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Title: John McBride, Watertown, NY to James McBride, Co. Antrim.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemcbride, john/68
SenderMcBride, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationweaver
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWatertown, NY, USA
DestinationLisburn, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientMcBride, James Jr
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2613/12: Copied by Permission of Mrs Emily McLister, Mosside Cottage, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007106
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Word Count1880
TranscriptWatertown June 26th 1825

Dear Brother

Your Letter of Feby 27th came to hand on the 22nd [Apl?]
I am glad to hear it left you all in good health This leaves us
all well. Thank God I enjoy as good health now as I ever did
in my life Lydia and the Children are also well. I would have
Ansrd [Answered?] your Letter sooner, but I did not know how things were going
to be here, Wm [William?] Gilbert was in New York, and on acct [account?] of
the great rise on Cotton (it is nearly double the price it was three Months ago)
I did not know when Gilbert would come home, but he would stop
the Factory - he did stop one third of the Machinery but Twillen [Twill?]
is rising in New York and we are kept going and I expect things
will just go on as Usual. Trade is brisker in this Country than
when I wrote last and is expected to be better still I see by the
News papers [Newspapers?] that there is a great improvement in Trade of all
[--nds?] in the three Kingdoms. I dont see where the improvement is
when the prices are as low as you mention in your last Letter
I see by late accts [accounts?] that the Catholic bill has passed the
Commons and was once read in the House of Lords (may it never get [?])
our Editors think it will pass but indeed they know little about
it - they speak as they would with all [folks?] being on a level [in?]
this Country the [they?] think it should be so with you. They seem to forget
how the Catholics have acted in every Age and in every Country where
popery is the established religion, look at france [?] Day and
Priest Ridden Spain - where no Crime is too bad to be commited [committed?]
Yesterday I read an acct [account?] of the French Kings Coronation, and to
us plain people who live in this Country, it is in fact Disgusting
only but one of our Presidents have such a pompous parade - every Old
Farmer would pull up his Breeches and Scratch his head exclaiming
"this must be put down next election" and every press from Maine
to Missouri would be railing at their elected servants - but such
cannot be the case here. The Great Canal which will Unite the
Water's of Lake Erie and the Hudson River will be finished this Sumer [Summer?]
it is 362 Miles long; and has given employment and good wages to
Thousands - a vast number of them Irishmen. It was begun in 1817
and will Cost about Seven Millions of Dollars, it is thought that the
Tolls [ar--ing?] [?] on it will defray the expence [expense?] in Ten Years,
and after that we will have a Million of Dollars Annually arising from Tolls
Duties on Salt &c &c all for the benefit of this State who has finished
this great Work herself - the Trade on the Canal is immense it is even
thought by some that another of equal Magnitude will have to be cut
alongside the present one. I was sorry to hear of the Dispute
Between you and J: [John?] Craig as John was one of my best Friends when
I was leaving Ireland he done more for me then (perhaps) than
any one [anyone?] knows of except him & me and I never will forget his kind
conduct towards me at that time. I dont see how either you or him
could be led away so by the warmth of your feelings as to express yourselves
as you did to each other mens veiws [views?] of Religion are as different
as their features some may agree in some particulars, but taken as a
whole the differences is as great as the Features of one Man differs from
another, and the fact is, there none but GOD can examine the hearts of
Men and it lies between him and them whether they are right or wrong
but I will not for my part fall out with one I [reckon?] my Friend on
acct [account?] of his Religious opinions whether those opinions are in
accordance with mine or not. I hope when this reaches you all things will be
as the [they?] need to be between you and John - he never named it in his
Letter which I got with yours - he says in it he had sent me three
Newspapers all of which I have recd [received?] his Letter as Usual is
filled with Friendship and Politics. The last Letter I had from
Robt [Robert?] Craig was dated April 25th it was in Ansr [Answer?] to one I had
sent to Wm [William?] he says they are all well and Wm [William?] is well
satisfied with his situation - he apologises for not beig [being?] more
punctual in writing to me, and says, "I can say honestly that I feel as lively
and [torn] in your health and happiness as I do for any relation I have" this
I cannot dispute as I cant know his thoughts. You said John Dunlop
spoke hard of this Country, since he went to Scotland his Father has had
several Letters from him, in the last he says if his father does not come
home they may expect him here next spring - he says he can make
good wages where he is but the work is so hard & the Tyranny of the
Master so great that he can't bear it, the truth is when some people
are well they don't know it. I wrote to John Craig in Novr last
and to my Father in April. I will ansr [answer?] J [John?] Craigs Letter
You said something about Wm [William?] Brady but I dont like to say anything
about him & some other you mentioned before because I might be blamed by them
for sending him word which they did not like, if [torn] send false accounts
home to their Friends it is what I never done, and if any of their Friends comes
here they will know the truth of it, but say you nothing to their Friends
about what I say Just tell them if they ask you that I said they were
well. Send me word what John & Edwd [Edward?] Phillips are doing I wrote to
them above two Years ago but never got an Ansr [Answer?]. Provisions are
about the same as usual the Crops look well, I had Peas to my Dinner the 24th
June & they were not [?] [?], but they come on very rapid. The last I heard
of Edwd [Edward?] Jones he had put his Children out and was paying for them.
I expect him to see me but he has not yet come. Our last New York papers
state that a Vessel called the Louisa from Belfast to N [New?] York with 150
passengers, had anchored at the Quarantine Ground having got the Smallpox
among them Two had Died and a great many others were Sick the papers advise
great precaution to keep the disease from spreading how does Old John Phillips
get on now are none of the Girls Married yet.
Does my Father often talk about me, if he does what does he say does
he think I am better here than in Ireland. Do you ever see my Uncle
John Johnson now, how is he making off a [--ing?]
James Hunter and family are well, he is writing to send with this, I wish you
to mention Robt [Robert?] Hunters Family any time you write to me as James &
me are always on terms of Friendship. Three Week ago, I had a Letter nearly
finished but happening to leave it on the Table when I went out, Catherine
unpercieved [unperceived?] by her mother went in and scribbled over one page
from top to bottom. I will send by a Young Man to New York. I hear there are
a great number coming to Canada from Ireland this Summer, to be sent out by
the British Government.
I was delighted with the account you gave of Sally and Esther and [Ch-?]
[Charlotte?] if that day was come when I could see them how happy I should then
feel, perhaps such a time may come yet, is nobody looking after Charlotte and
how does she do now
I want in your next you would ask me plenty of questions as I find it
difficult to get this Letter filled. I sometimes think it was wrong to write
of my health to you as I did but Indeed for some time I thought I would be
taken out the World by the same disease my Mother Died of but Oh! what
[?] do I owe my Kind and Benevolent Heavenly Father who has restored me
to Good Health may I offer my Humble praise to his Name Forevermore.
Give my Love and Lydia's to my Father and Sisters, Wm [William?] & Jane
Phillips, John & Betty Bleak [Blake?] John Craig & Nancy and all my Uncles and
Aunts Indiscriminately

