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Title: William Brown, Belfast to James Brown, Philadelphia.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBrown, William/153
SenderBrown, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationpainter & glazier
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBelfast, N.Ireland
DestinationPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
RecipientBrown, James
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 3688/F/13: Deposited by C. McLaughlin Esq.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9405183
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count802
TranscriptBelfast 16th July 1818
Dear James,
It is with much pleasure I now write
you, but indeed I cannot help committing what I now
feel at our being so far distant, when I began this I
could not help shedding a tear & that tear was for a
Brother, who was not only what I have said, but more like
a father among us, & sad would have been our [fate?] if it
had not been for you. I hope you are now arrived safe
which is the wish of all who knew you, likewise Hu [Hugh?] & Sam
Mr [Win?] got an opportunity with a Vessel passing them & sent word
they were well & was within a few days sail of America, I think
you would be surpris'd when you landed, to hear of Uncle Thomas
coming to see us, he just landed on the saturday after you
sailed, & went off in three weeks after, owing to a report of
Nancy Brown, given him by Aunt Stormont, concerning [Grace?] Hill,
& all concerning her, this, together with what happened on the passage
between the Captn [Captain?] & her, I think she has settled her acct [account?]
if the Captn [Captain?] do not marry her, but Uncle Thos [Thomas?] can tell
you all the particulars of her conduct & likewise how the Captn [Captain?]
wanted to overcome a woman pasenger, who came over here with them, but
he was not able to accomplish it, however it was trough [through?] her
Uncle Thos [Thomas?] learned about Nancy.
we had a long letter from her, in which she desired us to tell
the Captn [Captain?], her Mother was dead, but most fortunatly [fortunately?]
he found out she was in Town, before he mentioned her to us, & she was on
Board his vessel, & she says he is a deshent [decent?] man & she
will go see him in spite of us all, so James & her have
made a pretty mess of it, nothing material has happened
since you left us, I am glad to inform you we have had
plenty of work, & a good prospect of Trade doing well,
I have made a rough calculation, & what we have done,
together what is on hands (which will do us for nearly a month
yet) will amt [amount?] to better than £250 pounds & all to a few of our
best customers, we are at present doing Jas [James?] Stewarts house Outside
& Inside, stair case in Oil, the Old Bankers a/c [account?] came to £52
but as usual he has no money, we are to Begin to Miss Stevenson's
house in Donegall place on the 1st Augst which will be a good
job, as it is all to be done, I find the want of Spratt this
year, as it is with much difficulty I can get any Graining
done, having to Attend to 9 at work every day, I saw Wm [William?]
Tannihill once since, but he had heard of very bad sales
of linnen [linen?] & wishes much you would write him, Archd [Archibald?]
Thompson was with us yesterday & wishes much if you go to N. York [New York?]
you will call on his Brother, we were all at Mr Patterson's
on Sunday last, & spent a pleasant day as usual
John Young was with us.
Mr Patterson was telling us Mr Fleming has lost his situation
therefore he looses [loses?] a tennent [tenant?] (it was owing to money
matters) I have got Campbells house neatly fitted at a small expense
say, whitning [whitening?] & painting & flooring the Kitchen & shop with brick
& altering the front windows, but no tennent [tenant?] as yet offers.
the Ceres sails this day, & I had to rise at an early hour
to finish this, as I am painting C. Salmon's new house (all in
Oak) at Dundonald, perhaps you may not find this correct
as Usual, but I have now nearly finished as three sittings,
there is a vessel call'd the Horrison which is to sail shortly
& I write by her, [remember?] me to Stephen Morelan[torn]
and if you could spare time, you might let us know how
you got [over?], & Hu [Hugh?] & Sam, & how Hu [Hugh?] is likely to answer,
likewise what you think of our frinds [friends?] there, all are well
here as usual, Aunt Shaw & Jane were in Town last Saturday
but went home the same Night, Markets are much lower
than when you went away, whe [we?] had wet weather for 3 weeks,
but now it is as warm as when you were here, New potatoes
is at present plenty & for 8d pr [per?] stone, Meat 17d pr [per?]
cwt [hundredweight?].
I remain Dr [Dear?] James
Your Loving Brother
William Brown

[addressed to:]
Mr James Brown

Belfast 16 July 1818
Wm [William?] Brown