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Title: Nicholas Martin, Chicago to Mrs Shaw, Portaferry, N. Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemartin, nicholas/3
SenderMartin, Nicholas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginChicago, Illinois, USA
DestinationPortaferry, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientMrs Shaw
Recipient Genderfemale
Relationshipson and mother in-law
SourceD/2709/1/5: Presented by Miss Shanks, Ballyfounder, Portaferry, County Down, Ireland
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9501361
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count471
TranscriptChicago Feb 14 / 69
Mrs Shaw
Co Down, Ireland

Dear Mother
Your letter of Jan 18
came to hand on the 8 inst
We are all in good health
and we are glad to here [hear?]
that you and your family
is [are?] all living and sorry
to here [hear?] that sickness
continues in your family
But I hope that you will
all soon be blessed with
good health, you wish to
know the reason William
is living with Samuel.
Sam and William bought
me out of the schooner
and Samuel lives 120 miles
from Chicago and the [they?]
have taken the vessel over
to where Sam lives and
kept her there for the winter
and William had to stop
there to save Expences [expenses?]
going and coming William
owens [owns?] one 1/2 and Sam 1/2
It was the Schor [schooner?] that we
had the collision in the [they?]
call her the Enterprise
I bought a new Vessel
this Winter she cost me
$10700 so with the Discount
on our money it is equal to
#1600 of your money she
is a good Vessel she is now
about 900 miles from Chicago
she is laid up in Erie Penn [Pennsylvania?]
I will be going to fit out
in about 3 weeks more It
is a verry [very?] open Winter with
us we have verry [very?] little snow
or ice this 'winter' I seen [saw?]
Sam two weeks ago in Milwaukee John Coulter
was sick and not Expected
to live and we were there
seeing him It is doubtful
Whether he will live yet
or not Samuel and Will [William?]
and Sarah and Daughter
was [were?] well then I had a
letter yesterday from Sam
the [they?] are all well. We
lost about #300 By the
Colision [Collision?] last summer
We are lawying [going to the law?] about it
I do not know how the
suit will go But the Lawyers
Payes [Pay?] themselves It was a
Big Loss. But we will get
along without it I have
A house and about 1 rood
of Land in Chicago It is
worth about 2 to 3 thousand
Dollars. Property is high in Chicago
I have it all paid for
the Vessel is not all paid
for But If we have a good
Summer I hope I will have
her paid for. Same [Samuel?] is
in good circumstances he
has a good store and a fine
Cottage House It is Worth
from 6 to 7 Thousand Dollars
Will [William?] is the Poorest he ownes [owns?]
the one half of the Vessel
and she is Paid for she
is Worth about 5 thousand Dollars
Dear Mother I give you as
Brief account as I know of
our Position I will conclude
By wishing all good health
and my kindest Wishes to you
and all your family Bella [Isabella?] will
send a few lines along
Your [Yours?] With Respect
Nicholas Martin