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Title: Thomas J Wright, Wyoming to "My [de----?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWright, Thomas T/20
SenderWright, Thomas T.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbusinessman
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSpringfield, Wyoming, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientCampbell Allen, William J.
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipbusiness, friends
SourceD/1558/1/1/399: The Papers of WJC Allen Deposited by the late FDC Allen, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9906041
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TranscriptT J Wright - 10 Dec. 1869

Springfield, Wo [Wyoming?]10th Dec 1869

My de[----?]
I received a letter from you in
1864 in reply to one I sent you enclosing letters
from our Mutual [Glen---?] Mr Robert Robert [sic]
Campbell. Since when I have not heard from you,
Mrs Robert Campbell has left the earth life She
died a few months ago in Athens, Ga [Georgia?]
while on her way to Augusta from her Summer
home in Upper Georgia. She was a lovely
Christian spirit full of tenderness and Love
Mr Campbell has lost his Eye Sight a terrible
affliction to one of his tastes which were
of so [---ht?] an [-------?] He loves books
and reading. Mr John [Bones?] is yet living but
quite feeble he cannot live much longer.
Harper C Bryson is still engaged in business,
he made quite a nice little fortune
during the war, Mr Nichol is also in Augusta
Mrs Samuel Clarke My Wifes Mother died
in 1863. She was a warm friend of yours
I have often heard her speak of you. I have
in my library a book which you gave her,
during your visit to America.
The South is rapidly recovering
from the effects of the late war, Business
is recovering Money is more plenty there than at any
time Since 1860. The Southern people are much more
disposed to work than ever before.
My home is in Atlanta Ga [Georgia?]
I am here to take advantage of and purchase
City property in Springfield, Wo [Wyoming?], Before
the Various Rail Roads now building to
this point now reach it, When they reach here
property will rise very rapidly in value.
Springfield is the starting point of the
great Pacific Southern line of R Road [railroad?]
the Atlantic and Pacific R.R, [Railroad?] The South
Pacifc Rail Road now building from
St Louis will reach here in April next to join the
Atlantic and Pacific now being
rapidly built on to California. The present
Union Pacific Rail Road now finished by the
Northern route is dangerous to travel over
during the winter months, owing to the large
Snow drifts in the [c-----s?] [canyons?] of
the Rocky Mountains This route is free from
Snow and almost everywhere of the route through
which this road passes is fertile and rich land, This
City will be larger than Omaha in Nebraska
When the Rail Roads center here now building
Springfield will [link out?] the R Road [railroad?]
travel to the Pacific, I came here to invest
a few surplus thousand dollars not needed
in My business, and also make some purchases
for some of my Georgia friends. I will
return here again in May to sell one half
of lots purchased which we know will bring
sufficient to pay for total purchases when
the South Pacific road reaches here. With
that road running to this point comes a
large influx of population who need and purchase
resident property. [Paid on?] my possible
Long and tedious information to you
about this section of Country. Should however
any of your friends [decide?] to emigrate
to America bequest them to look at this lovely
portion of it before Settlng down, They
can make more money by purchasing and
holding desirable real estate than in any
business I know of her [here?] The Emigration is so
large to South Wo [Wyoming?] that real estate always
finds ready purchasers. Should any of
your friends require information about
this country give them a letter to me and I
will take pleasure in giving them any information
in my power. My Mothers maiden name was
Harbinson Anna Bella a daughter of the late John
Harbinson of Antrim She is residing with my Sister
Mrs Small of Chicago. Can you give me any
information of my Aunt Mrs Anderson formerly
Harriet Harbinson of Antrim When last we heard
from her she was residing in Antrim. We have
not heard from her for several years. I would thank
you to inform me if you know of her whereabouts, Please
write me care of my friends Mess [Messrs?] Lees & Waller
Bank of California New York I will spend the
month of Jany [January?] in New York on business before
going home to Georgia where I would like to hear from you.
My wife is just recovering from a very severe illness.
We have two children both girls. Mrs Wright would appreciate
a picture of you My dear sir her Mothers esteemed friend
Wont you favor her with one. Pardon my hasty scrawl. Hoping
to hear from you when I reach New York I am [----?] your
Thomas J Wright

I enclose you a South Pacific Rail Road map which may interest
you Should any of your friends wish to do business with a
responsible and wealthy New York Banking House I would thank
you to name my friends Mess [Messrs?] Lees & Waller, they are
the New York agents of the Bank of California large stock owners
in the Bank and responsible and wealthy