July 4th This is the anniversary of our National Independence or separation
from Great Britain The People are Flocking past my Door to Sackets Harbour
(Ten Miles from this) where the Day is to be celebrated in great Style. [?]
a Canal is be commenced in Ohio to connect the Water of the Ohio River and Lake
Erie. The Governor of the State, who broke the Ground of our Canal Eight Years
ago is there to Day [today?], his name is De Witt Clinton - he is the
Son of an Irishman and is Called the Father of the Canals in this Country,
he is truly a Scientific Man. I would have sent this Letter sooner
but waited to send it with the Young Man mentioned above he starts for N [New?]
York tomorrow. On the 17th of June the Corner Stone of a Monument to stand on
Bunkers Hill (where a Battle was fought fifty Years ago) was Laid by General
Lafayette, it is calculated there were 150,000 People on the Ground, there
were Four Thousand plates laid for Dinner which were all occupied - you hear
all this I suppose by the Papers I Just mention it to fill my paper. You say
you are discontented with your situation and perhaps if you were here you
might be more so, there are some here who are as much so as you possibly can be
let us my Dear Brother make oursilves [ourselves?] as as contented as we can
hoping that the time is not far distant when when we may see each other, and if
in the Dispensation of Providence it should never happen let us live so that
we may meet in a World above where parting shall be no more
Write as soon as conveniant [convenient?] after you get this and tell me what
you think will be satisfactory, and ask plenty of Questions. And with my wish
& prayers for your Welfare I am Dear Brother Yours Affectionately John McBride
Lydia sends her Love to you all.

[addressed to:] [stamped:]
June 26th 1825 SHP LETTER AUG 7
Mr James McBride Junr GREENOCK 1825

Care of Mr Wm [William?] Phillips Innkeeper
2/2 Ireland

August the 9th 1825