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Title: C. Martin [U.S.A.?] to E. Martin, Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemartin, charles/23
SenderMartin, Charles
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNorth America
Destinationnear Banbridge, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientMartin, Ebenezer
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD2772/2/5: Deposited by Mr P Radcliffe
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9604038
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count539
Ebenezer Martin
Ballully [Ballooly?] Near Banbrige [Banbridge?]
Co. Down

[..............Torn] [--winock?] December 13th 1812
[..............Torn] Ebenezer I have An Appurtunity
[opportunity] [Torn] these few lines to Ballully
[Ballooly?]...[Torn] an that We are all in Retable [?]
[..............Torn] [health?] at Presant [present?]
thanks be to God [Torn] [--lifsings?] Hooping [hoping?] these
few lines Will find you and yours in the [Torn]
Recieved [received?] yours letter (sic) of July 4th 1812 [Whis--?]
[Torn] me great satisfaction to hear that you and your family
are in good health the above mantioned [mentioned?] that my
honored Father, is, now more [?] Which has
troubled my mind a great deal but I have that to cumfort
[comfort?] my mind that he has [---?] [-?] [---?] [Torn]
[---?] change [?] you requested me to let you know our [?]
ministers name Rev. John Scrimger [?] Reformed
Presbyterian our meetinghouse is a bout [about?]
three mls. [miles?] and a half distant from Where I
live and I now live on my Father in laws farm my Mother in law
is old and faild [failed?] all her childer [children?] is gone from her
Except my wife my sun [son?] in law John Arnot [Arnott?] his
wife Egness [Agnes?] and two childer [children?] Samuel and Mary is
well the [they?] live two miles from me [--?] [Torn] is to [--?]
house carpenter My own James and Ruth and Elsey the [they?] live
with me yet I think it very hard that none of my sisters niver
[never?] sends me scrape of a pen my Afectians [affections?]
is as warm to them as when I left them you gave me an Account of
my father Will hearing date January the first 1808 and your
letter informs me that My father in his last [-----------Torn]
me although I am at a [----------------------------------Torn]
Did not forget me with [---------------------------------Torn]
my brothers and the Encesters [Ancestors?] [-------------Torn]
and a good appertunity [opportunity?] you [--------------Torn]
[--Torn] Francis Crawford in [--?] so doing Now you [----Torn]
you will obliedge [oblige?] your friend Charles Martin Don't
expect ever to see you for I am getting old and faild [failed?]
and O [Oh?] that we may prepaired [prepared?] to each other at the
[-----?] of grace this is [----?] way that we have to
[----?] with each other I have nothing perticular
[particular?] more to [--ting?] now but I would be [----?]
[---Torn] [----?] [----?] here [---?] is very good Which
is per Basket Rye 9 d. [?] Corn and Barley 8 d. [?] Buckwheat
4 d. [?] per Bushel Beff [Beef?] 4 d. [?] to 5 d. [?] per
pound Pork 6 pence per pound Mutton 6 d. [?] Pittates
[potatoes?] 9 shillings per lb flaxceed [flaxseed?]
9 d per bushel the [these?] are very trouble som
[troublesome?] times Here the [they?] are busy fighting on the
lines betwixt the Unighted [United?] States and the Canidy
[canada?] I hope it will soon be over Dear Brother I have no
more at presant [present?] but remains your affactionet
[affectionate?] Brother till death

I hope you will write the first appertunity [opportunity?] and
let me know how things are with you a [----?] your Brother
Charles Martin