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Title: Samuel Laird, Philadelphia, to his Mother [Ireland?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelaird, samuel/13
SenderLaird, Samuel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipwrites to his family
SourceT 3683: Deposited by Rev.and Mrs. M. Crooks. #TYPE EMG Samuel Laird, Southwark Grain Distillery, Philadelphia, 4 May, 1850, to His Mother.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9002009
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count677
TranscriptPhila [Philadelphia?] May the 4th 1850

Respected Mother with Brothers and sisters I would think this
an opportunity fitting to inform you that I am safely arrived in
Philla [philadelphia?] after a passage of 28 days there was nothing
transpired worth noticing on the passage only one great blessing that
we all enjoyed good health. We bless the giver of all good and perfect
gifts and i [I?] can assure you that it is the wish of us all that this
will find you all enjoying the same blessing when we got to the wharf
we made inquiry for the place where Robt [Robert?] Barnett lived which
we found without anny [any?] difficulty and we remain there as yet,
and i [I?] am happy to inform you that I have been engaged with a
gentleman to Drive his Carriage and I have 10 [$?] for the first month
12 dollars the seccond [second?] month and 14 afterwards allso [also?]
that Elisa is engaged and is to live in the house with Martha Barnett
she has 5 1/2 dollars per month and we are happy and well. I have seen
all my friends [friends?] in general and i [I?] can assure you there
seems to be nothing the matter with any of them i [I?] will not
attempt to introduce you to them all personaly [personally?] for it
would occupy time too much to read their names over But I hope you
will excuse me if i [I?] make one exception to my statement that will
be to name Marget Horner I would inform uncle and aunt Rebecca that
she is well and waits with patience the arrival of her sister Rachel
and she is anxiously awaiting for a letter from her I would also
inform you that the ships Provincialist and Superiour is arived
[arrived?] but the creole was first in the race the [G?]ilfilland
family is all safely [arrived?] with their freinds [friends?] as so is
Thomas McCorkell he is in R Barnets as I am not long enough in this country
to form any notion of what it is i [I?] cannot say anything about
untill [until?] another opportunity offers to write to you but
although i [I?] am in a strange land i [I?] am not among strange people i
[I?] have had friends [friends?] enough My respects to my Broth [Brother?]
Walter wife and familey [family?] Brother John wife and famley
[family?] allso [also?] to Brother James and sister Sarah and let me
know if she is fairly restored to her former health and my respects to
cousin John Burnside wife and familey [family?] and particularly to Mr
Porters familey [family?] let me know if they are well you will
remember to sister Rebeca and familey [family?] allso [also?] to
sister Mary and familey [family?] and aunt Rachel likewise to cousin
William Murray wife and familey [family?] Andrew Young and Brother
Josep [Joseph?] is booth [both?] well, you will please let Mr
Patterson know that I hae [have?] not seen his son but I am informed
he is well he is working at boating we all Samuel Nancy and Elisa sends our warmest respects to Ann
Tait and to Mr and Mrs Aiken an [and?] familey [family?] we are all well we
will unite very soon but as we do not know anything of this city at
this time we Cannot say annything [anything?] about it but as soon as
we find out anny [any?] news worth communicating we will write to you
if there is anny [any?] chance you will please send word to
newtownlimavady that we are well and they may look for a letter about
a week from this time John Barnet acknowledges the receipt of what you
sent him but he wrote to you twice but got not return he will write
about a week I will write no more at this time only to assure you that
you all have our warm respects and I remain your own affectonate son
with daughter and sister to death
when you write you will please adress [address?]
to the Southwark Grain Distillery
Philladelphia [Philadelphia?] for Saml [Samuel?] Laird