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Title: E. & [Mary?] McCann, [America?] to their sister & brother.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemccann, e & mary/12
SenderMcCann, E and [Mary?]
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNorth America
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceT 1456/7: Copied by Permission of J. Montgomery Esq., Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8910078
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by JM 25:02:1994.
Word Count823
TranscriptMarch 20th 1888

My Dear sister & brother i once more
take my pen in hand to let you
know we are all well hopping [hoping?]
those [these?] few lines will find you
all the same dear sister we
Were very sorry to hear of your
Illness & the loss of your baby
it is to [too?] bad if it was gods
will but you must not fret
As long as god spars [spares?] your own
health dear sister you must
have got hurt when thomas
henry was born that is the
cause of your still born [stillborn?] Children
& you cannot aford [afford?] to sit &
take care of your self [yourself?] & not
work round for you are not
strong you had to work to [too?]
hard in your erly [early?] life which
is telling on you now there is
A woman in this city that
was just the same she could
Not have a living child & the
Docter [Doctor?] told her she must
Not move round or do a single
thing of work for the last 5 or
6 months & she did not even walk
Down stayrs [downstairs?] for 5 month &
the next baby was living
& all right [alright?] but dear sister
it is not easy for a poor woman
to do that for she has not the
means to hire help to do her
work well Dear sister you
must be thankfull [thankful?] that
god has blessed you with
one living child i hope god
will spare him to be a comfort
to you yet & i hope that
his ants [aunts?] will see the day when
we will come & see you all
& i hope gode [God?] will spare you
All your health to we see other
once more dear mary it is
Pretty hard life for us to work
out all those years we are
just tired out with hard work
so i am not going to be so

hard to soute [suit?] in a husbant [husband?]
as i have been i am going
to make a home for myself
this time i will not write any
longer for maggie to go first
for i am afrade [afraid?] she is
going to be left if she dose [does?]
not made a better shape than
she is doying [doing?] she is still the
same old sobare [sober?] sides would
not look at a fellow or speak
to one but she hase [has?] a pretty good
time for my young man takes
her out to the theathers [theatres?] & all the
places of amusement that we go
she is with us i never go [any?]
places without her with me so
to made the time pleasant for her
for she is all i have to speak
to hear [hear?] for mike [Michael?] i do not
see him once in 6 months
though he is in the same city
with us he dose [does?] not come to
see one of us Except we go to
see him he is talking about
geting [getting?] married in the next
month but he is talking about
that this cuple [couple?] of years & he is
not marriet [married?] yet dear sister
he red [read?] your last letter but
i supose [suppose?] it did not make
such impresing [impression?] on him i
give him a good talking to about
Not writing to you or sending you
anething [anything?] but all he don [done?] was
laugh at me Dear sister if i had
only the half of the mony [money?] he has
had & erend [earned?] i would not have
forgotten you so long as i have
but i am very fond of dressing
my self [myself?] & i spend a good deal
on dress & evrything [everything?] is so Dere [Dear?]
that it is not very easy to
save mony [money?] hear [here?] Exept [Except?] you
have pretty good wages & we are not geting [getting?]
very good but dear sister Maggie &
i is sending you a little this time to
help you i would send you more
but as it is just the time when a [I?]

will need all a [I?] can & i dont expect
to have i [a?] friend to give me [5?] cents
worth i expect to get married in
May & it is pretty near now i must
be very saving Dear sister do no [not?] be
afended [offended?] at the small amount
we are sending you it is only 15
Doylars [Dollars?] but it will help you a little
please tell me if you get it all right [alright?]
Dear sister thomas is not in this City
nor i have not seen him but once
since i came to america but he
is living i think & will do Dear sist [sister?]
i must close this time with kind love to you all
from your Ever loving sister [sisters?] E & [Mary?] McCann