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Title: James MacNamara, Virginia, to Vere Foster.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemacnamara, james/21
SenderMacNamara, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmanual worker
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMechums River, Virginia, USA
Destinationprob. Belfast, N.Ireland
RecipientFoster, Vere
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT2111/10/A-E: The Vere Foster Exibition Manuscripts.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9510136
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count440
TranscriptMachums River, Albernarle
County, State of Virginia

I have received your welcome letter
....we are in good health and earning
considerable wages. The labouring class of
men where I am with farmers are from
12 to 15 dollars (50 to 63 shillings sterling)
per month and [found--?] works
one dollar (4/2) per day; board and
washing 10 dollars per month; but I have
heard of other places which tells of 1¬
dollars per day.
Mechanics of different trades Blacksmiths
wages are from 1¬ the 2 dollars per day;
stone masons the same; carpenters in like
manner; bricklayers from 1« to 2 «
dollars per day; stone cutters the same
Tailors wages for sewing of a suit of
clothes from 6 to 10 dollars. As for
journeymen I don't know how they are
I mean to tell you concerning the female
sex. Girls employed by farmers in
town or country generally have from 4 to
6 dollars per month and found; in
factories from 6 to 12 dollars per month,
and board themselves, that is 5 dollars.
Milliners I can't tell you anything about,
not much about dressmakers any more
than we pay ourselves from hhalf a dollar
to one dollar for making a shirt, working
shirts 25 cents. The wages of all classes
are generally paid in cash.
Price of land is from 10 to 15 dollars
per acre. About where I am near towns
and cities sell high, from 30 to 50 dollars
per acre. Further South or West
can buy it I am told very cheap.
The produce of crops in my neighbourhood
are low this year, the farmers says the
grain is good but it grew very thin.
Market prices is not very high. Flour
is from 3 to 3« dollars per barrel; Beef
6 cents per lb; mutton in like manner;
bacon from 10 to 12« cents per lb; sugar
is from 6 to 7 cents per lb; coffee from 10
to 12 cents p. lb; tea from 50 to 75 cents
per lb; butter from 12 to 16 cents
p. lb; eggs from 10 to 12 cents p. dozen.
Public works are in operation very
high all through this State, likewise
in Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky, North
and South Carolina in like manner
The prospects of emigrants are
rapidly increasing each day; that is as
much as I know about them at present.
I have sent home to my wife about six weeks
ago œ7-British which I wanted her to come out
to me..... James Macnamara

Vere Foster Esqr
N.B. A Dollar is equal to 4/2 Sterling;
being composed of 100 cents each of which
exactly equals a halfpenny. V.F.