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Title: John Brown, Georgia, USA to James [Stavely?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBrown, John/7
SenderBrown, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAugusta, Georgia, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
Recipientprob. James Stavely
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipcousins? Friends?
SourceD1835/27/1/6: Presented by Greer Hamilton and Gailey, Solicitors, High Street, Ballymoney, County Antrim.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9310597
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogAction By Date Document added by C McK., 20:10:199
Word Count433
TranscriptLetter from John Brown,
Georgia, USA,
to an unknown addressee named James [perhaps James Stavely,
County Antrim?].
February 3, 1860.

Augusta Georgia
February 3rd 1860
My Dear James
In my last letter I think I mentioned that for
many months I had a plan of writing to you on a particular subject,
and though my present communication must be very brief it will on
the whole I hope be satisfactory.
In the month of July 1857 my name was put into the firm of
Bones Brown and Co., as I had no capital my share is of
course small in fact I look on it as merely a small increase of
salary under another name, but our writen agreement permits me to
draw three hundred Dollars per annum over my former expenditure,
out of this I have wheedled the first year by the Bank Suspensions,
and this is my second haul of the aforesaid amount and I herewith
enclose a draft for 61 pounds,,7,,3- having put you number two on
my list will show that I am disposed to do right and correct the
errors of the past in so far as God shall enable me, but I have
many claimants and it may be long ere it again comes your turn.
Though I never mentioned it to any body in Ireland it must
somehow have leaked out that I was "a wholesale merchant" as I had
no less than four letters written a year reminding me of my old
engagements and old promises.
On the Sabbath after I last wrote you I was suddenly called to
brother Williams who was very sick, the Doctor said his liver was
not acting right and that a flow of blood to the head was the
consequence, he was greatly reduced in strength, and nothing would
stay in his stomach, but he is now quite well again.
Our circle here continues in the enjoyment of their normal
health, a Negro man who has been all his life in the family
was buried today he was I suppose about forty years old, he
has been delicate for nearly two years, but he had all the
comfort which good nursing and good doctors could procure.
Give my affectionate regards to my S. [?], a kiss to
"little Annie" and what the niggers call a "howdie" to the
younger ones and believe me Dear James
Most sincerely yours
John Brown


I had a newspaper today from your brother Alexander, I have
not looked at it yet
February 10, 0wing to a scarcity of exchange last week a good
bill could not be procured except at a note which would have
been about 25/- [shillings?] against you. I have nothing new
to add, all well, weather pleasant, humours good, yours
John B [Brown?]