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Title: Martha Wilson, Ontario, to her Brother, George Reid, Armagh.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWilson, Martha J/5
SenderWilson, Martha Jane
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarming household
Sender Religionunknown
OriginHope Township, Canada West (present-day Ontario)
DestinationCo. Armagh, N.Ireland
RecipientReid, George
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD3014/3/2/2: Deposited by H.F.W. Reid.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9502061
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1230
TranscriptMargaret Elizabeth
grow [grew?] up
very hand
some girls
there, her
mother is
very kind
she has
but 2. of
her own.
Perry Town, Hope, March 8/59

My Dear George
I am almost ashamed to sit down
to write to you now, but better late than never so I
may commence by saying that we are pretty well at
present, Joseph & the children have had a very severe
cold this winter, I have escaped as yet, I hope you
& yours (for I suppose by this time you have changed
your mind or rather object of living) are enjoying the
blessing of good health and spirits. I hope they are
all well at home too. We received your hasty note written
in Nov. stating that you were in Belfast, I hope that
you are contented & doing well in your new situation.
I hope also that you were not too hasty in your change
though I can hardly think so, when I think of the
remarks you made in your reply of your very kind
friends in Armagh you must know that it is a great
source of comfort to me when I hear that you are all
doing well, but how much more, when I hear of your
conduct been [being?] approved of men of Talent and ability.
I can only add, go on, and endeavour to induce others
to follow you, more especially your own Brothers I hope
Th[?] is doing well, let him not be an eye-servant [?] as
he fills a responsible situation, Mr Boyd generally
living in Belleen [?], Robert John & Joseph have only to behave
[?] themselves, the more faithful, the more profit.
With regard to those likenesses, I hope we will attend
to it this summer, so just exercise a little patience as we
are not yet decided on which we shall send, our two selves
or make a group of it, and have the two oldest children
taken too, but, prior to sending it we will let you know.
Times here are very dull everything in the shape
of [___valing?], rising?] and we hear that in some
places in the province that even want has appeared
Flour, our main production, and main support, is very
scarce and very high, serving [?] the failure of lost
harvest, for I can tell you that some, hardly reaped
the seed, much less from 10 to 50 Bushels to the acre
as in former years, Oats at present are a very scarce and
very dear article, Potatoes are 2" 6 for a Bushell.
Butter 1s/ eggs 10d. I think that excepting the Almighty
has ordered it otherwise many of the poor will feel
very hard up before the crop comes off the grounds.
But we must not despond but hope for the best.
We are having a very strange winter for Canada
with the exception of two cold spells we have had an
open soft winter with a great deal of rain we have very
little snow at present should the spring open now
without any heavy frosts we have the appearance
of a good wheat crop I mean of all wheat, I must stop
for my knowledge of those affairs begins to fail me
If it is a good year for wheat I hope we should reap in a good crop.
I suppose you will be sending this letter home so
I must put in a line or 2 for John Ireland, he
left here yesterday afternoon, he was here from the
day before, if you could only see the size of a man
he grows into, I made him laugh telling him I remember
when I could very easily have carried
2 like him and have whipped them if they had
provoked me. he has left Newtonville and gone 35
miles further away, he has bought a place to set up
his trade he gave 300 Dollars & could now get 600 for it.
David is in the west has bought 50 acres of land we
expect him down the coming summer, [Mangt?] is
still in Clarke, let his Father know that he is
waiting for a letter from him before he writes.
The last letter I had from Uncle Thomas Johnston
states that Uncle John Reid has come in from the U. States,
and bought 50 acres of land not far from
them, some time you might write to him, he would
be so glad to hear from you all, but you need not
look for an answer in a hurry, for he is one of
the most negligent creatures about writing that
ever existed, address Durham, Canada East. for
he must be somewhat lonely, seeing Aunt is dead
so let us help to cheer his old age for our Father's
sake if nothing more he is as warm hearted a man
as need be & so loyal to our Queen that no inducement
would tempt him to take the Oath of allegiance to the States.
It is bed-time and I am hard up for news Although by
tomorrow I would have lots come into my head.
From what you say I think Henry is doing pretty
well I think he will do well he was always so steady
even when a little boy, he used to think me so wild
the fact is if he seen me sometimes even now he would
doubt if I was much else yet, when things
go on well and promising, & Joseph and the
children well, I feel very lighthearted and
sometimes Joseph thinks the lightness reaches
my head. he is so sober & steady 6 years my junior
I hope Ballynick friends are all well What has
become of Thos [Thomas?] & his Dear. John Ireland laughed so
At Mangt's [?] description of him getting a wife.
Uncle John Carrol is treating us very careless, I wrote
last, and I am sure he has plenty of time, send my
respects to Grandmother Waddell it is surprising how
she weathers out the gale so long, I would like to
see her 25 years ago. I thought she was a very old
woman give my love to Mangt [?] and John too. I am
prevailing on Joseph to write so that the next Time, if
of course you will see it, if you should be going
over to Liverpool at any time, make your way to
the Albert Dining or Coffee Rooms 32 Elliots
Lime St. kept by Joseph's Uncle, Eli Spencer.
You may as well throw them the penny & keep it in the family.

I must
we will
meet yet
me it
would be
a joyful
I am
Dear George
as ever
send a
when you
receive &
I am
so excuse
all specious
I have
else to
I have
no girl
now I
let her
go in
Dec after
her 6
looked hard
& we
have no
cannot say I
have not
sent you
I will
say nothing
of the
have it
as it
the last
I heard
J. Boland
he was
well &
doing &
what I
best respects
on this
dirty sheet
of paper.