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Title: Robert McElderry, Lynchburg Va., to Relatives, Ballymoney.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemcelderry, robert/29
SenderMcElderry, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbusinessman (dry goods)
Sender ReligionProtestant (joins The Presbyterian Church At Some Point)
OriginLynchburg, Virginia, USA
DestinationBallymoney, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientMcElderry, Anne
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 2414/2: Copied by Permission of Dr Helen Megaw, c/o 66 Malone Road, Belfast 9. #TYPE EMG Robert McElderry, Lynchburg, [Virginia?], [America?], to Relatives in Ballymoney, County Antrim, [Ireland?], 22 October 1850.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9007032
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count833
TranscriptTo: Miss Anne McElderry
Co[unty?]. Antrim
Lynchburg 22nd Oct[obe?]r 1850

Dear Sister
I received yours in due time and
I was very glad to hear from you that you were all well
I intended to have written to you before this time but was
prevented from doing so by want of time I hardly know
at present what to write to you about only that I am
well and doing well as the folks in this country are all
said to do We have a very bussy [busy?] time of it at present the
fall bussiness [business?] has commenced and it keeps all hands pretty
well engaged to attend to all that has to be done
You said in your last letter that Betty Wilson had got married
to Mr Henderson but you did not tell me who he was where he
lived or any thing about I should like very much that you
would say in your next something on that subject as my curiosity
is a good deal excited on that point I received in your
letter a card of invitation to a soiree to be given by the juvenile
Temperance Association I should like you would let me know
how it came off and all about it does Tom or any of the boys
take part in the matter does Thomas do any thing at his
[his?] books now or has he given that all up I think if he has
he ought not to do so I think the chances are much better for any
young man as a scholar than as a bussiness [business?] man
I think Thomas is too quiet to ever make a first rate counter
hopper or otherwise he is much altered of late
I would like you should tell what kind of market you
are likely to have to have (sic) this winter and if you are
doing any more bussiness [business?] than you did when I was at home
If I was at home I would not sell goods as I did I would
rather stand idle than work idle It would come very hard
on me to sell goods at the price you sell them at after selling
here we never pretend to make a smaller profit than twenty
five [per?] cent and small things such as Needles and every
thing of that kind we make cent [per?] cent on them I believe we
do not handle during the course of the year five dollars in
copper for two or three cents one way or another we never care
if you are not doing more bussiness [business?] than you used to do and
making larger profits I think my Father ought to give it up
as I am sure it does not pay expences [expenses?] Is Tobacco selling
very high at this time it is selling at enormous prices in this place
the crop this year is a complete failure
I have not joined any church since I have been to Lynch-
burg [Lynchburg?] where I intended to join there has been no preaching all
Summer the church has been undergoing some repairs and the
preacher has been suffering from a sore throat but is now
better and will commence to preach very soon I got my
certificate from Mr Smith when I left Baltimore
There are penty of churches in this place two methodist two
presbyterian one Episcopal and one Roman Catholick [Catholic?] and one
methodist church which is nearly finished
Since I wrote to you last I received a letter telling me of Nancy
Hill's death I suppose you have heard of it before this time
she was in good health and spirits when I left Baltimore
but life is very uncertain we know not the time therefore we
should be always ready
I should like you would let me know
what Uncle James is doing if he has commenced on his own
account or if he intends doing so I thought he never would
have left where he was I should think some other folks had
more to say in the matter than he had how does Robert Small
get along is he doing much bussiness [business?] how of the folkes
[folks?] in Kilmoyle do do (sic) the[y?] move along smoother than the[y?]did at first I have not much more to add Give my respe[c?]ts to all friends and acquaintances tell me when you next write how Charles Galloway gets along and if he drinks as much as usual has Joe got as good a crop
of Potatoes as he had other years has Dan off and what is
Robert about does he work any better than he did is Thomas Birne
always with my Father let me hear how Thomas Lyle and
Samuel B Boyd get along and give me as much news as you can
good bye at present
I remain ever
Your affectionate Brother
Robert McElderry
I think you ought to put
Mr or Esq[uire?] to DTC Peters
You never have done it as