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Title: Letter of Thanks from Passengers of Ship Prosperity
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Genderunknown
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Sender Religionunknown
OriginBelfast, N.Ireland
Recipient Genderunknown
Relationshipletter of thanks from passengers
SourceThe Belfast News-Letter, Friday 14 to Tuesday 18 July, 1775
ArchiveThe Central Library, Belfast
Doc. No.1200303
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TranscriptBelfast, July 15, 1775.
HENRY McKEDY hath this Day received Advice, that the
Ship Prosperity, Captain William McCulloch, who lately
sailed from this Port for Philadelphia, arrived there
the 7th June after a Passage of seven Weeks, all well.
The said Vessel is soon expected back here, and will
return shortly afterwards to Philadelphia with
Passengers. The Passengers who went in said Vessel
last Voyage were so well pleased with the Treatment
they received on board, that they desired the following
Certificate might be published:-
Though we the undernamed are sensible that Captain
William McCulloch's Character needs no Support from us,
his humane Treatment of his Passengers being already
well known; yet we think ourselves bound, in Gratitude,
thus publickly to return him our most hearty Thanks
for his unwearied Endeavours to contribute to our
Happiness during our late Voyage from Belfast to
Philadelphia, and are obliged to declare, that his
distributing Plenty of wholesome Provisions, relieving
the Necessitous, publickly exposing and punishing the
Lewd and Vicious, and countenancing the Well-behaved,
deserves Imitation and Applause. Given under our Hands
at Newcastle, this 7th Day of June, 1775.
James Conchy, John Hunter,
Rev. James Martin, Samuel McFaddin,
John Wright, Samuel Brown,
Henry Wright, John Neilson,
David Wright, John Young,
James Wright, Philip Moynagh,
Robert Ferguson, John Huston,
John McCulloch, Robert Warnock,
George Taylor, Alexander Tenant [Tennant?],
Simon Boyd, Leslie Bryson,
John Parkhill, William McQuoid.
Adam Harbeson,