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Title: John McGoogan, Knocknahinch, to "My dear brother"
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemcgoogan, john/34
SenderMcGoogan, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKnocknahinch, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
Destinationposs. Pittsburgh, Penn., USA
RecipientMcGoogan, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by John H McGuckin, Jr, Senior Vice President, 400 California Street, San Francisco, 94104
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park.
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August 7th 1861
My Dear Brother
I received your
very affectionate letter and my
heart is sore for your distress but
but more sorry still in that it is not
in my power to help you immediatley
for dear Brother our corn crop was
so bad last year that all we sold was
3 bags and that was only exchanged
for flour and we had to purchase
our meal all [thru?] [through?] summer and
our rent is now due but we have excellent
crops of every thing this season, we
30 [peacks?] of flax the best we have
had [since?] [I?] [came?] [home?] it is now in
the water and will be [tread?] [on?] the
ground next week, now if we can manage
to get it [dressed?] in the mill in
any kind of season we will be able to
help you a little but there is a vast
quantity of flax in this part of the
country this season and it will not
be easy [getting?] a [stall?], but we will
do all we can as for borrowing, it
is impossible the shop keepers of [Fermoy?]
can tell that they have got
scarse [scarce?] any cash since May but are
oblidged [obliged?] to give all on credit, this is
all on account of the bad crops of last
year, we have also 9 acres of corn which
looks remarkably well, as also our
potato crops, and if the Lord be
pleased to send us a favourable
harvest we will have plenty of
every thing in a short time
And now Dear Brother I have
another piece of information to give
I was married on Wednesday the
14th inst. [instant?] this is but the 4th day
since, my wifes name is Mary Tait [Tate?]
daughter of Hugh Tait [Tate?] [Ballyoregaugh?]
she is a fine tall comely girl about
23 years of age and that is considered
very young in this country she gets
no fortune at present but she is
of most respectable people
and father and mother are both very fond
of her, and I am as happy as you could
wish I have no [alloy?] to my happiness
but the thought of your distress
and sorrow that I cannot relieve you
just now, but I hope to be able to
some thing for you e'er long if you
can get any credit till November
do not want I hope to do something
for you about that time or sooner
if I can, my wife came home with
me on the night we were married.
I will have to try and get her portrait
drawn to send to you, but [I?] will not [forget?]
[to?] [send?] you better than that [so?] soon
as I can, I received one newspaper
yesterday and I am extremely obliged
for it if you can continue them
weekly without any inconvenience
I will be very grateful
I have nothing further
of any importance [to?] [communicate?]
at this time but I remain your
affectionate brother till Death
John McGoogan