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Title: A. Mapherson, New York, to Wm. Conalin, c/o J. Dunkin, Coleraine
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemapherson, a/16
SenderMapherson, A
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew York, USA
DestinationColeraine, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientConalin, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3452/2/2: Deposited by Mrs. J. Creighton
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9601262
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptDear Wm. [William?] I now set Down to Answer your
Kind Letter of April 17th I bears the Contents
verey [very?] Mainlley [Mainly?] the News of My Dear old Mother
in law, grieved me so Like as Ann was Much affected
about Her Death we Had a Report of Her [Death?] prier [prior?]
to your Letter but no [----?] & [stained] we were still in hope it
was not true but you left us without a Doubt we feel verey
[very?] sorrey [sorry?] to [hear?] that Brother Robt [Robert?]
[Hat--?] is so much - [improved?] but till God will must be seen
& is for your Dear Wm [William?] we feel verey [very?] sorrey
[sorry?] for your [imp---?] [generation?] left a young man with
a verey [very?] [Have?] [stained] you are will [well?] aware Dear
Wm [William?] that I firstly [stained] you to Watch over the
Morrels [Morals?] of your two sisters & we trust in God you will
act to them & them [to?] you as Secum [Succumb?] Brother &
Sister so to Dew [Do?] & [in?] all ways to take Each others advise
[advice?] that to the End you may bee [be?] Cumford [Comfort?]
to Each other you are well awer [aware?] that you wer [were?]
truley [truly?] brought up Christen [Christian?] perents [parents?] &
now the Dutey [Duty?] of a father to your Aflicted [Afflicted?]
Brother & your sisters Has Devaloped [Developed?] in you I grant
it is hard but [Dad?] has such now Has pleased God to put upon
you & I well awere [aware?] you will Discharg [Discharge?]
your Duties in always with truth & as far you Dear James & Money
Be ardent to your Brother & [harbor?] to Him what Cumfort
[Comfort?] is Dun [Done?] to Him for [stained?] well ashamed
them is scarse [scarce?] aney [any?] Mother that passes at Home we
[Did?] not Hear Hear [Here?] I intervene [that?] Mr [Logan?] Has
[stained] to the Countrey [Country?] & He says you say in yours
[stained] He Has got 600 Ackers [Acres?] of Land [in?] Canada &
that He Has Got Eight ackers [acres?] of [stained] & a House
built there and all of wich [which?] I Have not the Least scrupl
[scruple?] [stained] my mind but [is?] [stained] [yet?] Let me
ubserve [observe?] to you my full openeon [opinion?] on the
subject as it fulley [fully?] Behoves me to write to you
touching your fuler [fuller?] wellfear [welfare?] I for my own part was
in atown [a town?] Called fradrecks town [Frederickstown?] [on?]
[H---?] I write from St Johns & I was of the said openeon
[opinion?] or you are now to Have apiece [a piece?] of Land but being the
Leabour [Labour?] of [Cleermy?] it would for [over?] [far?]
[and?] [away?] forget that would arise from [stained] your Day
[women?] as the Have six Months of every severe winter & your
[thin?] summer is Equaley [Equally?] [stained] aney [any?]
Cleering [Clearing?]of Land Must be Dun [Done?] [stained] [---?]
everey [every?] [Hot?] seen the [---kery?] Does allways [always?]
Stand as High in the Glass as from [about?] 100 [another?] I
heard & it sinks below the freezing point for winter these are
facts Dear Wm [William?] therefore from this you may Draw
[aforesaid?] of this fine Countery [Country?] that so much has
been said of but this [is?] not to Deter you from persueing
[pursuing?] your Desiers [Desires?] but I find it is my Dutey
[Duty?] to Give you [abrim?] & Just acct [account?] of what I my
self Have witnessed [&?] your [stained] you to Have the produce
of one Hundred ackers [acres?] of that land Cleered [cleared?] &
Redey [ready?] for Market were you not near a Navagable
[navigable?] River that you Could Convey it to Market by Watter
[water?] it would not pay Land [Carriages?] & Dipend Dear wm
[William?] that I have been in Conversations with many
Advertisers that came to Canada on the said [fla-----?] subject
I the [same?] [R---d?] the Day that such flattrey [flattery?]
[liked?] them so far [as-----?] you will find them Dayley
[daily?] Cuming [coming?] to the Coley [-aiking?] Implay after
Expending them all in Canada I can not [stained] you [stained]
in Either ways but from what I write [stained] may plas [please?]
your self you are [Cath?] old Enough & I trust wise enough to
[guide?] for your self I firmley [firmly?] Believ [believe?]
that Cleering [clearing?] [stained] I in the [Cl---brey?] could not
serve you the W[stained] bread in this Coley is verey [very?]
good at present [stained] you [mean?] America at all I want
prefer this part to British America as [aware?] Heer [here?] now
Can I own one Doller [dollar?] per day working as a jurney
[journey?] man & about two Dollers [dollars?] per Day but it is
verey [very?] [fluctuated?] but I think it will [stained]
[work?] is not above 800 for Domestick [domestic?] work the
w[stained] weaver from 25 yds [yards?] to 30 per Day is to jno
[John?] Dunkin I wish well there the friendship that was
[blevent?] Ann & that & I wish not to [tuch?] familey [family?]
[afears?] at all but my Dutey [Duty?]? Bind me to give Him my
Just opinion as I have alredey [already?] Dun [done?] [you?] His
Buisiness [business?] would not sarch [search?] Him in that part
of the Globe but Mr Logan can [bring?] them & them only in
America & I think it would be his wish for Him & the familey
[family?] to give to [Him?] but Jno [John?] Dunkin [Duncan?]
will find it well not [torn] would His Constitution serve such
Hard Leabour [Labour?] as would be Dun [done?] to Him were he
to gow [go?] H[stained?] but this I am well awere [aware?]
that were He in this C[stained] by Keeping Here would serve
Him much better [stained] money in this [stained] turned to
over [stained] acct. [account?] & [stained] His [-read?] might
serve Him [stained] [Oiley?] is the Londin [London?] of America
& I think Jno [John?] Dunkin [Duncan?] would not be above His
Buesiness [business?] to sell every thing that would Commend a
pr. [part?] of it the best him hear [here?] will sell [Owens?]
[Brooms?] [&c?] you Can show this Letter to Mr Dunkin & if I
Have Hurt His feeling I Hope He will Excuse my Candor [candour?]
for opertunity [opportunity?] & I in Retern [return?] will Dow
[do?] the said we send you aire [our?] Blessing
Direct as Before Remains yours truly
we will I trust { A. & Ann Mapherson
in god seen Have { PS
[mean?] sick for { york 29th July
you Dear Wm [William?] she{ 1821
says she will Have {
[stained] {
Mr Jo [John?] Dunkin {
[Duncan?] {
Colerain [Coleraine?] {
Wm [William?] Conalin {

Dear Wm [William?] you will Make [stained] to see seem of
my friends & to let [them?] know we are all well & all ways
wishes to [Hear?] from them in [oprenley?] [stained] [-ed?]
Makes all my family [stained] is H[stained] Leaves us in the
Said [Ann?] join me in for Love to you all in a general way I
wish you to write me by Every