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Title: Samuel & James Laird, Philadelphia To Mother [Ireland?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelaird, samuel/17
SenderLaird, Samuel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipwrites to his family
SourceT3683: Deposited by Rev. and Mrs. M. Crooks. #TYPE EMG Samuel and James Laird, Philadelphia, 13 June, 1852, to their Mother.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9002003
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Doc. TypeEMG
Log14:02:1990 NH created 23:07:1991 GC input 15:08:19
Word Count974
TranscriptPhiladelphia June the 13th 1852

My Dear Mother and sisters and brothers I now take up my pen for the
first time to adres [address?] you with thes [these?] few lins [lines?]
to let you now [know?] that we ar [are?] all well at present thanks be to
god for his kind mercies to us hoping that thes [these?] few lines will
find you all in the same as it leavs [leaves?] us now at the present.
Dear Mother we had aplesent [a pleasant?] passage with the exepshion
[exception?] of too [two?] or three days we wer [were?] five weeks and 3
days from [quay?] to [-play?] and we arrived all in good helth [health?]
and Continuays [continues?] the [dark?] in thank god for it Dear sister we wer [were?] glad to hear that your helth [health?] in [is?] continuing
beter [better?] and I send the sum of 2 pound 10 shillings as it all i
[I?] Am abel [able?] to send at present Dear sister if you entend
[intend?] of coming out this season try and come Along with som [some?]
aquaintance [acquaintance?] as I think that Marget and Rachel will not be
sending for Rebecca until next spring And if you entend [intend?] of coming
out now rite [write?] soon and let us now [know?] Dear sister wee [we?] will be very glad to see you hear [here?] if you think your helth [health?] is strong anoug [enough?] to com [come?] wee [we?] think that you will do
very well hear [here?] it is a very fin [fine?] place for girls but I ned
[need?] not say any thing more about this now but if you com [come?] out
now bring all your Clowths [clothes?] with you you need not be bing
[bringing?] any Boots as the [they?] will not be much use when you com
[come?] hear [here?] for [Sea stores?] bring sum potetas [potatoes?] and
sum [some?] oat meal and sum [some?] coffee as you will not care much for
tea you need not by [buy?] any biscut [biscuit?] for yo [you?] will get as
many in the ship as you can get your passage in the second cabin I would
[advise?] you to take it but if not try and get asingel [a single?] birth
[berth?] And geet [get?] all your goods put under it and you will have no
truble [trouble?] Dear sister I send the two pounds to you and the ten
shillings to mother an [and?] Rebecca Dear sister I need not say anything
abot [about?] this at present Dear sister youl [you'll?] inform unke [uncle?]
And Aunt [Horner?] that [genan?] arrived in good helth [health?] After a
passage of six weeks and is in good helth [health?] Margret and Rachel is
well the [they?] dont [don't?] entend [intend?] of riting [writing?] for
som [some?] time and you ned [need?] not be uneasy for the [they?] ar [are?] all hapy [happy?] and well thanks be to god for his kind mercies to us Dear sister being a black vail [veil?] with you for the [they?] ar [are?] greatly worn hear [here?] and my dear Margret wants hir [her?] Mother to send hirs [hers?] Evan [even?] Nancy sais [says?] if sister Saly [Sally?] brings hir [her?] wan [one?] She will pay hir [her?] when she comes hear [here?] Dear Sister if you can send word to William Mullin's father now that William and Eliza is well William entends [intends?] of riting [writing?] Soon Dear Moth [Mother?] youl [you'll?] think by this time that I have forgotten you but thats [that's?] not the case Dear brother youl [you'll?] pleas [please?] excuse me for not riting [writing?] to you sooner but I was always waiting for brother James to rite [write?] Dear brother [genan?] informs me that you have A notion of sending ought [out?] Goney to this Country I think that John would do very well hear [here?] to put him to a traid [trade?] or otherways [otherwise?] he could be got intow [into?] a store for to done errends [errands?] ther [there?] is a great deal of stors [stores?] want the like of him Dear brother I wont [won't?] say any thing more abought [about?] this now I hope that John Wilson is dowing [doing?] very well and is a good boy and let him now [know?] that his unkle [uncle?] is much oblege [obliged?] to him for his present and I will remember him yet Dear brother I wont [won't?] say any thing more at present Dear Moth [Mother?] I return you my most sincere thanks for your present to me altho [although?] we had plenty I was very glad to get half one of John Willey James and William lost all thers [their's?] it was stoll [stolen?] from them Dear Mother and sister brother Samuel and Nancy and Elisa [Eliza?] joins in sending ther [their?] love to you all in the kindest manner giv [give?] my love Mr Porter and famely [family?] in the kindest manner and let me not [know?] how Mr James helth [health?] is giv [give?] my love to unkel [uncle?] horner and famely [family?] give love to John [being?] and famely [family?] also William Mury [Murray?] and famely, [family?] also Aunt Rachell [Rachel?] James wishes to be remembert [remembered?] to the Docter [Doctor?] and James McFarland the baker let William Campbell now [know?] that his gerls [girls?]
is well. Robert Kinkade and Nancy and Joseph is well Alex Willey Samuel Bell is well Martha Dunlap is well Joseph Walles is well the Craigs is well the McCarkell is all well youl [you'll?] pleas [please?] let Mary Shannon now [know?] that hir [her?] brothers and sisters is well. Dear Mother I have nothing more to say at present But Wee [we?] Remain Your faithful Suns
[sons?] to
Deth [Death?] Samuel And
James Baird excuse
the riten [writing?]