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Title: Letter from James Brown, ,USA, to James Stavely, Ballymoney.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBrown, James (1)/118
SenderBrown, James (1)
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAugusta, Georgia, USA
DestinationBallymoney, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientStavely, James
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD1835/27/1/3. Presented by Greer Hamilton and Gailey, Solicitors, High Street, Ballymoney, County Antrim.
ArchiveD1835/27/1/3. Presented by Greer Hamilton and Gailey, Solicitors, High Street, Ballymoney, County An
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TranscriptLetter from James Brown,

to James Stavely,
County Antrim.
December 29, 1838.

Augusta 29th December 1838

Dear James,
Yours of the 24th September I received by John Bones,
I am perfectly satisfied there was no intention on your part, but
it does seem strange to me that we did not understand each other
better, I thought I had given you to understand that I might not
have time to call at Mr. McConkeys country residence (this was
the case) and understood you to say that you would either send
the letter of introduction to Randlestown [Randelstown?] or have
it left in Belfast so that I would get it there, not getting it
was no disappointment to
me as I got one from Mr. Kirkpatrick which answered every purpose
although I am certain you have been very much annoyed about the
matter. It was John Brown that made the mistake in writing to me
on receipt of Mr. Kirkpatricks letter respecting the sailing of
the vessels, he somehow imagined it was from Mr. Crowder
[Crowden?]. I was very fortunate in getting a good strong vessel
and although I thought the passage a long one it was shorter than
any of the other vessels made at that time, ours was 38 days, we
had a number of very severe gales one of them continued for three
days, I felt squemish for the first fortnight, I am not aware that
I lost any thing by being solate of getting to St. Johns and
although I did not suceed so well and expected yet I am very well
satisfied that I went and I am sure John [----?] has reason to be
equally so. I sold all the clothing, 10 and a half dozen hats out
of 29 dozen 15 pieces Linen out of 20 and 3 pieces of Jaiveling
[?],the shirting and bird-eye diaper [?] I bought here. The only
additonal expence I was at was my boarding for 3 weeks at St.
Johns which cost 5 Dollars per week.I put my goods into the hands
of John Kerr and Co. [Company?] their commision for selling and
insuring debts is 5 per cent goods are sold at 3,4,6 and 8 months
credit, when not invoiced too high they sell at 50 per cent upon
the starting cost which leaves about 15 per cent of profit, some
of mine were too dear, some not properly made and others that did
not suit the market so that I did not realize so much. Clothing
made for St. Johns market should be Nos. [numbers?] 4,5, and 6
very few of No. [number?] 4 which is about my size, your coats
and ours were mostly short size which I found a loss in selling
them. You would be surprised to see how neat and cheap clothing
is sent from London there, as well made as ours, but tailors could
do them, and I am sure as cheap if not cheaper made than you can
get them done. St. Johns is a very brisk place and were it not for
these long credits would be a pleasant place to do business, though
banks are very cautious at present in discounting and will not
[------torn?] anything that has longer to run than three months.
I found no difficulty in getting from St. Johns to New York and
from New York to Charlestone. I expected to have met John and Mary
there, I was however disappointed, I left on Monday and they did
not arrive until the following Thursday, I was a week in New York
but it rained and snowed three days of the that time so as to
prevent me from walking about to see the place, it snowed three
days previous to my leaving St. Johns on the 29th October, during
my stay there was a good deal of rain and some days very cold but
altogether it was fairer weather than you generally have in
Ireland at the same season. John and Mary had a rough passage of
32 days, William suffered very much from the dullness he had grown
very much since he came here he is at work in Johns Store, we all
spent our Christmas at the old gentlemans, William enjoys shooting
the squirrels very much and I am sure would prefer it to attending
business. Mr. McConkey did every thing in his power for me at St.
Johns, I also found his young man Mr. Brady willing to do any thing
in his power for me, he recollects you my brothers [-----?]ning
will, I also met some old acquaintances from Straban [Strabane ?]
there which was of service to me, there are a great number of Irish

I am joined by John, Mary and William in love to you, Mrs. Stavely,
your Fathers family and also the Chiquerhals [?] family, wishing
you many happy returns of the season

I remain
your affectionate Cousin
James Brown
P.S. Please remember me to Hugh and Jane and please say to Hugh
that I will likely write him soon JB [James Brown]