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Title: Thomas McGinity, Pittsburgh, to John McGinity, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemcginity, thomas/4
SenderMcGinity, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPittsburgh, Penn., USA
DestinationCo. Armagh?, N.Ireland
RecipientMcGinity, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3539/5: Deposited by Mrs I. Williams
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9103140
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TranscriptTo: "My Dearly Beloved Brother", John McGinity.

From: Thomas McGinity,

10th Feb 1850

My Dearly Beloved
Brother Inclosed [enclosed?] is An order In your Favour for
£20.00 which I hope you will Receive all Right & with it I
send you my Hearts Most Loving wishes when I say you Dear
Brother I include your Dear wife & children & particularly My
own son Thos [Thomas?] Be Good to him for My sake
Dear Brother I cannot say that my Health at Present is good
But up to the Present I Have Been Able to follow My Business
thanks to God I am sorry allso [also?] to state that My Son
John, the Idol of My Heart is Anything But good in Health &
My wife since her confinement Has Never In Joid [Enjoyed?]
the Least Good Health & this Whole Winter Has Been A very Bad
time for Business so Much so that I have scarsely [scarcely?]
stood clear that I Did not Earn Expenses. Nothing However In
Life will prevent Me of Fulfilling My Duty to you as regards
the Money I ow [owe?] you & the Last time this Matter was
talked over In My familys Hearing evryone [everyone?] of My
childrens Promised to contribut [contribute?] there [their?]
share of that Debt which I showed them was contracted By Me
for There [their?] comfort & support & when they seen other
People paying 6 pr [per?] cent Intrest [interest?] they sent
there [their?] Inocent [innocent?] Prares [prayers?] to the
throne of Heaven for your welfare Spiritual & Temporal. Now
to come to the matter of you coming to this Country Leaving
your family Behind you I can Never consent to that as I told
you In My Last, But I will now Give you a true & strictly
correct Account of this Country,
in this Citty [city?] which is justly called the Imporium
[Emporium?] of The West the only Dear Article In It is House
Rent Best cuts of Beef 8 cents 2nds 7c [cents?] 3rds 6c
[cents?] & good family for 4c [cents?], good family flour
$4.75c [cents?] & 5 Dollars & the very Best Superfine $5.75
that is so far. Coal Delivered at your Door or put into your
coal House for 6 cents per Bushell [Bushel?] In fact a small
family May Be comfortably fired Here and Keep up 2 & 3 fires
occasionally of the very Best coal £6.0.0 per year that is 30

Dollars this is the mark of $30.00 now My Dear Brother that
you May Have A correct idea of all I know of this Country you
Must Pay for Any Kind of A House you would Like to go In to
that your family would be comfortable in from 2 to $300
Dollars that is £60.00, you may get Into back Allys [alleys?]
& side streets cheaper say 100 Dollars, now if you see that
you cannot do to your Wishes in Ireland come out Here By all
Manes [Means?] while you Have the Manes [Means?], you Have
all My Experience & knowledge on which you can rely with
confidence which Limited as it May Be would cost you
considerabe Experience to find out, I can show you the Towns
in the Country where A Catholic Church is to Be found tell
you where to settle to Answer trade which if I Had
considdered [considered?] as well Before I took up House as I
now do it would Be worth to Me In Round Numbers £100.00 I
Have now to leave the Place I am Living in & come either to
this citty [city?] or Blaresvill [Blairsville?] or Browmsvill
[Brownsville?] there is Catholic Churches In Both there
towns I speak of & they are Acomodated [accommodated?] with A
cannal [canal?] & Rail Road, now if you wish to purchaes
[purchase?] A small But good farm of Land 50 Acres send me
$200.0.0 & I will secure it for you on the first of Aprile
[April?] is situated in a fine Country for Dealing with 2
Catholic Churches within 3 miles of it & In the Healthyest
[Healthiest?] Parts of this Country as Much so as Any In
Ireland, the owner is old and wishes to retire & has formed
An Attachment for me to Many others that is After it I will
not urge this Matter on you Either for you or Me But this I
know Before 5 years it would Bring 5 times the amt [amount?]
It was the Increase of Landed Propperty [property?] In this
country that made so many of our country Men Rich &
Independent & I have not Doubt if you will Enable Me to
sercure this place for Myself or you it will turn out to our
Advantage so Much so that if I cannot Pay you In corse
[course?] of 2 years from Next Aprile [April?] that I will
give you 6 per cent for all I am deficient to I Do the Note I
sent you Requesting you to give My sister cathrine
[Catherine?] 20 Dollars or £4.0.0 you will Place it to My
Account in such a way as My children will not know what it
was for you say you gave My Mother In Her Illness £8.0.0 &
that you Expect Me to Pay the Half tell My Loving sister &
Mother that My Desire would be to contribut [contribute?] to
their support But as I can Do nothing without Bringing Every
thing under the Eyes of My children for this reason that al
[all?] there [their?] Affares [affairs?] May at all times be
open to Me Direct for me to Bueno Vista, Schellsburgh,
Bedford Co. [County?], Pa [Philadelphia?], with speed that I

May Have your letter on or Before the 1st Aprile [April?]
Next as I am from Home I Do not know How our accounts stands
But you will Please send it to Me In a slip of Paper that I
May Have it at all times to Look at, if you should come to
this Country before you Hear from Me Agane [again?] your Best
Plan would Be to come to Philadelphia, alth [although?] they
[the?] vessels In that trade are Neither so good or so fast
sailors as the NYork [New York?] Lines are. I Had no word
from sister Mary since she went to Orleans [New Orleans?]
nor from sister Anne or family sine I seen them In oct
[October?] Last Mary kerr [Kerr?]& her Husband are well they
left my House on the 16th June Last & is gointo [going into?]
Business for themselves In Bedford, or convenient to it, In
Aprile [April?] & I Have no Doubts on My Mind of there
[their?] success. My Dear Brother if you are coming to this
country Bring My Dear Mother But on no account trust her with
any other except Sister Catherine & if Catherine be prevented
from coming I would as soon My Mother would remane [remain?]
with her for [security?] sake that if they both wish it it
will be My wish at all times to comply with the Lawful desires
of My family, Besides the northern clime is so changable
[changeable?] that it has A great Effect on the Constitution
of European People so that I think that unless Catherine
comes I would as soon she too would stay you may Believe when
I tell you the sight of you & your family & My Mother would
Bring Me the greatest Earthly Joy yet I would forego all that
unspeakable Delight sooner than subject you to one hours Pane
[pain?] May God be with you all & direct you for your
spiritual good is the wish of your Affectionate Brother to
T McGinty
& if My Mother
comes out with
you Leave the
Care of they [the?]
Houses on
J. McGinty
& J. Kerr that
is if Sister
Does not
Live in them.
I Still think
they will
Bring Me
yet & if you

can sell
for Anything
as there are
so Many of them
I think it no
doubt best your
wife not see this
as there are
So Many Irish
familys [families?] & they [the?]
ladies would not
have Sympathy
as she could
represent the
illness of
Her Husband
& the youth
of her children.
But I will
Never Leave
Myself open
to Reflections.
Hereafter say
in Answer how
much you or
her can Earn
in the Month.
if My Son John is not Better Before
the Insuing [Ensuing?] Winter I will Let Him
go Home for the Benefit or [of?] His Health
But I Hope in God such will not Be