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Title: Extract of a Letter from Philadelphia
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
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OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
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Relationshipre military manoeuvres
SourceThe Belfast Newsletter, January 8, 1762
ArchiveThe LInenhall Library, Belfast
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TranscriptExtract of letter from Philadelphia dated Nov. 25, 1761

On the 21st. inst. eleven battalions sailed from New
York on board the transports for the West Indies,
under the command of Gen. Monckton, and is supposed
to attack Martinico in conjunction with the other troops
and men of war.
On Saturday last his Excellency the Earl of Halifax
arrived at the castle from Monasterevan, the seat of
the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Drogheda.
The same day came on the election for two Burgesses
to represent the Borough of Callan in parliament,
before Charles Flood, Esq; the Sovereign; when
Patrick Wemys, and Henry Flood Esqrs. were unanimously
We hear that when his Excellency, the Earl of [Halifax?]
is at his seat at Horton, in England, a number of poor
are daily fed with the remains of his table; which good
old custom he has ordered to be put in practice here ten
each of the two public days in the week, by dividing the
same among 24 poor persons, together with a loaf to each,
which will support many poor families, four days in each
week, and what adds greatly to the honour of Michael Scot,
[Scott?] Esq; Steward of the household of his Excellency,
he constantly assists in the distribution, and treats the
receivers with the greatest decency and respect - If this
noble example was followed by those who are blessed with
affluent fortune, many poor helpless families would be
comfortably supported....

Transcribed by Liam Boyd