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Title: John McDonnell, Carolina, U.S.A. to T.Greer, Co. Tyrone.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemcdonell, john/3
SenderMcDonnell, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationlinen merchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWilmington, N. Carolina, USA
DestinationCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientGreer, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1044/294: Deposited by the late Captain U. McG. Greer.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9612185
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Thos. [Thomas?] Greer
Mercht [Merchant?]
via Dublin

AV [Bishopmark transit postmark
applied in Dublin 13 Aug 1771?]

Wilmington No [North?] Carolina
6 mo 2nd [2 Jun?] 1771

I apprehend the news of a civil war been commenced
in this province, will make some noise at home, and as
the tragic scene [first?] opened in the neighbourhood of Cane Creek
where a large boddy [body?] of friends are settled with
satisfaction doth write thee that they have behaved well in
General and is clear of censure as far as I have learned
yesterday I heard by our express to Governor's Camp that the
Troops was then within 3 miles of where the Hinshaws [Lives?]
Either [Tesse?] or William sent their Respects to me and they
were all well the said Express brought us a confirmation of the
Battle lately fought there and the advantage was on the side of
the Government which I hope will be of signal service to this
province. abt [about?] 200 was killed in the Engagement and a
great many wounded most of the chiefs amongst the Regulators
are since fled and the Governor's letter Recd [received?]
yesterday says upward of 1400 has since come in and surrendered
themselves took the oath of allegiance and got their pardon
one man refused and they hung him up in sight of the rest when
the Express came away the Troops was Destroying the houses and
plantaitions [plantations?] of such as was outlawed, their Chief
was one Husbands who had his Education amongst friends by Character
was a man of a clear head but a Bad heart he was Denied by friends
some years ago for his captious snarling amongst them, all
his faculties was Employed to find faults without Endeavouring
to mend them, notwithstanding those men was on their march a
few months ago to Take him out of [Newborn?] Gaol or leve
[leave?] the Town in ashes which Efected [effected?] his
Liberty at that time, yet in the Very Beginning of the Battle
he Deserted them and no Tidings is heard of him since several
of the Regulators is gone in search of him and Left [Hostages?]
in the hands of [Gavert?] for their return providence seemed to
favr [favour?] Government for according to the Best accts
[accounts?] there was 2300 of them agst [against?] less than
1000 and in an Enemys settlement and but 2 men was killed in
the Governor's side and nine died since of their wounds they
were very Busie [busy?] Raising Recruits here to Reinforce
the Governor but since the Express arrived they have Directed
and those that sent money for the purpose is to Receive it
back tomorrow an Indication that peace will soon be Established
here again. I mean a cessation from war as Real peace cannot
be obtained where Virtue Ruleth not, and neither Religion nor
Morality is any way Esteemed by 9/10 of the people here, as
soon as I can get my Debts collected and Remitted to my good
friends at home doth intend to move out of this province and in
a few weeks Intend to set out for the northward to see Pensyla.
[Pennsylvania?] and Maryland in hopes that I may find some
place that will suit for Trade and that I can live with more
satisfaction and if not may probably Return home as soon as I
can pasably [possibly?] get my affairs settled here. I dont
suppose that Trade has gone against me since I left home only
it was not in my power to do any Business in Charlestown and the
Quantity of Linens that was sent was too much for this place so
that it was Imposable [impossible?] I could Remit my friends in Due
time which has caused me some uneasiness however if some of my frds
[friends?] here had not used me worse than I expected I
should have owed But Little at home now Trade Rather Grows
Better with me here, but as there is no friends nor meeting
near us I think its Dangerous to [to?] Tarry Longer than
necessity enforces Sam Neill of Cork was through this
province last winter but I had not the pleasure of seeing him
I have several times contrcd [contracted?] with people to get
me some Beetling Beams which I intended for Thos.[Thomas?]
Christy and [they?] but was always Disappointed the other
day an acquaintance sent me wood he had provided some sycamore
ones of a large size and would send them down as soon as
pasable [possible?] but I fear there will be no oppyty
[opportunity?] to send them home sooner than Spring next
my Brother wm [William?] wrote me to Take care of the Effects
that Billy Delap Died possessed of but its out of my power as
he made a will and here an [stain] and Intirely [entirely?] out
of my way here at 100 miles [Distance?] I think the best thing
for Robt [Robert?] Delap would be to chase John Brownlow guardian
who is on the spot that he might Bring Robt [Robert?] Rowan to
an acct [account?] whats [what's?] done with the Effects we
have consolation as well as Grievances here
Both Betty and me enjoys much Better health in
General nor when at home and has a fine thriving Baby of
a promising sensibility to it's age. Betty Joins me with
Dear and affte [affectionate?] Love to the wife and
children thy Brother James and family and I am thy
welwishing [well?] [wishing?] friend

John McDonnell