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Title: George Mahood, Petersburg to Robert Love, Petersburg, Va.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemahood, george/49
SenderMahood, George
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant (Methodist?)
OriginPetersburg, Virginia, USA
DestinationBanbridge, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientLove, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2393/2/34: Presented by Messrs Heron & Dobson, Solicitors, Banbridge, Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9405172
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TranscriptMr R [Robert?] Love Petersburg Virginia June 20th 1823

My dear friend
You have long since, reached the Land of Your
fathers: the embrace of your friends: and the full enjoyment of Irish
hospitality_ and now I hope, under the paternal advice of the best of
Parents: you are fully content in your situation: your knowledge of [?]
and the world will, I trust be of infinite service to you. Experience has
taught you, how little may be seen & how scanty and superficial all
that's to be known: let me entreat you, therefore to make your fathers
house your home, untill [until?] you choose to provide a home for yourself;
or untill [until?] every one of your dear little sisters are provided for.
You [have?] ere [before?] this, entered into the sphere of a deputy husband;
or father: The obligations you owe to your affectionate mother, and loving
Sisters, are great and to you they may have to look; as the [redresser?] of
their grievances before many years roll round - let me therefore [press?]
you to this noble, this manly resolution I am sure it is one, which
heroic souls will approve. I will stand by them. I will be the redresser
of their wrongs. I will see Justice done, to my invaluable Mother and
my virtuous Sisters, and while I live; they shall never want a friend, to
ask where`s the dog dare bark at them.
You know, it would afford me unspeakable pleasure
indeed, to enjoy your company: for since you have left town, I have
lived as if a man had clung me here. But when I consider the
consequences of encouraging you to return: I would much rather live in
a convent: than to try & Rob your family of a principle member _
no - it would cost to [too?] much: such a thing however [grateful?] to me;
would open afresh the wounded hearts of your parents, and be like tearing
their heart strings out. What do you want? that you have not? Why you
have the balm of life. The enjoyment of Friends: Friends indeed:
Together with peace plenty, harmony & Love. Be thankful. Oh be thankful
and contented:
Jane Eliza Love, is a lively, volitile [volatile?], smart, active, little
creature very delicately formed. Tho [Though?] by no means weak. She has
several teeth, can speak a few words, and is full of notions, & very imitative:
She has a beautiful head of hair, and has not worn a cap unless at night, for
a length of time.
[Bill Fisher?] made a bold stroke for a wife (at last) in proposing marriage
[faded] dived for pearls and sunk in the mud: got a
[faded] to her parents objections to Bill as an unhealthy looking young man
[faded] miserable poor soul, you never saw in all your life; than
he [?] sometime afterwards. If I had not laughed, joked & scolded
him out of it: the consequences might of been serious.

Since which [Betsey?] went down to [Curry?] to see friends on a visit, and
got acquainted with a rawboned Virginian, of the name of Ellis. he counted
[?] and in [?] [l?] after, she returned to her fathers: he came two
three times, and all parties agreed: that they should be married: What is it
at a Small plantation, a few Knotty headed negroes; Stock House & farming
utensils wont accomplish.

[faded] extraordinary Revival of Religion, here last Summer
[faded] Petersburg I expect will soon be as famous for its Piety; as it was
its [?] contempt of sacred things. Thirty or forty Joined the
[faded] nearly 200 was added to the Methodist Church: and the papists
[faded] that got Religion among the methodists; from them by
[faded] as did you never feel the necessity of going into the

The new Presbyterian church is built but not completely finished

[Herbert ---more?] is married to Widow Couch, dont you think he was
most [faded] Son of the [?]. But as remarked above a fine house,
[parcel?] of [faded] heads, House and furniture complete a plantation Cash &c
[?] Strong [faded] to some men, I know this much I would sooner
[?] with [faded] in a dungron [dungeon?] than marry HER and live with HER.
Jacob [faded] & Nat [Fema?] of the house of Harris & [Fe--?] are dead
Thomas [Smith?] [faded] many others went off last Summer & Fall.

Benjamin [faded] of Clinton Georgia requested me in his last to Present
[his?] best Respects to you in my first letter.

Joanna Ellis says please Remember me to Mr Love
Jesse Ellis is dead.

Now Robert, dont you think its full time to begin & scold you.
One year has nearly elapsed, and it has been all SILENCE on your part
it would appear that you had remembered to forget me. What in the
world could induce you to do so - did I ever think you would behave
so towards me - did I not write last, when you were in Norfolk: and
did we not agree that whoever failed to write, all further communication
should be stopped, on & from the other party. If you ever
wrote to me I assure you I never Received it.
[illegible] you left this place [?] out
the old man with [torn]
Peters store: But I can [torn] indeed be as he
said a "Curosity" [Curiosity?] to [torn] of Reasonable
explanation of the [torn] [-ould?] be as difficult
as to try to explain the [torn] mathematical
demonstration. One the [torn] be a good boy
write me soon, let me [torn] long [?]
have writen to you: [torn] [?] [?] [?]
Remember her to you: [torn] [?] [?]
Jane's name is a [torn] [?]
As to myself, I have [torn] away, [Several?]
times a little more [would?] [torn] & then alas [poor?]
George would have [torn] l am thankful [?]
Still alive. Buisness [Business?] [torn] there first [?]
States: are [crumb---?] [torn] about banking
institutions N.C [torn] [?] 8 p cent [per cent?]
complaints on all [torn] [how?] to make
laws to suit the whole State which the [?] [?] [one part?]
may be oppressed with a heavy discount whereas they may be [?]
grievance at all to the other part - besides many other things
The militia men are all to have guns and side arms, for which they [must?]
give their notes to the Commander of the Regt [Regiment?] to be forthcoming if
the gun should be stolen or lost: But out of a whole Regiment in a County
not far from this only one man would take a gun because there is a
fine imposed on all those who will not keep their guns in good order
So you see what they are coming too [to?]

John Thomas was married to Mary Toole of Blandford
last night I wonder how that mixture will agree she is a Roman
Catholic & daughter of old Edwd [Edward?] Toole an Irishman. He I suppose
a Hickory Quaker.
Miss Abalenia Williams is married to [Burcher?]
the Silver plater - & Wm [William?] Brownley to Miss Moss [?]
of Tom Moss - & Miss Kitty Orgain was married to some man
from New York lately surely no woman need despair after that.

Having [?] almost everything I can Remember worthy of mentioning
Oh we Request you to Present our sincere regard & Respects to your
fathers family & remaining yours as ever we subscribe ourselves
Your affectionate friends & [?]
G [George?] & E [Eliza?] Mahood

N.B. I recd [received?] a letter from Father dated 25th April 1823
which I answer by the same conveyance.