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Title: Kate Brown, Canada, to her Aunt Catherine Kirkpatrick, Co Antrim
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBrown, Kate/23
SenderBrown, Kate
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPeterboro, Ontario, Canada
DestinationCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientKirkpatrick, Catherine
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD1604/270: Presented by Rev. Robert Kirkpatrick, Larne, County Antrim
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9407001
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptLetter from Kate Brown, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada to Catherine
Kirkpatrick, Cullybackey, Co Antrim

Kate Brown
17 Nov 1874
(to Mother)

Mrs Kirkpatrick
Craigs Co Antrim
Belfast Ireland

November 17th 74 [1874?]

My dear Aunt Kate
It is a long long time
since I have written to you &
still longer since I have had a
letter from you, I am sure
you would not miss mine, when
you get from so many others,
dear old Nelly never misses her stated
day then [Nan?] & Bee come in,
so that there is very little left for
me to write about
I so like to hear about your
little children & how I would like
to see them, I would very much
like to have a Photo of them if
you have one to spare, but
I would like still more to have
one of your dear self & my uncle
I have not one of any of you &
I would like to have you all
so please dear Aunt if it is not
asking too much would you send
me what you can
We have had a most delightful
Autumn, some splendid Indian
summer weather, for years we have
not had it so genuine, & now the
middle of November & we can
enjoy this evening without a fire
altho [although?] a few days ago it was cold
enough to keep three stoves soaring.
I think for want of something
better to write about I shall tell
you about ourselves, just now
this evening it is half past seven
tea over & our baby Ethel in bed,
I am sitting at the side of the dining
table which is a pritty [pretty?] long one
for our family of nine, Robert
is at one and writing some business
letters, Fanny my eldest at 17 years
of age is beside me writing to a young
friend I think you would like
[Fan?, Fran?] very much, she is a sensible
steady girl very fond of housekeeping
and very clever at it too she is not
pretty but very pleasing & a very great help
to me - Jessie the second is lying on
the sofa she will be fifteen next month
she is very tall five feet seven inches, but
not strong, however I am thankfull she
is getting stronger, she is not pretty
either but has very nice eyes, & such
a sunny expression, she is clever at
her needle & very fond of it & also a
great help to me - then Herbert the
oldest boy is sitting opposite to me
learning his lessons - as also is Cecil
& Percy is printing letters, these three
are all handsome, and it is no harm
for me to say it as I didn't form
their features - He is thirteen, Cecil
eleven & the wee man 5 & 1/2, Helen
comes between the two last she is
the sunbeam of the house, at present
spending a few days with some of
her little cousins, she is very pretty
& a very sweet child & most unselfish
she is ready to run for us all, & last
is Ethel just twenty months old, every
one says she is the darling of the
flock - I hope we may not spoil her,
I shall send you a Photo
of her as I intend having her taking
if all is well, soon,
I have given you a history
of my flock of seven & don't they
keep me busy, I have always made
my children call us Father & Mother
as I don't like the way they say
Paw & Maw here - so baby says
wa wa for father it is so pretty
to hear her talking
I walked down to the Cemetry [cemetery?]
one day last week to take a look
at that one spot that has such
feeling of home about it - all
so late in the season the grass
was very green & fresh & it all looks
nice & quiet & peaceful -
If all is well I am going up to
Goodwood next week for a day or
two - poor wee Bee I am sure she
is often very lonely we are so far
from her, but her boys & girls
are so good & such a comfort
to her she hardly misses us - I do
so like to go up there & yet it is
very very different to what it used to
be - It is getting late my children
are waiting for reading so I must
bid you Goodnight - my dear Aunt
Please give my Uncle & cousins my
love & a great deal for yourself
from your affect [affectionate?] niece
Kate Brown