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Title: Letters of Francis Makemie
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemakemie, francis/1
SenderMakemie, Francis
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationclergyman
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginElizabeth River, Virginia
DestinationBoston, New England (today's Mass., USA)
RecipientRev. Increase Mather
Recipient Gendermale
SourceAmerican Presbyterianism: Its Origin and Early History. pp. XIV- 1
ArchiveCentre For Migration Studies
Doc. No.201113
Partial Date22/07/1684
Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptThe following is an extract from the Preface
regarding these letters.]
...In the United States we have been greatly indebted to George
Moore, LL.D., Superintendent of the Lenox Library, for the use
of the treasures of that richest library in America; as also for
the use of two letters of Francis Makemie, never before published
Appendix X., 3 and 4 and other material, in addition to his
valued counsel. To D. McN. Stauffer, Esq., we are indebted for
the privilege of consulting the most precious of all the letters
of Francis Makemie, which is given in Appendix X. 5....
There are six letters of Francis Makemie,
which are known to us. The first of these
was written from the Elizabeth River,
Virqinia, July 22, 1684, to increase
Mather. This is preserved in the Mather
Papers, V.70, in Boston Public Library.
The second is also from the Elizabeth River,
July 28, 1685, to increase Mather. It is
preserved in the Prince Colllection,
1686-1790, p.57, in the Massachusetts
Historical Society, Boston. These are both
given by Webster (in l. c., pp. 297-8, but
so inaccurately that l have secured fresh
copies. The third is the long letter from
the Barbadoes, [barbados?] Dec. 28, 1696,
printed at Edinburgh, under the title
Truths in a True Light, etc. The only
copy known is in the Library of Harvard
College. The Librarian has kindly furnished
us with a transcript, but it is too long
for us to publish here. The fourth letter
is from Barbadoes, [Barbados?] Jan 17,
1697(8), and the fifth from the same
place, Feb. 12, 1697(8), both to Increase
Mather. These l have copied from transcripts
in possession of Dr. George H Moore,
Superintendent of the Lenox Library,
N.Y. These are Vol. LVII., p6I,of the
Massachusetts Archives. The sixth letter,
the most important of all, is from
Philadelphia, March 28 1707, to Benjamin
Colman. It was published by E.D. Neil,
in his Terra Maria, pp. 195-6: then in
the Pennsylvania Magazine of History
and Biography, V., p228. The precious
original is in the possession of
D. McN.Stauffer, of New York, Who, with
kindness and courtesy, has granted
me the privilege of copying the original.


R. & d.B.
I wrote to you tho [though?] unacquaint,
(sic) by Mr Lamb from North Carolina, of my
designe [design?] for Ashly [R.?] So--- [South?]
Carolina, which l was soe [so?] forward
in accomplishing th-- [that?] [l?] en-----
[engaged?] in a voyage, and went to sea
in the moneth [month?] of May bu- [but?]
[god?] in the providence saw it fitt
[fit?] that l should nott [not?] see it,
att [at?] this time; for wee [we?] were beate
[beat?] upon the coast by contrary winds,
and to the north as far as Delaware bay,
[Bay?] for five weeks together, soe [so?]
that falling short in our provisions were
necessitated, after serverall [several?]
essayes to the South, to Virginia, and
in the meane [mean] while, Collonell [Colonel?]
Anthony Lawson, and the other inhabitants
of the Parish of Linhaven, in lower
Norfolk County, who had a dissenting
Minister formerly from Ireland until the
Lord was pleased to remove him by death,
in August last, among who l preached,
before l went to the South, in coming
from Maryland, against their earnest
importunity coming soe [so?] pertinently
to the place of our landing for water,
renuing [renewing?] their suits, prevailed
with me to stay this season, which the more
easily overcame me, considering the season
of the yeare, [year?] and the litle
[little?] encouragement l found for
Carolina from the sure information l have
had. But for satisfaction of my friends
in Ireland, whom l designe [design?] to
be very nice in inviting to any place in
America l have yet seen, l have sent one
of our number to acquaint me further
concerning the place. I am here assured
of liberty, and other encouragements,
resolving to submitt [submit?] to the
soveraigne [sovereign?] providence of gd
[God?] who has been pleased very unexpectedly
to drive me back to this poor desolate
people, among whom l desire to continue
until god in his providence determine
otherwise concerning me. l have presumed a
second before l can heare [hear?] how
acceptable my first has been. l hope
this will prevent your writting
[writing?] to Coll. [Colonel?] Anthony Lawson,
att [at?] the Eastern branch of Elizabeth
R. l expect if you have an oppurtunity
[opportunity?] of writting [writing?] to
Mr. John Hart, you will acquaint him
concerning m- [me?]; which with your
prayers, and advice will oblige him
who is your deare [dear?], and affectionate
brother in [the] gospell [gospel?] of
our Lord Jesus.
The bearer Mr Wilson will be a safe
bearer. To the reverend Mr Increase
Mather Minister of the Gospell [Gospel?]
att [at?]
Bostone [Boston?] n. [New?] England,