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Title: Charles Lewis, Co Down, to Davidson McDowell, South Carolina.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelewis, charles/136
SenderLewis, Charles
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKilkeel, Co. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationS. Carolina, USA
RecipientMcDowell, Davison
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2030: Copied by Permission of South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina, Columbia, S. Carolina. Charles Lewis, Kilkeel, Co Down, to Davidson McDowell, Georgetown, South Carolina, U.S.A., About the Prospects for Intending Emigrants to Ameri
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8809093
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TranscriptKilkeel May 29th 1816
Dr Davis
Your esteemed Fav. [Favour?] of 23rd March came to hand a few days since
I am glad to find by it you are well together with your Mother and sister to
whom (although I have not the pleasure of being personally acquainted) I beg
you will tender my best wishes and esteem You say you have nothing to write
about unless yourself and yet the only thing you say on the subject is that
only for the society of your family you would fancy yourself a Tea-pot or
Clock. I never thought you fond of a solitary life do tell me in your next
what your amusements and how you were employed during the war as we hear of
all being soldiers what office did you fill and how are you rewarded in peace
for your service but dont I beg it of you be comparing your Farmer Jackson to
our Irish Military Hero Nor your fresh Water sailors to the Conquers
[Conquerors?] of the seas no more on that subject. Have you a good society
in George Town or what other inducement beside that of being near your much
esteemed self could you offer to a Batchelor who might yet be among the
emigrants from Ireland. How far are you from Charles Town. My brother Geo
[George?] was very near going there last Summer from Glasgow and perhaps it
may yet come about he is and has been for some time doing business in the
Newry Bank. Myself and the rest of the family are going on much as when you
were here Trade never was in my Memory so dull as at present Failures among
our Merchants so common that hardly any are thought secure I have not thank
God to detail to you at present any deaths among your acquaintances here
since I last wrote and the only Marriage is that of John Moore (Park) who
took unto himself a Wife about Nov. [November?] last she was a Miss Grier
from the County Antrim daughter of a Clergyman he has left his Mother &
Sisters and fitted up the House at Derryoge where he resides and is a very
pleasant distance from Town for good Neighbourhood. There are a great
ma------------- of Weddings etc here but as in general you know there is so
much in start of that kind that they must not cross the Atlantic. I
need not say much about your friends at Drummonsdong as you will hear from
themselves. I understand Mrs Thompson is still in distress about poor
William. Mr T [Thompson?] has been a good deal at home latterly and is I
think falling off in his looks as to strength since you saw him Your
acquaintances here are all glad to hear of your welfare and anxiously
enquire if you mention having any thoughts of again visiting this Country
perhaps it is destined you are to meet that compassionate female you are
in quest of on this side of the Atlantic Our young people here are encreas-
ing [increasing?] and the country is a good deal gayer we have got a new Ball
Room built in Town and have had some pleasant Dances this spring Your dancing
acquanit-ance [acquaintance?] Mr Cleland was with us this winter and we had
some fine Meetings which past [passed?] some dreary nights. Poor Thos.
[Thomas?] Nicholson was near Killed some time ago by a fall from his horse at
Warrenpoint but has recovered Young Adderly Son to your friend the Doctr.
[Doctor?] Resides there as Surgeon a Dispensary and fortunately for our
friend Thos [Thomas?] the accident happened near his Door. I have not seen
your friend Mrs. Bankhead for some time she has a great deal of Bad health
since you saw her but has been pretty well for some time back I saw the Widow
Trible today she is in good health & spirits living all alone her son being
at school for some time and is I am told to remain there another year what a
Hook to hang a Hat on is here ----- I send this to New York by a Captain
Curran nephew to Mr Henry Curran Classdrummond he is master of the Ship
Samuel and is very pleasant decent fellow he has been a good deal among his
Mourne frinds while in port and he gave them a fine entertainment on Board
his ship I was one of the party we spent a very fine day in a social jovial
manner I have made a great many enquiries in this and yet I think I wd
[would?] like to hear more of America than I have even asked I hope you will
spend half an hour when ever you may have an opportunity of sending a letter
to any part of the United Kingdom and I will not fail to detail anything that
may occur here all this family desire to be particularly remembered to you &
join me in best wishes for your welfare & that of your family. Curran intends
to Sail tomorrow and as I hope to be at Warrenpoint previous to his departure
I will bid you a good Night at a quarter past twelve Expecting to hear from
you about the Linen you mention which is at present very cheap or any other
commission I remain with affectionate regard your sincere friend
Chas. [Charles?] Lewis