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Title: Charles Lewis, Co. Down to Davison McDowell, South Carolina.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelewis, charles/134
SenderLewis, Charles
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKilkeel, Co. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationS. Carolina, USA
RecipientMcDowell, Davison
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2305/14: Presented by South Carolina Library, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, USA.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9404140
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28 Febr. [February?] 1817
For Mr Davidson McDowel [McDowell?]
George-Town [Georgetown?]
South Carolina
For Captn [Captain?]
Forsythe - Brig
Leda of Newry

Kilkeel Sept 30th 1815
My Dr [Dear?] Friend
Your esteemed fav. [favour?] came duly to hand and should
have been acknowledged by me at the time but for the unhappy differences
between our Governments which prevented our communication thank God that
barrier has been some time removed and that we may never again see our
countries engaged in a War destructive alike to each is my most sincere
You will naturally expect to hear a great deal of News from me & in
that I fear you will be disappointed however I will endeavour to mention
what I think has occurred here since you left this that might interest you.
To begin then with your friends at [Duimondoney?] Mrs Dunbar has been
some time Dead say 3 or 4 Months Your friend Jack has resided latterly at
Cranfield I saw him at Meeting last Sunday but one & I never saw him look
better - poor Willm. [William?] Thompson is at present dangerously Ill of
a Fever which he got while assisting his father to collect the Taxes of his
district he has been home these two weeks and the accounts of this day
scarcely pronounce him out of danger but I trust he will recover, as people
are sometimes given up in Fevers without Cause the rest of the family are
well I dont see Miss Thompson often but believe her to be the same good
natured Girl you [left?] her - I have now to mention the Death of my
Grand Mother [Grandmother?] (Mrs Moore Cranfield) which happened about a year
& half since, Mr Francis Moore Shannon Grove [Snannongrove?] died shortly
after & My Uncle Mr Moore (Park) on Augt 1814 He lived to see his son, John
who returned to this Country about two Months before his Fathers death He came
home in a bad state of health but is now recovered - the rest of that family
are well as is that of Mrs Moore Shannon Grove [Shannongrove?]. I saw your
friend Mr Thompson of Cranfield yesterday he is just the old thing in his
manner but quite altered for the better in his appearance - his son John is
Living at present in Newry conducting the Business of a Brewery. Ross
had got a situation in the Excise & I believe the other Boys are at home.
You will I am sure, be sorry to hear of the Death of Sarah McNeilly
she was Married to Mr Henry Kennedy of Dublin (who if you have not heard
of is brother to him who was married to her eldest sister) and died there
last spring leaving an infant too young to feel its loss, the Child
(a girl) is at [?] in [Mourne?] there has not any [other alterations?]
taken place in that family.
Next death I have to mention of your acquaintance is Mr George Atkinson
which happened last Winter & the Widow [Twible?] having sent her son to
School lives quite alone no not quite for Mary Jane Moore has gone to
reside with her We used to be laughing about her now would be the time
for a Man to make a push for a fine Woman & a good property - The Rector
has also to deplore the loss of his Wife who died about a year & half ago -
His brother the Captain has got his Daughter Married to a Mr Hutchinson a
cousin of her own about a year since, I will now close the list of Deaths
& Marriages by that of John Walmsley's of Ballykeel who got spliced in
March last to Margt [Margaret?] Walmsley Niece to Mr McKnight who you know
was quite a Girl when you were here. I have now I believe mentioned most
of your acquaintances besides our own family which is pretty much the same
as when we had the pleasure of seeing you here My sister Mary had a severe
illness about a year ago which has kept her delicate most of the time since
but she is now thank God recovered & nearly in her former health. My
Mother & Father enjoy Good health which is one of the Greatest blessings
a kind providence can bestow us here -
Besides the deaths I have mentioned there is little alteration in
[Mourne?]. We are Building a New Church in Kilkeel the Situation is as
you come into town left hand side from Newry - However unpleasant it is
to be remembered of our Misfortunes I cannot help saying I hope you are
reconciled to the loss of her whom you mention to have found Married on
your return to America perhaps it was best it happened to you bid me not
hurt the Girls I want to find one who will trust me, I am writing as to a
Batchelor [Bachelor?] 'tho [although?] perhaps you have long ere this bid
Adieu to that title & are now styled by the more endering [endearing?] Names
of Husband Father &c - if so may you be as happy as that state can make you
and assure your better half she has a friend in Ireland.
I was at Rathfryland [Rathfriland?] a short time since & saw your
friend Mrs Bankhead she has had very bad health since you were here but
is pretty well at present - I believe it was since your leaving this
Mr Barber Died Mrs Barber Miss Barber & Mrs B live together in the same
place. I have now little enough room to say I hope & expect you will
write me soon as nothing would give me more pleasure than to keep up a
correspondence with you, ask what you wish to know about this Country & if
there is any thing I could do here to serve you I beg you may not hesitate
to mention it say do you intend again to visit this Country soon - I send
this By Brig Leda of Newry Bound for New York she sails the day after
tomorrow should any change take place in Mr Thompsons disease before I
send this I will mention it in a postcript [postscript?] hoping to hear from
you on rect [receipt?] of this I remain in the Interim with best wishes to
yourself & friends in which I am Joined by all this family My Dr [Dear?]
McDowell your
sincere friend
Chas. [Charles?] Lewis

Oct 2nd half past Six A.M. I open this to insert the Melancholy
News that poor Mr Thompson is no more he died last Night at Nine O'Clock
the Fever I believe terminating in a Mortification His Family are in great
distress -

In mentioning the Marriage of Peggy Walinsby I forgot to Mention that
her Cousins the Miss McKnights are all well as is the older part of the
family Chas [Charles?] Lewis
13 Sept 1815