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Title: Annette Bruce, to "My Dear Sam", [Location?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBruce, Annette/38
SenderBruce, Annette
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT2919/1/26: Copied by Permission of Michael R. Bruce, Esq. Corriewood, Castlewellan, County Down, Ireland
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9503022
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Doc. TypeLET
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August 17th /59 [1859?]

My Dear Saml. [Samuel?]
On my return home
yesterday from town after posting
a letter to you at paris I found one
from you dated from [Geneva?] 11th
last. I am provoked for you will
not get it it had come on to
rain heavily or I would have gone
in again after dinner to try if they
would give me back the letter
that I might have readdressed
it to London I had allowed [Britton?]
to go out as soon as he had done
up the house in his own business
and James has not at home so
I could not do any thing [better?]
it go to Paris, I am glad to hear
you were [his?] home so soon [quite?]
time for the wedding on the 1st
September and for my party on the
2nd Septr [September?] I went over and saw
uncle before he went to town this
morning & asked him to send you
an order for the œ50 you wish for
he demurred rather and said you
had been getting very much more
money than he was authorised to
give, I said in a few days now you
would be of age when all past
accts [accounts?] would be settled and his
responsibility at an end - he
then said he would see Mr Boyd
about it today, when he went
to town, but dear Saml [Samuel?] dont
begin by any foolish extravagance
remember how valuable your
income is to you & how much you
want to do with it, My letter to Paris
would have told you the [count?]
is closed now till November
and nothing done about [Birmicham?]
Mr [Par?] wrote Sam to this effect
saying they would be glad to give
you possession at once
but Sam bid me say you
must lay out any money
upon it till you have your
lease for that when the
property is put up for sale
nothing could find Mr Dobbs
to let the property go at your
bid, if a higher sum was
offered for it, you must then
either advance in your offer or
lose the money you may have
expended in improvements, but
you will be home in time
to see Sam before he starts
for the continent if he gets
away at all my last told you
of the right of way [sic] case to the
Care Hill had been tried these
last assizes, Mr Magill with
Mr Brewster as his special
council assessed by O'Haghan
fought hard but did not
conquer Mr Donnagh & Josh
Harrison gained a verdict
the Hill is once more open to
the public on foot. I need
not say any more as I shall
see you so soon, Janey Bruce
goes off with uncle Edward & Annie Hutton
this evening by the boat to Scotland, they
are going up to the island of Skye but
are to be back in good time for the
wedding uncle is to be at it ever dear
Sammy your loving Mamma
Annette Burns
Mr Edward Smith died
yesterday morning - but there
is not to be any put off of the wedding