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Title: Robert McElderry, Virginia to Thomas McElderry, Ballymoney.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemcelderry, robert/11
SenderMcElderry, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbusinessman (dry goods)
Sender ReligionProtestant (joins The Presbyterian Church At Some Point)
OriginLynchburg, Virginia, USA
DestinationBallymoney, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientMcElderry, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2414/4: Copied by Permission of Dr. Helen Megaw, c/o 66 Malone Road, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007063
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by JM 25:10:1993.
Word Count851
TranscriptLynchburg 9th June 1851

Dear Brother
It is now so long since you have all
heard from me that you will begin to think that I have
forgotten you I have been always intending to write to you
for the last two week but could [?] find time youla [you will have?]
seen by the last papers I sent to you that we have commenced
to sell out our present stock at cost for Cash
in order to make way for fall importations and
I may safely say that I have never had more to do in the
same time in all my life than I have had for the last two
weeks the week before last we sold ten hundred an [and?] fifty dollars
for Cash and a large amount on credit last week the cash sales
were not quite so large but taking cash and credit together
they were larger If we go on for some time as we have been
doing our stock will be very much reduced before we receive
any of the fall goods The papers that I send you today
contain a letter from Dr Saunders (who is a member of
the state convention, in reply to some remarks made by
Mr Terry editor of the Virginian about his course in [regards?]
to the bassis [basis?] question the Docter's [doctor's?] letter was copied from the Republican of this place Terry as you will see by the paper
made a very cutting reply which as much enraged the
Docter's [Doctor's?] son, James D Saunders, that he undertook to give
Mr Terry a caining he met Terry on Thursday morg [morning?] at 8 Oclock at
the markethouse and asked him if he was Terry to which he replyed he was
when Saunders struck him over the head with a stick Terry
went back a few steps pulled out a revolver fired and
missed him Saunders then fired and missed but the
next fire was fatal to both they were both wounded in the
abdomen the ball passed out through Saunders and lodged
in his silk shirt the ball did not pass through Terry but
lodged in some vital part. Saunders died the same evg [evening?] at
5 Oclock and left a young widow only about six weeks
married Terry died yesterday evg [evening?] at 8 Oclock and left
a wife and small family It was indeed a most lamentable
[?] and it has cast a great gloom over the place they were both
very respectable and very much liked as citizens of this place
Take good care of the papers as Mr Peters will be very glad
to see them when he gets your length
You can tell Mr Peters that we have had some changes in the
concern since he left Charles S Miller left soon after he did
and Richd [Richard?] M Ferguson left last week we were one day short of
a hand untill [until?] C C Strikland came over from Tanville he seems
to do remarkably well he found out the sum of the goods sooner than
any young man I have ever seen we have a great deal to do in
tailoring line at present Mr McMackin is bussy [busy?] cutting all the
time Lewis has attended well to his busseness [business?] ever since Mr Peters left but Kitty was so drunk the third after he left that she could

not move Mr Liggat had a letter from James Boyle in St Louis
Mr Mathews was there on his way to see his friends he intends to return
some time in the fall by the spring when Mr Boyle intends
to accompany him 11th June. I had intended to finish this
letter yesterday but we had so much to do that I could not find
time trade is not slacking off any think it looks like we will
sell all we have got so that we can take some days fishing in
August In my last letter to David Boyd I requested him
to get two good dogs for me I hope he has attended to it
If he has not I will go over and whip him better than ever he was in all his life Dear Thomas I hope you did [?] your sudies [studies?] altogether aside [aside?] since you quit school I think you could not employ your leisure hours to better advantage in any way than by going on as you did while you were at school Give my love to Father & Mother Brothers &
Sisters Thomas Lyle & Saml [Samuel?] Boyd
I Remain your ever
affectionate Brother
Robert McElderry
I could not spend more time
at present but I will write to
soon again the [they?] raised a subcription [subscription?]
of nearly eight thousand dollars for
Mrs Terry the [they?] want to make it ten
she does not know any thing of
as yet Mr Liggat's people are all
well Mr Peters' son was here yesterday
[and?] he was looking very well and all were
well at home Dr Thornton & Richard were
here yesterday they were well

JY [July?] 1

Mr Thomas McElderry Jr
Co Antrim