
bring a letter from you to A. Hill which gives an
Acct [account?] of land [----?] being shipped Eliza for Dublin
prior to that time on 27th July and I am in some
fears about his safety
I expect to ship for Quebec in 3 weeks time as I
have 30 puncheons of whiskey which I intend for that
market if providence permits me to go there and its likely I
may come by New York, when of that place I expect to
write you again making out another invoice a little
[higher?] if you think it [necessary?] to show it as some
of the Goods are sold by invoice
I am your [&c &c?]
Charles Wilson
N B the most of the
high priced [Pencils?] are
marked on the outside
these may bring
the prices I sold at last [sumer?] summer
prime [seeds?] $16 p 1.000 prime seeds $12 or 10 p
thirds 10 p thirds 7 or 6 p
mixtures 6 p mixture 5 or 4 p
flags @ 3« p [flags?] 3 or 2 p
pinious 3 or 2 p

Dated 16th M [March]
1816 Your very Humble
Se [Servant?] C.W.