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Title: W. H. McCleery, Quebec to John Orr [Chicago?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemccleery, w.h/21
SenderMcCleery, William H.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationship captain
Sender Religionunknown
OriginQuebec, Canada
Destinationprob. Chicago, Illinois, USA
RecipientOrr, John M
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by John McCleery, 80 Circular Road, Belfast, BT4 2GD.
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park.
Doc. No.9702050
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Transcript[Anonymous genealogical notes inserted in transcript of
original letter:
From Wm. [William?] H. McCleery, 1825-61, son of
Hamilton McC [McCleery?] and Maria Johnston of Portaferry
who (a) [who as?] Captain & drowned en route to Calcutta
on the "Hilton", also Captain on the "Ulidia" for 4 years.
Brother of Hamilton McCleery, who m [married?] Margaret
Orr (Margaret Orr being Jane Ellen, and John Orr's sister)]

Quebec July 1847
My Dear John
According to promise I now write you. I arrived
here on the evg [evening?] of the 10th after being 5 days
in quarantine, 30 miles from Quebec. We brought out 310
passengers out of which 14 died principally children &
discharged 13 into the hospital at the quarantine quarters.
There were several cases of fever and all the young
children had measles. We did not leave Belfast till the
26th May & had in general a fine passage across. We had a
splendid lot of girls & perhaps I did not have some
fun among them. I used to rouse them up in the mess,
pull the clothes of them & run away with their clothes -
I should liked much you had been here. I am very
comfortably situated & the Capt.[captain?] is as nice a man
as could walk, I was offered a mates berth in her before
we left Belfast but I declined never being in the
passenger or timber trade before. I now would not
exchange the mates situation for mine. I understand
I am to get a schooner or brig from Mr Saussen when I
go home again, from what they were telling my father
& they hints I got from Mr W. Saussen when leaving I
believe the vessel is in the Mediterranean trade.
Thos. [Thomas?] Warnock left home the day or so after
you & was in Belfast when I left & was to leave for Liverpool
the day after I saw him last. He was to stop in Liverpool
about a month before leaving for Rio. He told me he
would willingly have turned back home again only for shame -
he appeared greatly downcast. I expect to be here
about 14 days & then we go for Belfast again. I had a
letter from Robt. [Robert?] since my arrival but nothing in
it of any importance- 20th July - I was in Quebec yesterday & posted
a paper for you which no doubt you will have recd [received?]
if you called at the office. I expected a letter
from you on my arrival here but as yet none to hand
so I suppose you have forgot your promise. I have nothing
particular to say, only that I expect to be off for home in
a week or ten days. Fever is raging in Quebec at present.
There is scarcely a ship but what their crews' & Capt.
[captain?] &c are in the Hospital. Capt. Harper of the
Independence died last week of Fever & Harry Dorman his
steward was lying bad in the hospital same time. Five of our
men runaway the night after we came here & there is
just one man, Cook, carpenter & boys left.
I have been employed towing timber since we commenced
to load & I can tell you it is not a nice job, as there is
such a strong tide runs here, and if we should miss the ship
we might haul our wind and take a sea cruise.
We are lying at the opposite side of the river from
Quebec & 8 miles further up the St. Lawrence. My walks
here are very much like the ones we used to have at home
on a Sunday but they are rather more solitary & the scenes
more rustic & natural. I have nothing more worth
communicating at present, but I hope in my next, when
I hear of you being properly settled, to have a longer
and more interesting yarn to spin. Wishing you every success
& comfort -
I am My dear John
Your Sincere Friend
Wm. [William?] H. McCleery

How would you like to be backing & filling about the corners
again? - Keep from the Yankee lasses, for they are not to be
trifled with. W. [William?] H. MC [McCleery?].